Lest We Forget – November 11, 2019 – Commentary

November 11, 2019, is marked on our calendar as a Day to Remember. We remember the cost of our own freedom. I sit here in front of my monitor typing an article, in a free land, in a free country. I am able to make the choice every day to live peaceably with all people. I am able to choose good over evil and stand up to those who continue to make ‘self’ more important than their purpose. I am able to use my talents and gifts to help and not to take away. This is why I should stop and remember the cost of my freedom.

Every member of society whether, Laborer, Engineer, Doctor, Sales, Business-person, Enthusiast, Automater or Gamer is obligated to remember the sacrifice that was taken to allow us to live. Lest we forget, that we are able to make choices that continue to uphold the values for those who have fought for us. It is part of the reason for our existance and the reason for which we have community. It reminds us of our obligation to help our society live and grow.

The purpose is not to be entertained by the benefits of our freedom; To play, to eat, drink, commune with friends and family. It is, however, in some part, to continue to build a community in which we can apply our gifts and talents so we can play, eat, drink and commune with family and friends. Where we lack nothing, and those who are in need are provided for under the umbrella of love. This is not a statement of compromising one’s belief, however, to live as shining examples of how to build one another.

I am using this opportunity to remind you, the reader: That you have a choice to understand how we got here so that you can continue to live every moment with respect. That you can build and create new things with respect for each moment that has passed, so you live with purpose. We cannot take for granted the cost at which we live, otherwise, we will not live very well. “Lest we Forget.” We should take heed of this statement.

Please take a moment to Remember.