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Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi Table Lamp and Bookshelf Speaker (Getting to Know)

Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi Table Lamp and Bookshelf Speaker (Getting to Know)

The Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi table lamp and bookshelf speaker is a smart speaker and table lamp that promises great performance. Ikea partnered with Sonos to develop such a high-quality speaker at an affordable price.

I was taking my kids to Ikea to eat some meatballs and fish and chips. They love it. Ok, I was going to eat at Ikea and I decided to take the kids along: It was fun: Both statements are true.

As we were walking to the Ikea Cafeteria, we noticed a huge display set up of round black and white objects that looked like lamps.

The bases of these were cylindrical and there was a lamp sticking out at the top of each base. On the wall, there were bookshelves and other rectangular devices hanging; some horizontally, and some vertically.

We were drawn in by the music in the display area. These devices were the new Ikea SYMFONISK series of WiFi-enabled speakers and lights, and they were loud and powerful.

Keep reading for nitty-gritty details!

SYMFONISK – Table Lamp and Bookshelf WiFi Speaker Features

There are two types of Ikea SYMFONISK speakers – the table lamp and the bookshelf WiFi speaker.

We’ll talk about the SYMFONISK Table Lamp since most of its features are in the bookshelf version too.

The SYMFONISK Table lamp is well put together. The glass shade is made of hand-blown glass – each table lamp shade has its own unique pattern. The main speaker area is made of woven ABS plastic, and it has a nice silicon rubber stopper in the base to keep it from moving.

Also, there is a 3-button control on the base for volume up, volume down, and play/pause control. The SYMFONISK Table Lamp also has an aluminum knob for light control. The light does not seem to appear automated. I would guess that automatic light control might come via the TRADFRI Smart lighting system.

SYMFONISK is WiFi only.

WiFi only, no Bluetooth. Ikea believes WiFi is the best solution, so you’re not interrupted when your phone rings. Ikea might be right about that way of thinking. However, I think with the power of casting music, most personal devices may have a way to avoid being interrupted by phone calls.

SYMFONISK – Need the Sonos App

The music on the SYMFONISK can only be controlled automatically by the Sonos App or Airplay 2 (iOS 11.4 or greater).

The SYMFONISK cannot be controlled directly by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Samsung SmartThings at the moment.

You’ll need a Sonos account. Download the Sonos App and find the speaker in your WiFi network. The connection should take less than a minute once you get the Sonos App running.

SYMFONISK can play Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Jio Saavn, and Tune-In Radio via Sonos App.

Sonos gives you the ability to stream via Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Jio Saavn, as long as you sync them within your Sonos account.

So, if you have these subscriptions, you’re in luck. You just need Sonos to get you there.

SYMFONISK – Stereo Sound

You can add multiple SYMFONISK speakers to your room as left and right speakers. This will simulate stereo sound. With the Sonos app, you can pair any group of speakers to make the stereo happen!

SYMFONISK – Trueplay tuning

The SYMFONISK can be tuned to the size of the room to provide a full sound.

In the Sonos App, you go to Room Settings, then select your room, then Trueplay Tuning. You will need your phone (Ikea only shows the Apple iPhone) microphone to use it as a sound measurement tool. The phone will emit a pulse for you to test the quadrants of your desired room.

Once the room is tuned, the speaker should provide the best sound possible for that room. Interesting way to tune your room. If you move the speaker, you’ll have to redo the tuning routine.

SYMFONISK – Connect TV and Home Theatre

This is not a direct feature of the IKEA SYMFONISK. If you’re interested in connecting your SYMFONISK to a TV or Home Theatre, you should go here: Connecting IKEA SYMFONISK to TV or Home Theatre FAQ

SYMFONISK Table Lamp and Bookshelf Speaker Specifications

The Ikea SYMFONISK is a collaboration between Ikea and Sonos. The speaker’s audio internals mimic or are very much the same as the Sonos Play 1.

WiFi Speaker
Audio SizeColors
Table Lamp
Two Class-D amplifiers
7W Bulb,
W: 9″ (21.6 cm)
H: 16″ (40.1 cm)
D: 9″ (21.6 cm)
Weight: 11.5 lbs
White, Black
Two Class-D amplifiers
W: 4″ (10 cm)
H: 12″ (31 cm)
D: 6″ (15 cm)
Weight: 6.7 lbs
White, Black
Speaker Specifications of Ikea SYMFONISK Table Lamp and Bookshelf

SYMFONISK – Accessories

The Ikea SYMFONISK will work with a number of other Ikea accessories to mount and control (not included):

  1. Speaker Hook – Ikea provides a speaker hook that can be mounted on Ikea rails like the KUNGSFOR or FINTORP. This is for the bookshelf speaker only. The speaker hooks sell for $10.
  2. Speaker Wall Bracket – The SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker can also be mounted using the SYMFONISK wall bracket. The bracket assembly comes with a silicone mat so you can use the speakers as a shelf. The wall brackets cost $20.
  3. Sound Remote – The sound remote will require a TRADFRI gateway and the Ikea Home Smart app. You can use it to control one or a group of speakers. The sound remote will cost $15. The TRADFRI gateway is $40.
  4. TRADFRI Remote – Ikea’s TRADFRI gateway can be used to control an Ikea smart bulb if you choose to use this in the SYMFONISK table lamp. The TRADFRI remote can also be paired with Samsung SmartThings. The TRADFRI remote costs $16; the TRADFRI gateway costs $35.
  5. E12 max, 7W bulb – Of course, if you want to have a table lamp, you will need a bulb. Ikea sells their TRADFRI smart bulb – E12 7 Watt bulb, for $12 (Ikea Family Price).

If you’re in the market for other smart speakers, check out the video below!

Top 5 Smart Speakers!

The Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi Speaker

The Ikea SYMFONISK is a pretty well-designed speaker. For $179 you can have a table lamp included in your speaker.

It sounds like Ikea would like to replace your current, old table lamps and give you the opportunity to add some nice sound. Maybe a good gift for the parents this Christmas?

The SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker can also be a welcome addition for the student or for people with rooms that need Ikea’s space-saving innovation; it will cost you $99.

The solid build and nice sound quality come from a well-known sound company named Sonos. Even though the speaker is a WiFi-only speaker, it does provide enough fit to meet the function of any room.

You may need a TRADFRI gateway hub to ensure the lights can function automatically too, however, if you’re already in the home automation state of mind, you may enjoy Ikea’s Home Automation integration.

You should take the opportunity to head down to Ikea and take listen. You may be surprised at the sound quality of the SYMFONISK.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, you can also find the ENEBY at Ikea, spitting out 42W of power. The 12″ x 12″ ENEBY sells for $89. Also another good sound option from Ikea.


The Ikea SYMFONISK wiFi speaker and table lamp are worth it. It can be used as a table lamp and a speaker at the same time. Definitely worth having!

Make sure to install the Sonos App to get this thing running. And check out all the features to maximize the sound experience.

Let us know what you think!