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Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW] Review

Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW] Review

Novostella Floodlights [RGBCW] Review – Bright and Colorful

I received a pair of Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW] for review. Since the dawn of creating my skating rink in the back, I’ve been looking for a way to light up the outside of my home. I put up Christmas lights around the skating rink. Now I can use the 2-pack of Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW] to create more lighting ambiance around the house when I have to take down the Christmas lights in the Spring. The Novostella Smart Floodlights are weatherproof and communicate over WiFi.

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Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [NTF36] Design

White Light from Novostella Smart LED Flood lights

The Novostella Smart Floodlights [RGBCW] are designed to be put outside. The casing of the RGBCW Floodlights is made of aluminum to ensure there is enough heat dissipation. Yes, these lights can get hot. You will need to ensure that the Novostella 20W floodlights are not placed directly on grass or materials that could catch on fire if left on overnight. Novostella solves this issue by providing a bracket mounting to screw the bracket into a base. This way, there is a gap of an inch to dissipate the heat. Don’t put these lights directly against a surface that could burn. The steel brackets are adjustable to angle (120-degree swivel) the lights up or down along your house, swimming pool, trees, or fountain that you would like to enhance. I recommend using a ceramic tile or metal base with some space between the light and the ground.

Weatherproof: The Novostella Smart Floodlights are IP66 Weatherproof rated. This means that you can put the Novostella Floodlights [NTF36] in the rain or snow. They are not meant to be submerged underwater. You will notice a tight bead of sealant along the glass housing frame of the LED smart light. 

The Novostella Smart Floodlights are also rated for temperatures as low as -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius. The Novostella RGBCW Floodlight is equipped with a 3.28 ft 3-prong 120V cord to reach your outlet or outdoor Powerbar.

WiFi Antenna: The Novostella RGBCW Smart Floodlight also comes with an add-on WiFi antenna that you screw into the top of the floodlight. This allows the Novostella Floodlight to be reached by your WiFi router by up to 80 ft.

Novostella Smart Floodlights [RGBCW] Features

Green light in Living Room by Novostella Smart LED Floodlight
Green Light from Novostella Smart LED 20W Floodlight

The Novostella Smart Floodlights [RGBCW]: The RGBCW stands for RGB (Color)+ C (Cool) + W (Warm) light. Honestly, I did not know that the CW meant that until just receiving the Novostella smart floodlights. I thought that the C meant color too. In any case, the RGBCW smart floodlights by Novostella provide white in daylight white (6000K) and tunable down to warm white 2700W at a bright (like, avert your eyes, bright!) 2000 lumens. That’s bright if I haven’t said that already. You should be able to make as many scary animal silhouettes from a distance to scare your neighbors. That’s where the 20W of LED comes in. To put it into perspective, individual E26/A19 bulbs are 11W at 1000 Lumens.

16 Million Colors: The Novostella Smart LED Floodlights output 16 Million colors. You can easily adjust the color range with the Smart Life App.

Smart Life App: Novostella lights operate under the Smart Life App. This allows users to group and manage their lights with other Smart Life-enabled products. I can now make a group of outdoor lights with the Novastella Smart LED Floodlights with Teckin or Gosund lights. You can choose to run the lights under the custom or preset lighting scenes such as:

  • Working: Nice and bright white for lighting up garage or shop space.
  • Leisure: Soft white lighting, not so bright
  • Reading: Library lighting, bright, but soft lighting.
  • Night: Warm white lighting to shine against your home or accent feature.
  • Soft: Soft lighting of a color of your choice. Green was my default.
  • Colorful: color sequence of primary colors.
  • Dazzling: color sequence, sped up.
  • Gorgeous: color sequence, slowly phased in and out of each color.

Schedule and Timer: The Smart Life App allows the Novostella smart floodlights to operate under a specific Timer or Schedule. You can create a weekly plan to turn your lights on and off a particular day of the week. Or you can repeat a schedule. You can also push a notification to your phone each time the program is activated.

Smart Home Ready: You can integrate the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights (RGBCW) into Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (Home), SmartThings, IFTTT, and Google Fit (this is new). Once you integrate, you can then use your voice to control and change the color of the floodlight.

What I liked about the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW]

Novostella Flood Light Purple Outside

  • Design: The Novostella 20W Floodlights are well built. The aluminum, IP66 weatherproof casing allows you to put the floodlights almost anywhere outside your home. The brackets are made to mount on nearly any surface. You need the correct bolts to screw into a base.
  • Bright Lights: 2000 Lumens powered by a 20W LED light. This means that these lights should brighten up any space. 
  • Memory: If you turn these lights on and then turn them back on, they remember the last state or scene they were in. There is no need to go back into your app and change them. They are already set.
  • Price: at $70 for a pair of outdoor, weatherproof, bright, 20W, 2000 Lumen Smart LED lights; you’re probably getting good value.

What I did not like about the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW]

  • Cord Length: 3.28 ft of cord length narrows your options of where you can plug these lights in. You’ll need to plan if you want to flood a particular outside wall or feature outside your home. Might need an outdoor Powerbar.
  • Setup: The instructions are included in the Novostella Box; however, The setup into the Smart Life App may take a few tries. Just remember that when you add the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights into the Smart Life App, you’ll need to install it as a ‘Light Bulb with WiFi’ not a ‘Panel light with WiFi.’ This is the only missing step in the instructions. Once you get past this, you’ll begin lighting up your outdoor living space.
  • Setup #2: The other thing about the setup is, that you need to find a way to reset the lights by turning them on and off several times. But the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights are meant to be plugged in. If you don’t have a power switch connected, you might find it a hassle to plug into and out of an electrical outlet 3 times fast – watch out for sparks. I recommend using a power strip that has a breaker switch to factory reset.

Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW]

The Novostella LED lights are going to work out just right for my outdoor living space. We take for granted how floodlights can really enhance the ambiance of any living space. The Novostella Smart LED floodlights can be integrated into your smart home and be scheduled to turn on and off any time you wish. For $70, you’re getting a well-designed pair of Smart LED floodlights. Using 20W LED floodlights to provide 2000 Lumens of brightness seems reasonable. To pay the same price for a 50W might be more intuitive, but you do not see the electrical bill go up as fast as you would for the 20W Novostella LED Floodlight. Something to consider. You might find that 2000 Lumens is the proper brightness. I am excited to try out the Novostella Smart LED Floodlights [RGBCW] around the house. My kids already have plans to put the floodlights in different sections of the house. I think you’ll have fun with them too! You can find the Novostella smart LED floodlights on or at Amazon.

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