Keep Your Children Safe with Wyze Sense and These 2 Easy Ideas

Wyze Sensor Starter Kit arranged on table.
Wyze Sense Starter Kit – only $20

There are a few things you can do right away to meet your home automation needs with the Wyze Sense Starter Kit.

Automate your safety: I tend to think about my family’s safety with little ones in the house. Like having door contacts on your kids room doors and motion sensors for places (attics, closets, rooms that your kids should not be in).

Door Contacts – Kids Rooms

Do you know where your kids are at? Really? Are they making their way downstairs from their bedrooms to snoop on Mom and Dad watching Netflix or visiting with friends?

Well, now you’ll know! Just add a contact sensor to your door and voila! Setup took approximately 5 minutes

Motion Sensor – Closets

There are some closets in our house that our kids should not be in.

Maybe you’ve worked hard at keeping things out of the way, and now those things are stored in your closet. Your children should not be in there.

I set up a motion sensor in one of the closets. This closet does not draw in much air. I don’t want my children playing in there with the door closed. I added the motion sensor in the closet to make sure there is some indication. Maybe the indication could be used for lighting as well, but for now, it’s just a motion sensor.

The setup guide instructs you to point the sensor upright, but I attached it to the ceiling to keep it out of the way.

Pro: It works. Con: Vibration from above or ceiling could activate the sensor.

Now you can put it out of your kids reach and find out when something is going on in the closet.

Within minutes of opening, you can start automating your house to keep you and your family safe.

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