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Mastering LG TV Remotes: List of Universal Control Codes

Mastering LG TV Remotes: List of Universal Control Codes

LG’s latest Smart TVs are powered by WebOS, the company’s in-house unique TV operating system. The remote is the most significant element of any TV since it is used to operate it.

The good news is that you can utilize universal remotes with LG TVs which make your life just a tad bit easier.

These unique remote controls must be configured before use, and are compatible with practically all TVs on the market. The code will vary depending on the brand of the remote control and the model of your LG TV.

We have a list of codes that you can enter into the remote control to configure it according to your TV.

And to briefly check the content of this article, here’s a table for you:

Universal Remote Codes for LG TVUniversal 3 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
RCA Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
One-For-All Universal 4 Digit Remote for LG TV
GE Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
Universal 5 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
DirecTV – 5 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
Best Universal RemotesSofaBaton U1 Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony Elite
How to Set up a Universal Remote Control for an LG TVIt’s advised that you familiarize yourself with the code linked to the remote before attempting to connect it to the television.

LG TVs include a variety of remote control codes. The 4-digit codes, on the other hand, are most commonly used.
Code Search MethodYou have the option of using the code search approach if you were unable to locate a keycode that works for your universal remote.
An overview

Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

Commonly Used 3 Digit Remote Codes for LG TVCommonly Used 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TVRCA Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TVOne-For-All Universal 4 Digit Remote for LG TVGE Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes for LG TVCommonly Used 5 Digit Remote Codes for LG TVDirecTV – 5 Digit Remote Codes for LG TV
A table showing the universal remote codes for LG TV

Best Universal Remotes 

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

The SofaBaton U1 is exceptional since it’s under $50 and can manage up to 15 IR and Bluetooth devices.

Even when the Logitech Harmony dominated the market for universal remote controls, that level of versatility came at a steep price.

Instead of needing a PC and a USB cord, you can configure it remotely with the SofaBaton U1 companion app for iOS or Android.

Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is the finest universal remote for the majority of users, and despite being the most costly model, its cost is justified.

The Harmony Elite essentially connects to a base station that’s linked to your entertainment console, allowing you to use the remote anywhere in your house (even without a direct line of sight).

Up to 15 home entertainment and linked home devices can be fully controlled with speech, according to our reviewer’s experience of using it with Amazon’s Alexa devices.

The full-color touchscreen makes it simple to swipe and tap to manage the volume, movies, and even smart home appliances like LED lights that automatically dim when a movie begins.

The Harmony Hub can also help control equipment that is kept in cabinets behind locked doors thanks to capabilities like closed cabinet control.

When the Harmony Elite is being charged in its charging station, you can use the smartphone app for Harmony (Android and iOS) as a separate global remote.

The Harmony Elite is the best universal remote on the market, despite the fact that some potential customers may be turned off by its price.

How do I find my LG TV remote code?

The easiest way to find the remote code for your LG TV is to download the LG Remote App.

Launch the app and wait for the code to appear on the TV screen. Enter the code on your phone. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same network.

After pairing, you can now control the TV using your phone.

For a detailed view of universal remote codes, watch the video below!


How do I program my universal remote to my LG TV?

Here are the steps on how to program a universal remote to your LG TV:

  1. Go to Set the Universal Control screen.
  2. Select Start to open the Magic Remote Control guide.
  3. Select your external device.
  4. Select OK to open the screen where you can test the remote.
  5. If everything is working, select OK to complete setting up the universal remote.

How to program an LG universal remote to a TV without codes?

Follow these steps to program an LG remote to a TV without codes:

  1. Press the SET and ZERO buttons on your universal remote at the same time four times.
  2. Press and release the buttons when you see the LED light turns red. Do this until your TV turns on.
  3. When the TV is powered, press OK or ENTER to confirm it is the correct code.

You can also try the auto-scan method and these are the steps:

  1. Press SET and the TV1 button at the same time.
  2. The LED light should turn on and when it does press the SET button again.
  3. Press the power button until the TV switches off.
  4. Press the TV1 button to record the device code.
  5. The LED light should go off – the remote has been programmed.

Are LG TV remotes universal?

It depends on the model that you have.

The Magic remote is by far considered a universal remote for LG TVs. On the other hand, ordinary remotes are not exactly universal as they may not work on other LG TV models.

Can I use any LG TV remote?

No, you can’t use an LG TV remote on an LG TV.

There is a specific remote for an LG TV. You can’t set up your LG smart TV using the remote from an older model.

Older remotes are primarily designed for old software. It may not have the Home button which you require to operate on the newer models.

Some universal remotes might work on LG TVs as they’re designed with more advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is a Universal Remote Control?

A universal remote control can be used with a variety of TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, and other television accessory brands.

Because you can set a universal remote to operate more than just your television, using one can help you simplify your media consumption. Additionally, since you won’t need the extra remotes frequently, you can tuck them away.

In contrast, if your LG TV remote has been lost or damaged, you’ll probably end up replacing it with a universal remote because buying a new TV remote can be quite expensive. Then, all you have to do is pick a remote control that is compatible with your TV and configure it correctly.

What Are Universal Remote Codes? 

Every universal remote control is designed to function with a variety of TV brands as well as different kinds and brands of devices.

Typically, a code has to be put into the remote to enable the devices to communicate with the TVs and other devices. Due to the wide variety of devices available, there are several codes.

Finding the right code to connect your remote to your TV and other devices could need some trial and error. As you go through the list of codes, this may, unfortunately, be tedious and take some time.

Is it Possible to Control My LG TV With My Smart Phone?

Depending on the type of your TV, you can manage your LG TV using your smartphone.

To operate the TV without the remote, download the LG TV Plus app from the app store on your phone.


  • It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the code linked to the remote before attempting to connect it to the television.
  • LG TVs include a variety of remote control codes. The 4-digit codes, on the other hand, are the most commonly used.
  • If the remote control was included with the television, it is probably already linked with the device or will instantly recognize the signal.

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