We’re going to do a quick and easy setup of the Kasa Smart Light Bulb by TP-Link. I installed the LB100 (600 lumens) in this article, but it operates the same as the LB110 (800 lumens) or newer KL110 (800 lumens). The setup takes approximately 5 minutes. You should have no issues here; so let’s get installing.

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Kasa Smart Light Bulb [LB100, LB110] by TP-Link Setup

The first thing you’ll need is the Kasa Smart App. It’s really easy to install. Go to Google Play, Apple App Store, and install the Kasa Smart App on your mobile device.

  1. Once you get the Kasa Smart App installed on your mobile device, you’ll need to login and register your account. Please remember your credentials. You’ll need it later when you want to integrate to Alexa or Google Home.
  2. Turn off your power. Uninstall your old bulb, then install the Kasa Smart Bulb (LB100/LB110/KL100 Series) bulb. The Smart Bulb should blink three (3) times after a few seconds of power. If it does not, you can still run through the following steps.
  3. After getting the Kasa Smart App up and running, you’ll need to ‘Add’ a device by pressing the [plus] symbol on the top right corner of the screen. A pop window on the bottom of the Kasa Smart App will ask you if you want to: a) Add a Device or b) Add a Group. Tap: Add A Device.
  4. You will need to select “Smart Lights”, which will then expand into options for different Smart Lights. We are talking about the Smart Bulb (LB100/KL100 Series) in this article. Select Smart Bulb – LB100/KL100 Series.
  5. The Kasa Smart App will then check your WiFi Status and run you through the setup.
  6. You will then start the configuration. If the light did not blink three (3) times, you will be asked to flip the power switch on and off 3 (three) times. The Smart Bulb should then blink three (3) times.
  7. The bulb will then connect you to your smart home network (Wi-Fi). It may then go through a firmware update. Select ‘Update Now’
  8. Your bulb should now be ON and connected to your Kasa Smart App.
  9. You can now sync the devices with Google Home or Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit by adding into a ‘Room’ of your choice. You’ll need to enter your Kasa Smart App credentials now. Once this is done, you should be integrated!

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I hope this has helped you install your Kasa Smart Light Bulb LB100 or LB110. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me via Instagram, Twitter, or contact me via the Community (AYL_Alan) at: