Just as good as Echo Frames? Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses D79025 for $22 – Review

We’ve been able to look at products from Banggood.com in the last few weeks. They provided them for us to do a review, so I’m excited to share my experience. I have been trying out the Polarized Smart Sunglasses for the past month or so. It’s been fun trying out smart wearables that resemble the Amazon Echo Frames. Now the Echo Frames go for $179 USD, however, these Polarized Smart Sunglasses from Banggood.com come in a price range of $21.90 USD plus shipping (if you ship from China) to around to $58.70 USD plus shipping (if you ship from straight from the US).

I thought it would be cool to be walking around in my retro-80’s blue reflective smart sunglasses. It did feel pretty good. Let’s go through the review to figure out if these are the smart glasses for you.


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The Polarized Sunglasses 5.0 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset Stereo Smart Glass Music Bluetooth Headphone Sunglasses Loudspeaker – Black

Pretty long title from the website, I know. but let’s talk about all the things you get from the $22 – 58 USD Smart Glasses from Banggood.com. Considering the price range compared to the Amazon Echo Frames, you might be thinking about what these smart glasses actually have.

At first glance, the Smart Glasses (Model: D79025) look very much like the Echo Frames. They have the same frame structure, and the lenses are proportional in size. The lenses come in Colorful (like the 80’s retro), grey, blue, gold, grey, and black. I got the Colorful reflective. I felt like I was in an 80’s band everywhere I went. I didn’t mind. It was cool – I was in my element. The Smart Sunglasses were also polarized, so I knew that I could keep wearing them under the bright sun.

Smart Sunglasses Accessories

The box came with the sunglasses plus a few essential accessories:

  • a functional storage case – hard plastic to keep your Smart Glasses safe
  • storage bag – yes, even a bag to protect your glasses when you don’t have space for the case;
  • microfibre cloth – to keep your smart glasses clean;
  • earbuds or earphones, with micro-USB cord. I’ll explain why they provide these;
  • and a micro-USB-to-USB charging cable

The Banggood Polarized Smart Sunglasses Experience

Smart Sunglasses D79025 Sound and Music

Having a pair of smart glasses or smart wearables over the ear is really fun. My experiences with earbuds or earphones have been abysmal – I don’t have a good pair of earbuds that fit my ears-They keep falling out. I have been using the glasses to listen to music while working around the house and yard. Having the music or sound land over my ear, while walking, or riding my bike has also been great. I can be aware of what’s going on around me and still have some music or answer phone calls. The speakers can be quite loud, almost like mini-speakers.

If I’m in my office or in the house and listening to music at full blast, my family can hear what I’m listening too, otherwise, I can turn them down and still listen to what’s happening around the yard and still get a good sound out of them.

Advancing music is intuitive with a long press of the volume up and down buttons on the Smart Sunglasses frames.

In order to get the best sound, I plugged in the earphones to the smart sunglasses and used them when doing work around the house like mowing the lawn or using power tools. It definitely masked the surrounding environment.

Smart Sunglasses: Making Phone Calls

In order to call these Smart Sunglasses, ‘smart’, it had to be able to answer phone calls. Smart Sunglasses use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile phone. Once connected, you can answer phone calls with the power button. You’ll recognize a phone call when the device starts stating the phone number. I just pressed the power button, and I was on a clear sounding – phone call with my friends and family. I even tried answering calls when riding the bike or out at a playground. The sound was good and my family was able to hear me just fine like making calls from my mobile phone.

Do the Smart Sunglasses D79025 use Voice Assistants?

The thing to note about these Smart Sunglasses D79025 is that they do not respond to the wake words for Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. You will need to use your phone’s microphone to ask questions. However, the response will come in via your Smart Sunglasses speakers. I think this is the tradeoff of using Smart Sunglasses that are not Google, Amazon, or Apple products. I didn’t mind considering the functionality – I was able to hear traffic and route commands through my Smart Glasses while keeping my eyes on the sidewalk. It was so convenient to have a comfortable smart wearable giving me information while protecting my eyes from the sun (polarized sunglasses) and walking, riding my bike, or driving.

Polarized Sunglasses 5.0 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset Stereo Smart Glass Music Bluetooth Headphone Sunglasses Loudspeaker

Smart Sunglasses D79025 Battery Life

I listened to a ton of music with these Smart Sunglasses (D79025). I didn’t feel like I had to charge them a lot. There were a few days when I was working on projects, listening to music, that I noticed the sound intensity was diminished or a call was not coming just right. This would be at least 3-4 hours. The product page claims:

  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Music Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Call Time: 4-5 Hours

I think this is about right; however, even after about 10 charges over the last month, I’ve been noticing the same performance in sound and phone call quality. So, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Smart Sunglasses D79025 Review

So, did I like the D79025 Smart Sunglasses? Were they like the Echo Frames? They definitely felt like wearing the Echo Frames. The Smart Sunglasses D79025 were light and easy to use. They had great battery life and good sound quality for music and phone calls. I’m still enjoying replacing my sunglasses and earphones for D79025 Smart Sunglasses. It’s the first thing I look for when I go outside now.

Even though the Smart Sunglasses were not for making Voice Assistant commands, using your Bluetooth connected smartphone was just as handy than using your voice to get the information you needed. So, even though the glasses were not used to call on Alexa, the glasses still provided almost every other function that the Echo Frames did. Isn’t that fascinating? You can get your own pair of affordable Smart Sunglasses for $22 to 58 USD plus shipping. I think that’s pretty good value for having your own Smart Wearable resting on your ears! Wouldn’t you say?

Banggood: Polarized Sunglasses 5.0 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset Stereo Smart Glass Music Bluetooth Headphone Sunglasses Loudspeaker $21 USD to $58 USD


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