IKEA has is coming out with the new IKEA SYMFONISK Speaker. So no more Table Lamp speakers? Or is it an update to the IKEA SYMFONSIK Table Lamp? But what about the bookshelf speaker? It sounds as though it will be disguised as a decorative wall-art piece in the home. Any ideas? Pocket-link released the info last week. Sonos have also teased the new SYMFONISK on a few social media outlets.

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According to their FCC Filing: FHO-E1913, the new IKEA SYMONISK device is called a ‘Wireless Device’ will run off the Sonos GUI (Graphical User Interface). The new SYMFONISK speaker will also use WiFi as its predecessor (However, I wish it could do WiFi, and Bluetooth!).

Based on the reports from The Verge, the new wall-art SYMFONISK would be a cube-like device with wireless communication (WiFi?) capabilities, with a power cord at the bottom.

I’m looking forward to seeing the updated Table Lamp SYMFONISK speaker and a new wall-art SYMFONISK speaker in the days to come. Sonos has been updating their platform and line-up as well, so I’m curious to see what the new Sonos-IKEA collaboration is going to produce.

Maybe we’ll see an IKEA disco ball? IKEA could make that work. Or a Skyline with landscape and nightlights of your favorite city blasting out your favorite tunes? Or even a kid’s art piece that plays music?