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Is Ring Doorbell Always Recording? Facts and Insights

Is Ring Doorbell Always Recording? Facts and Insights

Ring has become more successful since its first video doorbell came out in 2014. Ring Doorbell was first introduced in 2011 because the inventor, Jamie Siminoff, wanted to know who was at his door while he was in the garage.

When you connect your Ring Doorbell to a WiFi network, it enables you to receive notifications whenever motion has been detected. You can easily view live feeds on your phone by using the convenient Ring app. This feature allows you to stay informed and keep an eye on your home even when you’re away.

Our aim in this article is to provide comprehensive answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Ring Doorbell.

One of the questions that we will address in this article is whether the Ring Doorbell records continuously or only when motion is detected. Our detailed response will give you a better understanding of how this popular device works, and help you make informed decisions when considering it for your home security needs.

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Some popular Ring doorbell models with cameras

ModelVideo QualityMotion DetectionPower SourceNotable Features
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)1080p HDStandardBattery or HardwiredTwo-way talk, basic motion detection
Ring Video Doorbell Pro1080p HDAdvanced, CustomizableHardwiredSlim design, advanced motion detection
Ring Video Doorbell Elite1080p HDAdvanced, CustomizablePower over EthernetProfessional-grade, PoE connectivity
Ring Video Doorbell 31080p HDEnhanced, CustomizableBattery or HardwiredImproved motion detection, dual-band Wi-Fi
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus1080p HDEnhanced, CustomizableBattery or HardwiredPre-Roll feature, improved motion detection
Ring Video Doorbell 41080p HDEnhanced, CustomizableBattery or HardwiredEnhanced video quality, improved motion detection
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 21536p HD3D Motion DetectionHardwiredHigh-quality video, radar technology
Ring Video Doorbell Wired1080p HDStandardWiredCompact design, real-time notifications
Ring Peephole Cam1080p HDStandardBatteryFits in peephole, two-way talk, motion detection
Ring Door View Cam1080p HDStandardBatteryReplaces peephole, two-way talk, motion detection
Ring Floodlight Cam1080p HDAdvanced, CustomizableHardwiredFloodlights, motion-activated lights, siren
Line up

Are Ring Doorbells always filming?

No, Ring Doorbells are not always filming.

However, the system is designed to record and store when a motion is detected. It is recommended you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan to have your home monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Ring Doorbells do not record 24/7 to prevent the system from storing irrelevant recordings to avoid overloading the storage.

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    Ring’s promise for 24/7 recording in 2018-2019

    Ring made an announcement in October of 2018 regarding their plans to introduce 24/7 recording for certain models that are hardwired. This feature will not be supported by Ring Doorbells or Cameras that operate purely on battery power.

    However, Ring Doorbell Pro, Stick-up Cam Plug-in, and Ring Doorbell 1/2/3 with hardwiring will support this feature.

    The reason for this is because 24/7 recording consumes a lot of battery power compared to just motion detection and occasional recordings. Therefore, the 24/7 recording feature will only be available for hardwired versions to protect the battery life.

    The concept behind the feature was that Ring Protect subscribers could pay an additional fee to have their cameras record 24/7, providing complete protection for their home.

    This is similar to the first-generation Nest Hello doorbell, which offers 24/7 recording with the Nest Aware Plus plan for $120 per year (the basic $60/year plan does not include 24/7 recording).

    It’s unfortunate that the feature, which was anticipated to be released in 2019 never came to fruition. Even now, well past 2019, Ring support has only vaguely assured that the feature will be coming soon without specifying any timelines.

    While it’s positive that Ring has not ruled out the possibility of the feature being released, it’s not advisable to purchase a Ring doorbell/camera with the expectation that 24/7 recording will be available anytime soon.

    Learn more about Ring Doorbells in the video below!

    Check out our epic smart doorbell comparison video.

    Other FAQs

    How long does Ring Doorbell record?

    Ring Video Doorbells that are battery-powered record videos shorter than 30 seconds.

    They work like a normal doorbell if you have a Ring Chime Accessory or if they are hardwired to an existing doorbell.

    Moreover, you can choose the record length. The longer the record length, the faster it will drain the battery. In most cases, 30 seconds works well.

    Does Ring record all videos?

    No, Ring does not record all videos without the Ring Protect Plan. However, without the Ring Protect Plan, you can still view live streams through the Ring app.

    The Ring Doorbell only starts to record videos when motion is detected or when the doorbell button is pressed. The recording is deleted once the Ring Protect Plan expires.

    If you don’t have the Ring Protect Plan, you can share the footage with the Neighbour’s app while the live feed is occurring.

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    Can a Ring Doorbell hear conversations?

    Yes, it can, but only to a certain distance.

    Some Ring Doorbells can capture audio up to 3 feet.

    On the other hand, if you want to stop the audio recording, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Launch the Ring app.
    2. Tap the three dots on the top left side of the screen.
    3. Tap Devices.
    4. Select your device.
    5. Go to Device Settings and Privacy Settings.
    6. Tap the audio streaming and recording toggle.

    What triggers a Ring Doorbell to record?

    Motion between people, objects, and animals triggers the Ring Doorbell to record.

    The Ring Video Doorbell features Advanced Motion Detection to differentiate motion between people, objects, and animals.

    The Ring Video Doorbell already has Advanced Motion Detection turned on by default. Turning off this feature will make you lose Customizable Motion Zones and disable detection accuracy as well as trimming of recordings.

    How do you know if a Ring Camera is on and recording?

    The Ring Video Doorbell is recording if there is a red light blinking.

    In addition, an alert will be sent to you through the Ring app if the device starts to record an event.

    The doorbell might stop recording due to various reasons, such as poor internet connection or the device has been damaged. Still, a bit of troubleshooting is going to help resolve the issue.


    • Ring Doorbell only records when it is triggered by motion or when the doorbell button is pressed.
    • It does not record 24/7 to avoid storing irrelevant files, which may result in overstorage.
    • However, you can purchase the Ring Protect Plan to record and store camera footage 24/7.

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