I’ve been experimenting with a number of Smart Bulbs over the past year, including the IKEA TRÅDFRI 1000 lumens. I’ve had been looking for ways to light up my entryway from the garage, and the garage for my Garage Automation Experiment, you’ve been reading about. I had a few questions surrounding these TRÅDFRI Smart Bulbs since they are Zigbee bulbs and whether I needed anything else to run them. I hope to answer some of your questions in this review.

  1. Do you need an IKEA Button Controller to control the IKEA Tradfri Bulbs? You can read about that here: https://automatelife.net/do-you-need-the-ikea-button-controller-to-use-ikea-smart-bulbs/
  2. Do you need an IKEA Gateway to manage the IKEA TRÅDRFI Smart Bulbs? You can read the answer here: https://automatelife.net/do-ikea-smart-bulbs-need-a-hub/

The IKEA TRÅDFRI 1000 lm Zigbee Smart Bulb

The IKEA TRÅDFRI LED 1000 lm light bulb is a dimmable (White light only) LED Smart Bulb that can tune the temperature of the lights from 2200 Kelvin (warm glow) to 4000 Kelvin (cool white). The TRÅDFRI LED 1000 lm uses 11W (0.5W Standby). As the specifications stated, the bulbs are 1000 lm which is IKEA’s brightest smart bulb on the market. IKEA says the LED 1000lm bulb can last approx. 25,000 hrs. The Bulb is rated for -20°C (0°F) to 40°C (100°F).

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What does the IKEA TRÅDFRI LED 1000 lm Smart Bulb do?

Well, if you have the IKEA Gateway and Ikea Home Smart App, you will be able to program the lights. But do you need these?

Ok, if you got your answer, and you still have the IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway and IKEA Smart App, then you’ll find that you can add some scenes/routines (Rise and Shine, Away from Home, Light/Dark) for your morning and when you’re away from home. Of course, you can also change the light temperature from 2200K (warm glow) to 4000K (Cool White). You can also change the brightness with your app.

However, if you don’t have the IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway or the IKEA Smart App (like me), you can connect the lights to another Zigbee Hub like a Philips Hue Hub or Hubitat Elevation Hub and find ways to manage your IKEA TRADFRI LED 1000 lm light with many more options, including the ones above. IKEA says that you cannot use another Zigbee Hub or Gateway system… YES, you can. Check it out in our articles:

Once you’re connected to a Gateway/HUB, you can then integrate them into Google Home, Alexa, Samsung SmartThings or IFTTT.

What do I like about the IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee 1000 lm Smart Bulb?

  • Having another easy to access Zigbee Bulb on the market: I think it’s great that you can just pick these off the shelves at your IKEA. I think there is a misconception that you have to order your Smart Bulbs online. Nah – go get one.
  • Design: I think IKEA did a good thing to make sure the TRÅDFRI Zigbee 1000 lm bulb could fit in any E26 socket and is quite sturdy.
  • Function: If you have another Zigbee Gateway/Hub, you can program these lights to do pretty much anything a Smart Bulb can do.

What do I not like about the IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee 1000 lm Smart Bulb?

  • Price: I think the price of $16 USD ($18 CAD) is a little high for a well- accessed bulb. I would like to see the bulb at the $14 USD ($15 CAD) for the functions that you can get with other Zigbee Smart Bulbs on the market.
  • Function: The IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway and Smart App only provide a few timer functions. Really!? Let these Bulbs sing IKEA. So, I didn’t get the IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway to operate these bulbs. I have my Hubitat. I can program these bulbs to do whatever.
  • Illumination: I like these bulbs… but I wish these bulbs could get more temperature for those places in the house that need the really cool white light (6000K), like my garage.

What do I think about the TRÅDFRI LED 1000 lm Smart Bulb?

I think the TRÅDFRI LED 1000 lm Smart Bulb is a good bulb. When you take the TRÅDFRI Smart Bulb out of the box, you know you’re getting a well designed, tested Smart Device for your home. I wish the bulbs had a larger temperature (6000K) for a 1000lm Bulb. However, they are nice bulbs and output good lighting for any space. For the price of $16, I would suggest getting these bulbs if you need white light for your space. So, if you need Zigbee Bulbs and don’t want to wait a number of days to order them online, go pick one up from your local IKEA.

IKEA is going to tell you that you need to pick up an IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway/Hub and TRÅDFRI Button Controller for an extra $50-60. If you don’t have one, maybe think about whether you want to stay within the IKEA ecosystem. However, I would recommend that you pick up another Hub so you can include other smart devices in your Smart Home, like Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Hubitat Elevation, or AduroSmart Eria.

Thanks for Reading. I hope that you can enjoy using the IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee Bulbs in your own home.