My Wyze Band is on the way

I think I’m just excited that something is being delivered. It’s been a long wait. A long wait. Wyze has been sending out emails after email updating consumers when their devices were being shipped. I find it weird that they basically created their inventory after people ordered them. But the Wyze band IS coming. I hope to see how I can use the Wyze Watch in my smart home.

The Wyze watch has a ton of similarities with the Xiaomi Mi Band. Maybe because they are the same product? Wyze has found a way to franchise the Xiaomi brand into a number of their devices. Maybe we thought that there was a ton of originality with the devices? Anyway, I’m still excited about it. If it’s not good, I’ll let you know.

Wyze Watch Features

  • Water Resistant: The Wyze Band (WWAB1) is water-resistant, so now I don’t have to take the band off in the shower.
  • Wyze App: I can manage the Wyze band using the Wyze App.
  • Control your Wyze Devices: If you have Wyze Plugs or Wyze Bulbs, you can control them from the band. I have a few in the home; so I’m interested to see how this works.
  • Alexa-Built In I just press and hold down the Wyze home button and Alexa shows up.
  • Activity Tracker: What you’d expect from any wearable; the Wyze band tracks your steps, activity, sleep, and your heart rate.

Simple and easy-peasy. For $24.99, maybe that’s all I asked of the Wyze Band. Let’s see if it works as it says.

Wyze Cam Detection Window

When Wyze came out with the Wyze Cam v2, you could manage the detection settings with either person, motion, or sound. However, you could also adjust the Detection Window by dragging and opening a virtual box around a specific area in the camera’s view. There was a minimum size that you could expand or contract the box. Sometimes, if you couldn’t get the box-sized properly, you’d get nuisance motion detection settings. That’s what’s been happening for me. Pretty much 20 times a day, I get a notification of a car going by my house or a shadow passing over the area being monitored.

Well, now Wyze has changed the Detection Window Box with little grid boxes, so you can now select an acute area of the Wyze Cam view. I think that’s pretty ingenious.

Wyze Cam Detection Window Settings – Check out the Boxes!

Credit: Wyze

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