MadebyGoogle 2019 – Nest Mini, Nest WiFi, Pixel 4, Pixel Buds, and Sustainability.

Google announced a number of new products from New York City at 10 AM EST this morning. Google made announcements for the new Pixel 4, new Pixel Buds, Google’s commitment to responsible sustainability, the improved Google Assistant, the new Nest Mini, and the new Nest WiFi. Google wanted to ensure that they have done their homework to develop cutting-edge technology for the announced devices. Google focused on Machine Learning and Ambient Computing Technology.

Google re-instated its mission to create a new generation of products to make life easier every day. We can start unpacking the #madebygoogle event with a few quotes from Rick Osterloh:

“Helpful computing can be all around you. Help is everywhere you need it. Its fluid.”

“You are the center. Not the devices. This is the vision for Ambient Computing”

Google Assistant

Google has improved its Google Assistant with Ambient Technology. Google states that they believe that interactions need to be intuitive, turning on before you need them, and powering down when you need to wind down. The vision is to have your devices to work as one system vs. having many different devices with their own. For example, when you leave the house, Google Assistant’s ambient technology will lock the doors, and turn off the lights – Google Assistant will know what you need before going to the device. It will be interesting to see how devices will integrate within Google’s Ambient Computing Vision.


Google has already talked about the Stadia for some time, however, Google claims that you will have access to the best games ever made. The Stadia will be available on November 19. You will be able to play games on the TV, laptop, and even your Pixel phone.

Pixel Buds

Google says the Pixel Buds are like “two floating computers in your head.” Google explained how difficult it was to get floating computers in your ears. The Pixel Buds have the ability to process voice, making phone calls while you’re in the middle of loud environments. They claim it requires a great deal of machine learning.

The Pixel Buds provide hands-free access to Google Assistant, including access to Google Translate to provide a real-time translation. It has Bluetooth so you can stay connected up to “3 rooms away” or outside across an entire football field from your device.

Google stated that it wanted to produce excellent sound quality and have the Pixel Buds last a long time. Google had to use “Intricate origami” to build custom speakers and custom batteries. The Pixel Buds will have 5 hours of continuous playback and up to 24 hours of runtime by using the wireless charging case. The Pixel buds will fit flush to the ear.

Pixel buds have a spatial vent that will allow you to hear while sealing the ear, giving you to allow the earphones to adjust to your surroundings. When you’re on a call, voice accelerometers detect speech through your jawbone. The new Pixel Buds will be available Spring 2020 for $179.

Credit: Google, Pixel Buds will be available in 2020.

Titan User privacy at the core

Google stated that user privacy is at the core of everything you do within the Google ecosystem. Google announced its two-factor authentication – The Titan security chip. Titan protects your OS data. You can delete Assistant data just by asking.

Sustainability at Google

Google put a great deal of emphasis on the sustainability of its products in design and use. Not only is Google finding ways to improve design – to solve problems for people. “The goal is to create unique solutions to the world’s challenges.”

Now all Nest products will have recycled plastics. Google states that a water bottle has enough plastic to produce two Nest mini speakers.

Google believes in the ability and responsibility to create sustainable change. Carbon neutral with 100% renewable energy. Google is committing to invest $150 million in renewable energy. Google states that their goal is to offset the carbon produced by third-party manufacturers and shipping to be totally carbon-neutral.

What if you don’t need to renew your console every couple of years. Google has created the first cloud-based controller. Google says they wanted the controller design to be like a handle of a kitchen tool – the kitchen knife. Google says the Stadia controllers are designed to fit both large and small hands comfortably. Essentially, Google is saying they built a device with ’empathy’.

Pixelbook Go

The Pixelbook Go comes is built with light magnesium and matte finish. The Pixelbook Go comes in “Just Black” and “Not-Pink [pink]” with a rippled wavy bottom that is easier to grip.

Credit: Google, Pixelbook Go in Just Black, and Not Pink

Google says the Pixelbook Go focuses on portability that could last every day. The keys are Ultra-quiet Hush Keys [TM]. The Pixelbook has Chrome OS and will be available with a number of hardware options including Intel Core m3, i5 or i7. Memory options include 8 or 16GB with storage capacities of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. The base Pixelbook Go will sell for $649.

Nest: Whole Home helpful and secure solutions

Nest stated that it is focused on whole-home solutions – a helpful and secure home. Nest announced an update with the ‘works with Google Assistant program’: Developers will require a security review prior to developing applications for Google devices.

Nest Mini

Nest showed off its whole-home audio solution; with the launch of then the New Nest Mini.

Design: The Nest Mini comes in a new color option called Sky [light blue]. The Nest Mini now has a simple wall mount, so you can put it anywhere in the home. Google claims the Nest Mini is made 100% from recycled plastic water bottles.

Sound: Nest claims that it has 2x the bass from the original, and has a 3rd microphone to hear you from across the room.

The Nest Mini will now act as a home communication center. It can act as a home intercom, so you can communicate room to room, a home alert system to tell you who is at the front door, and a home phone allowing you to call anyone in the world for free using Google Duo. You will be able to use the Google Home ‘Call Home’ feature on your phone to call home. The Nest Mini will be available on October 22 to 23 different countries for $49.

