Microsoft Surface Duo has just Surfaced the FCC

It looks like the Microsoft Surface Duo has just Surfaced at the FCC

We’ve been looking for the Microsoft Surface Duo foldable mobile device to be released. droidlife has found an interesting filing at the FCC, called the “Microsoft Phablet device”. I guess this means that the Surface Duo might be coming sooner than originally anticipated. We knew from Microsoft 2019 Surface Event, that Microsoft had said the Surface Duo foldable phone would come later (Christmas 2020).

The FCC filing shows that the testing was for an Android version 10 device, that was tested in different configurations with 2 screens. Yes, I think this is as close to the Surface Duo device as possible.

Specs of the New Surface Duo

Based on the FCC filing the new device, called model 1930, under FCC filing ID C3K1930 will have support for 802.11ac otherwise known as WiFi 5, not WiFi 6.

The FCC also lists NFC and Bluetooth. It’s exciting to see NFC listed there. There are ton of exciting uses for NFC, especially for paying for products while shopping.

It looks like the phone could be ready to play with this earlier than Christmas 2020. That would be exciting to see how this phone or Microsoft Phablet device performs with its Snapdragon 855 processor.