LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 Google Assistant Speaker

LG released the XBOOM ThinQ WK7 WiFi Speaker at the 2018 CES. At the time, the ThinQ WK7 WiFi speaker from LG was considered one of the top smart speakers in 2018, comparing it to the Apple HomePod and the Amazon Echo Plus. It’s pretty amazing to think that between May 2018 and October 2019 so much has changed. There are a number of new competitors on the market, including the Ikea SYMFONISK, Sonos One, Amazon’s new Echo Studio, and the Nest Hub Max.

Why are we talking about the LG ThinQ WiFi Speaker (WK7) now? Can you even find the LG ThinQ WK7 in the market? The answer to the second question is – yes you can get it on eBay, or second-hand. The purpose of reviewing the LG ThinQ WiFi Speaker is not to tell you about something that you cannot obtain; it’s to tell you that there are some smart speaker hardware options out there than can still compete with the current competition, even if it’s only been a year since it was released.

LG worked with Meridian Audio to develop the LG ThinQ WK7 speaker. LG claims that Meridian Audio used their digital signal processing to properly tune the WK7 smart speaker.

LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 – Speaker Features

The LG WK7 boasts a ton of LG proprietary technology features as well as the opportunity to integrate and control your smart home devices. The LG ThinQ WK7 feels like it’s well built, and has a design similar to the Sonos One or the Amazon Echo Plus; one-tone, cylindrical.

The LG WK7 has it’s integrated buttons on the top of the device. There is a play/pause button, volume up and down, a ‘Function’ button and a Google Assistant button. You will also find a microphone disconnect button in the back to give you a break from the Google Assistant.

The base of the LG WK7 is solid, with a rubber base to keep it from moving. The power adaptor cable has an integrated fitting to keep the cord from interfering with the base. Well designed for sitting anywhere in your home.

LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 is WiFi and Bluetooth

It’s not surprising that we come this far to say that the LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 is a WiFi speaker. The WK7 Smart Speaker has Google Assistant built-in. It makes sense that the speaker would have WiFi, however, it’s not just a Google Assistant speaker; it uses Bluetooth to connect to your other devices as well. Hence the ‘Function’ button on the top of the device. To switch to Bluetooth, you just need to press the function button. The color behind the function button will turn blue and wait to connect to the device of your choice. This feature expands the use of the XBOOM ThinQ to other devices outside the Google Ecosystem. Now you have a versatile speaker in any room.

LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 with Google Assistant

The LG XBOOM is sold as a smart speaker with Google Assistant. At the time of release, the LG WK7 could be converted to another virtual helper. It could help you with your daily calendar, create your to-do list, listen to music, and get information with your voice commands.

Essentially, the Google Assistant-enabled speaker turned the WK7 into another Google smart home hub, which could compare it to the powerful Google Home Max Speaker at $299 USD. The only difference between these two devices at the time was that you could not make audio calls from the LG WK7. Well, now you can make audio calls from the LG XBOOM. Which makes the LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 a competitive smart speaker today. This is where the value lies in getting one of these speakers from eBay or second-hand today.

LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 with Chromecast

The WK7 has Chrome-cast already built-in so it works with Google Play Music, Pandora or any other device that can cast via Chromecast. It’s pretty amazing that all these media sources are accessible with the LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7.

The LG XBOOM still provides great sound and can provide a portal to connect to your smart home devices.

LG XBOOM ThinQ – Digital Sound Technology

The most important feature that LG wants to tell you: They worked to bring you great sound with one channel. How did they do this? As mentioned earlier, they worked with Meridian Audio to develop serious digital signal processing to widen the sound field. LG claims that they have found a way to distinguish between the voices and bass to ensure you are hearing exactly that (Clear Vocal and Enhanced Bass) when required.

With all the talk of Amazon providing Hi-Resolution Audio on their devices this year, it seems that the LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 already had this in mind with their 24-bit, 192 kHz sampling.

LG XBOOM ThinQ vs. Ikea SYMFONISK Speaker Specifications Comparison

If you’re looking for a comparison between the LG ThinQ WK7 and the Ikea SYMFONISK, you can find it here. In the meantime, you can also read about the Ikea SYMFONISK here: Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi Table Lamp and Bookshelf Speaker

WiFi Speaker
Audio SizeColors
Table Lamp
Two Class-D amplifiers
7W Bulb,
W: 9″ (21.6 cm)
H: 16″ (40.1 cm)
D: 9″ (21.6 cm)
Weight: 11.5 lbs
White, Black
ThinQ WK7
$99 (used)
$199 (retail)
W: 5.3″ (13.5 cm)
H: 8.3″ (21 cm)
D: 5.3″ (13.5 cm)
Weight: 4.2 lbs

The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 Google Assistant Speaker

The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 Google Assistant Speaker was announced in 2018, however, it’s really a shame that it is hard to find this speaker on the market (You can find it on eBay or other online markets). Hopefully, LG can build on this speaker and create another competitor in the Smart Speaker lineup. The idea that you have a speaker that is essentially all Google, and still accessible via Bluetooth, makes this speaker one of the most versatile speakers out there. In the meantime, you can use this speaker to be your smart home hub in the room of your choice. The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 can be set up within minutes and will be able to connect you to your smart home devices.

There is some value to be gained if you can pick up an LG XBOOM right now. The major competitors announced their big-time smart speakers this year, however, the LG XBOOM already had some of these features; providing you great sound and smart home integration. If you’re lucky, you can probably find these speakers for $99. I hope you can find that type of value for your home.

Buttons of the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7

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