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List of Services Added to IFTTT

List of Services Added to IFTTT

I receive emails from IFTTT on their updated services. You might be surprised at which services have been added recently. However, we’re going to show you a list of services that have been added and updated below.

IF This Then That: IFTTT

IFTTT helps you automate your life with ease. Just create an ‘Applet’ customized to your own unique situation or take someone else’s creation to light up your home, or notify you when someone is home. There are a million ways to use IFTTT in your Smart Home.

If you’re looking into which IFTTT services are no longer available, we have also created a list of discontinued IFTTT services here:

I hope to keep this list updated over time. In the meantime, please find some of the most recent updates and IFTTT additions below:

June 22, 2020: A few apps caught my eye like: Griddy and Knocki. Check them out if you like saving money on your HVAC bill and want to order things with one tap.

Update April 6, 2021: To get a full list of IFTTT Services go here:

Automate Shades V2
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
BloomSky Weather – Community, real-time weather monitoring at your fingertips.
Cadoo – Cadoo adds financial incentives to the apps and services that help you reach your goals!
Call MeBot Phone Call – Make Free Telegram Phone Calls when a Trigger is fired. A Robot will Call you and read your message with a real voice (TTS – Text to Speech). This service requires a Telegram App installed in your phone to receive calls.
City of Beverly Hills
Core Smart Home
Fanimation – control those Ceiling Fans
Filtrete Smart
Griddy– This is pretty neat. Check out the local electricity prices and optimize your Honeywell, Ecobee or other smart thermostats to maximize your savings!
GroupMe – chat with everyone!
Hella Onyx
Hella Onyx – Control your blinds and rollers
Hive View Outdoor
iHaus smoke detector
Invoxia GPS Tracker
Knocki – One Tap functions (i.e. Order Pizza from Dominos with One Tap)
Line – Global Messaging App
Link My Pet
MyMilan – Is this a way to hack into people’s lives and information!??
Orro – Control your Orro Switches with Location
Pushcut – iOS Utility that used for Shortcuts
Pushsafer – Get notifications pushed to your iOS, Android, Windows 10 devices – If you want to bookmark… give it a try?
SaveTheProof – Certify those tweets people
Seitron Smart
Seitron Smart – Makes me curious about Seitron Thermostats
SmartLife – [July 6, 2020] OK. SmartLife was removed end of May 2020. Looks like they are back. Yeah, all those poweredbyTuya back in action.
Tado Air Conditioning – Use IFTTT to control your A/C
Teletrac Navman
TickTick – All in one to-do task management
TomTom SatNav – TomTom connects with Google Assistant to get yourself ready for where you need to go.
Twitch – Gamer’s unite
Vimar VIEW
List of Added IFTTT programs (limited and not inclusive of all IFTT services)

Do you know of more IFTTT Applets? Which ones do you use? Please feel free to comment! We will try to keep this list updated as we go!

Remember, Don’t Hate. Automate.

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Updated May 20, 2020: Mirabella Genio announces that they will no longer support IFTTT on May 26, 2020. You can find this on the Discontinued IFTTT list.

Updated June 10, 2020: IFTTT added RoomMe By Intellithings

Updated June 22, 2020: Added a few services to the list including:

  • Knocki
  • TomTom SatNav
  • Bloomsky Weather
  • Griddy
  • tado Air Conditioning

Updated July 6, 2020: I’m confused. SmartLife did announce and remove their service from IFTTT at the end of May 2020, but it looks they are back on IFTTT

Update April 6, 2021: To get a full list of IFTTT Services go here: