Lenovo Smart Clock – New Features

Featured Photos and Google Photos

If you have the Google Chromecast or the Lenovo Smart Display, you know you can have the Featured photos show as the background display. The default featured photos are pictures from well-known photographers from all over the world. The Lenovo Smart Clock will also give you the opportunity to display pictures from your Google Photos albums. It’s nice to see the pictures in the morning!

Current Temperature

You can also add the current temperature with weather status (cloudy, sunny, rain) on the top right-hand corner of your clock face. Google made this feature available last week.

How to setup Temperature, Featured Photos and Google Photos on your Lenovo Smart Clock

To set up either Featured Photos or Google Photos:

  1. You can either long-press your clock face or swipe up to go to settings
  2. If you long-press your clock face – you can scroll to the right (swipe left) and go through all the clock faces including Featured photos and Google Photos.
  3. If you swipe up for settings. Press the Settings gear, and you can go into Clock Faces and do the same thing as step 2.
  4. In each setting, you can toggle ‘Show Temperature in the settings. Click done. If you tap the temperature icon in the top right hand corner of the Clock Face

That’s it, you’re done. Enjoy using your Lenovo Smart Clock to the fullest. I think you’ll really enjoy having Google Assistant built into the Lenovo Smart Clock. You can buy them from our (Affiliate) links here:

How Do I Get The Latest Update For My Lenovo Smart Clock?

Your Lenovo Smart Clock will automatically get updates as long as it’s connected to your WiFi and therefore to the internet. You can sometimes turn off and on the Smart Clock to trigger an update.

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