Credit: Google, Sky Nest Mini with wall-mount.

Nest Aware

Nest introduced a new whole-home pricing model, for one rate, recording history for all your Nest devices You can $6 or $12 per month for 30-day event history or 60-day video history respectively.

Devices like nest mini and nest home can be your in-home eyes and ears while you are away, and can send alerts to your home. Your Nest devices can listen in when the smoke alarm goes off.

Nest WiFi: Home Connectivity

Nest WiFi updated from its predecessor, the Google Wi-Fi Mesh. Nest WiFi will have a router and WiFi points (beacons). The updated hardware in the Nest WiFi produces up to 2X speed and 25% more coverage. Google states that most routers get hidden, which creates connection issues with your home devices. Nest WiFi has improved its aesthetics and color to have the router out in the open.

Nest WiFi is working with developers to create a seamless setup for your smart home with Bluetooth Low Energy and Thread. More announcements in a few months. Exciting that they mentioned both Bluetooth and Thread

Google added a Google Assistant smart speaker is inside the Nest WiFi as well. The Nest WiFi is available on pre-order. It will be available in 8 countries. The Nest WiFi two-pack will sell for $269, whereas the Nest WiFi 3-pack will sell for $349.

Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 phone has been leaked already, however, Google says you can now use hand gestures to control and extend your phone’s capabilities in new ways.

Pixel 4 Motion Sense

Google claims that the Pixel 4 has the fastest face unlock and uses Motion Sense to power off the phone when you’re away. You will be able to swipe to answer a call or wave hello to Pikachu (must be a new feature).

Google says the message is: the Pixel 4 knows what you are wanting to do before you reach your phone. Privacy is built-in. You can turn the Motion sensor on or off at any time. The information is saved on the Pixel, not on the Google cloud.

Pixel 4 Google Assistant Hybrid

Google Assistant is deeply integrated within the Pixel 4. Squeeze and ask questions on rapid-fire; you can open an app, and search within the app with Google Assistant. The Google Assistant functions on a ‘hybrid model’, much like the Nest Mini – Data is no longer fully cloud-based, you can run Google Assistant straight from your phone. With the new Titan M security chip, you will able to delete your local Pixel 4 activity locally with your voice.

Pixel 4 Recorder

The Pixel 4 will come with a new recording app: The Recorder. It can transcribe in real-time as you are saying it. You can transcribe meetings, lectures, and recordings all in real-time and file them as required. The recorder function does not require an internet connection. The device can record the audio and transcribe it straight from the device.

Pixel 4 Features

Pixel 4 comes with an OLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate. The refresh 90Hz rate adjusts based on what you’re doing. O Android 10. Pixel 4 comes with 3 months of Google One for newly eligible members including 100 GB cloud, and 1:1 Pro sessions. The Pixel 4 comes in Just Black, Clearly White, limited quantities of Oh So Orange. The Pixel 4 will come in two 2 sizes: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The Pixel 4 base model will cost $799. The Pixel 4 ships on October 24. The Pixel 4 is now available through every major mobile carrier.

Pixel 4 Camera

The Pixel phones are well known for the functions of their camera. Whereas great picture quality is based on subject lighting, lens, and body, the Pixel 4 camera adds another aspect to great picture quality – by adding software or computational photography.

The Pixel 4 camera will add more photo-bursts while taking your shots, thereby reducing the noise in your photo to help brighten the shadows.

Pixel 4 also comes with a telephoto lens with super-resolution technology. You don’t need to crop your zoomed images to get the best resolution. Google says that you should be able to zoom to get the pixels you need on the image.

The Pixel 4 camera will use machine learning to improve the HDR+ in the viewfinder. Google calls it real-time Live HDR+. You will now have dual-exposure control to change brightness and tone-mapping (shadows), while you take your picture. The Pixel 4 has also improved it’s White Balancing to ensure truer colors in tricky lighting. Portrait mode has also received an improvement with the new dual-cameras. Now you can take portraits of larger objects, and stand further back to take personal portraits and selfies. The Pixel 4 camera has also improved it’s Night Sight to pick up more objects at night time. Some of the examples shown, look like day time photos, but they were taken at night. Google wanted to ensure that they communicated that the new Pixel 4 camera uses machine learning, computational photography and semantic segmentation. Lots of technology in the Pixel 4 camera.


Google talked about their vision on Ambient Computing: to build a single consistent experience across your home, your work, and on the go. To be available whenever you want and when you need it.

#MadebyGoogle showed off the new Ambient computing technology, their new Pixelbook Go, the Nest Mini, Nest WiFi, Pixel Buds and their commitment to the sustainable development of future Google products. I think it compares quite nicely to our article: What New Products are Coming From Google on October 15th. I don’ think the message on Ambient computing was lost on the audience. Google is attempting to make a consistent user experience by designing solutions to meet our needs.

It’s exciting to know that more is coming from Google and that more innovation is on the way in the next few months.

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