There were a ton of new products announced at the IFA 2019 conference in Berlin. We’ll name a few here at

Now you can have a home smoke detection device with an air quality monitor. Bosch has created the Twinguard. It competes with the Nest Protect smoke detection system. The Twinguard will integrate with your alarm system and Philips Hue to notify you by changing the color of your lights. The Twinguard is currently selling for 129 pounds sterling. On a seperate note; Bosch has also found a way to integrate your in-floor heating thermostat into your smart home.

In line with air monitoring, Safera has also developed an air quality monitor – the StoveGuard – to be installed above your cooking range or stove. It will track and monitor air quality changes due to the different things you cook. It will also determine if you’re going to burn something or create a fire. The system will shut down the stove automatically. It’s ok – maybe you’ll have time to post your disaster on Instagram or pinterest.

A Robot!!? Medisana has announced they are coming out with their own Home Care Robot for seniors. The Robot was designed to assist seniors to connect with the digital world – Essentially a walking-Alexa who will follow you around the house. The Home Care Robot will also record your vitals and send them to your family physician at your request.

Another robot! Ok, this one will follow dust on the floor. iRobot has come out with a new robot vacuum that will empty its contents by itself. They have built a new docking bin. The Roomba S9 has a square front called the PerfectEdge to get at the edges and corners of your house. The Roomba S9 will also remember where it has been, so it continues cleaning where it left off.

Fibaro has released their sleak new Walli series of switches, automatic roller blind controller, plugs, and dimmer. They will run on z-wave!

Lenovo has released its Yoga Smart Tab, Smart Tab M8, and redesigned Smart Display 7. The Yoga Smart Tab is a sleek new portable tablet with a kickstand. The Smart Tab M8 boasts the ability to bring your media wherever you go in the house. The Lenovo Smart Display 7 is a re-design of a favorite Google Hub replacement.

Speaking of entertainment, Amazon has released the new Fire TV Cube which hopes to get your attention with 4K video and built-in Dolby Atmos sound. Of course, you will be able to integrate with numerous home automation devices and connect to your live-TV subscriptions.

Samsung has announced the new SmartThings Wi-Fi Plug ($18 USD), SmartThings Cam ($90USD) and SmartThings Bulb ($10 USD); ready to compete with Wyze and Nest. Note: You’ll need the SmartThings hub.

Exciting to see new innovations.

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