Is Android The Best Mobile OS For Your Smart Home?

Android is one of the two mobile operating systems in the world. It has the most users throughout the world and it’s built by what is probably the world’s best software production company, Google. The question is, is Android the best mobile OS for your smart home?

Android has the Google Assistant, and it has the best Google Assistant integration. You can literally use your Android device as a Google Home and use the wake world to bring up the world’s best voice assistant.

Not only that but all of the applications available on Android are the same as iOS. There’s nothing you’re missing, except for the new Shortcuts capability and Siri. You won’t miss Siri, and there’s an application called Tasker that fulfills almost everything that Shortcuts does. It’s a little harder to work with, but it’s very good (and maybe better than Shortcuts).

Android’s also very flexible. It’s on all kinds of manufacturers’ flagship phones and tablets, it’s on e-readers, and it’s on tablet PCs. It’s an amazing mobile operating system in that it’s on so many devices and has so much layered on top of it. If you think about companies like Samsung that build their operating system on top of it (or a small part on top of it), then you can imagine special functionality or capabilities being built on top. It’s simply amazing what Android can do.

The other thing this does is it puts Android on devices that range from low end to high end and everything in between. It also puts Android into devices that Apple simply can’t match.

Finally, one thing that Android does that’s so much better than iOS is Widgets. Now Widgets can turn into a true HMI as it relates to the #smarthome. That means you can turn on and off devices right from the main page. You can trigger scenes, routines, and more.

The one drawback for Android? It’s being replaced by Fuschia. What’s great about this though is that we’ll be getting a whole new experience and from what I’ve seen, a much better world of automation from Google with Fuschia. Unfortunately, this means that certain devices that have Android on them today won’t be able to get Fuschia when it comes out. Some will, like the Pixel 3.

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