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Make Your RV Smart with Smart Lights (Simple Automation Tips While Camping)

Make Your RV Smart with Smart Lights (Simple Automation Tips While Camping)

We were able to get away from the house this summer, towing the RV to our favorite campsite. Using the RV while camping is a fun experience for the kids. I’m going to share with you a simple Smart Automation that can make RV’ing safer and give you peace of mind to protect you from unwanted burglars or animals roaming the campground. I’m going to show you a type of lighting that can really help keep you and your campsite safe at night.

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Burglars or Animals around the RV at night

Getting ready for nighttime while camping in your RV requires some cleaning up and locking up around the trailer. However, there are times when people can come by and take your things even if they are stowed away or even try to open up your camper or RV while sleeping. It can be a creepy experience to hear sounds outside your tent or RV.

Use Smart Lights to keep RV Safe

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways to deter burglars and animals from the RV at night by using automated lighting or smart lighting. I was able to get my hands on some closet lights from Amazon. I attached them to the slide section and rear of the RV where I stored most of my equipment. The lights have PIR motion sensors to sense movement when it is dark, so it lights up the area around your RV. It helps deter burglars and animals from being noticed.

Automatic Smart Light on Back of Trailer at Night
Smart Light on back of Trailer

Smart Lights for RV

What I really like about these lights is that they are thin and can be pasted with tape to the walls of your RV. These lights require little maintenance and can be removed easily. The Motion Sensor lights are also quite thin, so there is little to no interference with any trees or vehicles as your driving down the highway. And it’s an economical way to introduce some security around your RV while camping. I hope that you can make use of these lights.