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Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Responding? Try These Easy Fixes

Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Responding? Try These Easy Fixes

If your Insignia Fire TV remote is not working, check the batteries first. You can reset the TV and the remote if the problem is not solved. You can buy a new remote if none of the solutions is helping.

Also, you can read this article, and you’ll find easy steps to fix your Insignia Fire TV remote.

Let’s get started!

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Why your Insignia Fire TV remote is not working?

From my own experience, if you’re having trouble with your Insignia Fire TV remote, one thing you can try is replacing the batteries.

Sometimes the remote can stop working if the batteries are low or dead. It’s also worth checking if the remote is properly paired with your TV and if there is a strong signal connection.

If none of these solutions work, you may need to reset the remote or clean it. I hope this advice helps you find a solution to your remote troubles.

This image shows that remote is necessary to control the TV. You can reset the remote to fix it
Use new batteries for better remote performance

1. Dead Batteries

When you’re using used or dead batteries, it’s obvious your Insignis Fire TV remote will not work. Batteries are the source of electric power for a device.

It means batteries are essential components of a device for its proper functioning. It’ll help if you use long-lasting batteries.

If you hate changing batteries again and again, then lithium batteries are perfect. I recommend Eneloope_Brand rechargeable batteries, which last about a year with average use.

What batteries does Insignia Fire TV remote use?

Insignia Fire TV remotes use Insignia AAA batteries. Its alkaline chemistry delivers the most charge for the usage of heavy items such as remote controls.

2. How To Do a Simple Reset?

Before doing any complicated method to reset the remote, we should try an easy technique. It’s not necessary that it’s always going to work, but we have to atleast try.

  1. Turn your remote and open up its back side.
  2. Take out the batteries.
  3. Wait for two to three minutes.
  4. Put the batteries back.

Check your remote by pressing different buttons. If your remote works, you don’t need to look for other methods to fix it. 

Moreover, this method won’t take that long. If this doesn’t work, don’t get disheartened. We’ve many other ways to fix Insignia Fire TV remote.

Let’s take a look at them.

3. Manual Reset Of Insignia Fire TV Remote.

Resetting your remote is very easy and favorable to solve your problem. What’s resetting? Resetting means converting the device to this default setting.

Now, we’ll discover how to reset the Insignia Fire TV remote. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Locate the “Home” button on your remote.
  2. Hold the button for seconds, and then release the button.
  3. Now, find the menu button.
  4. Press it nine times. It’s better to remove the batteries from the remote.
  5. Unplug your Insignia Fire TV and wait for at least sixty seconds.
  6. Plug in your tv and put the batteries back into your remote.
  7. Once the home screen appears, hold the “Home” button.

4. Re-pair your TV With the remote

There’s a chance that your remote is not paired with your TV. If you’ve already paired it, but it’s not working, you must repair your remote with Insignia Smart TV.

How do I pair my Insignia Fire TV remote?

You need to follow specific steps to do so.

  • You’ll find a “Pair” button below the batteries section at the back of the remote.
  • Press the button and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • If the above technique doesn’t work, locate and press the “Home” button.
  • Hold it for thirty seconds.
  • The third method is that you hold the “Back” button, the left “Navigation” button, and “Menu” button at the same time for thirty seconds.

5. TV Reset To Factory Default Settings

It’s not always your remote which causes trouble. Your TV also needs a reset. Resetting the TV may solve your problem.

To reset your TV, you need to download Insignia Remote App.

Resetting a TV is like having a brand new TV with factory default settings.

A sony tv
Reset your TV to make your remote work

How to reset Insignia smart TV?

Resetting an Insignia Smart TV requires some steps to follow. Take a look at the steps given below.

  1. Turn On your Insignia Smart TV and press the “Cog” Icon.
  2. Go to “Settings” and click on “My Fire TV.”
  3. Locate and click on “Reset to factory default.”
  4. Click on “Reset.”

Remember that resetting will erase your apps and all your personal information.

6. Fixing the remote sensor

If the Insignia remote is not working, then check your sensor. You must keep your remote sensor clean. It may not work if the dust is inside it.

There are two ways to fix a remote sensor:

  1. Power cycle Insignia TV.
  2. Clean your Insignia TVs sensor.

How to power cycle Insignia TV?

It’s effortless to power cycle your insignia smart TV. Power cycling means turning the hardware off and then turning it on again.

We can power cycle the TV by following the given steps.

  1. Unplug your TV from the Power Source.
  2. Press the “power” button for one minute.
  3. Then, release it.
  4. Now, check your remote if it’s working or not.

How to clean your TV sensor?

If your sensor is full of dirt, then the device won’t be able to catch the signal from other devices. It’s necessary to clean the sensor of the TV once in two weeks. Clean the sensor and then try to connect it to the remote.

Let’s take a look at this video for a better understanding;

7. Contact your manufacturer of the remote.

If none of the techniques helps resolve the problem, it might be a technical issue. If there is a technical issue, it must be handled by a technician or a professional.

It’s better to send it to the manufacturer and ask him to repair it for you. Suppose the device stops working before its warranty date, then its manufacturing default. You can’t fix it.

The manufacturer will fix it for you. There may be an issue with the internal wiring or other technical issues. Only a professional can solve the problem.

8. Buy a new remote

When there is no solution to repair your old Insignia Fire TV remote, then you’ll have to buy a new remote to use. When your remote is useless due to the breakage of internal components, you must purchase a new remote.

Some damages leave little chance for the repair of the remote. For instance, when you expose the device to water or heat, there is little chance of repairing it.

You can buy a new remote from Amazon at a low price.


Can I control other devices, such as my soundbar, with the Insignia Fire TV remote?

Yes, the Insignia Fire TV remote can be programmed to control other compatible devices, such as soundbars or audio receivers. Check the user manual or settings menu of your TV for instructions on how to set up and program additional devices.

What are the dedicated shortcut buttons on the Insignia Fire TV remote for?

The dedicated shortcut buttons on the Insignia Fire TV remote provide quick access to popular apps and features, such as Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Is there a backlight feature on the Insignia Fire TV remote?

Some models of the Insignia Fire TV remote have a backlight feature, allowing you to see the buttons in low-light conditions easily. Check the specifications or user manual of your specific remote model to determine if it has a backlight feature.


  • By following the recommended tips, such as checking batteries, ensuring proper pairing, and performing a factory reset if necessary, you can often resolve remote-related issues and regain control over your entertainment.
  • Remember to explore the user manual and manufacturer’s resources for further assistance and troubleshooting options specific to your Insignia Fire TV remote model. With a little patience and troubleshooting know-how, you can optimize the performance of your Insignia Fire TV remote and continue enjoying seamless navigation, convenient controls, and immersive entertainment.
  • Don’t let remote issues hinder your TV experience—empower yourself with the knowledge and solutions to overcome them, and rediscover the joy of hassle-free TV viewing with your Insignia TV and its accompanying Fire TV remote.

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