Google Pixel 6 Renders

Jon Prosser has released new renders for the Pixel 6 Phone, based on news from 9to5Google. The render made by Ian Zelbo at @RendersbyIan shows off the Pixel 6 new glass edge design with the rear cameras in a horizontal format pushed out at the back. This means the phone will rest on the camera tab at the back. There are no details as of yet on the specifications of the Pixel 6. However, there has been some hype regarding the collaboration of the Pixel 6 Whitechapel SoC. There is some speculation that the design of the phone itself was also influenced by Samsung. Can we really say that though? Google is Google. Samsung has always been Samsung. I think Google is just starting to get to its next level of design.

Jon Prosser has also released a number of render images showing a center front camera, with a front display fingerprint sensor. There is no indication of a fingerprint sensor on the back. I guess this clears the rumor of the Pixel 6 being foldable at the moment. No foldable Pixel 6. Jon Prosser also mentions that the Pixel 6 will come in a Pixel 6 “Pro” to indicate the previous XL version of the phone. Maybe better specs than the Pixel 5 then? Most likely. Looks each new Pixel could have its own personality in the future. Good idea madebygoogle.

You can see more renders on 9to5Google:


Ars Technica:

Featured Image: Jon Prosser, RendersbyIan