Go Beyond IFTTT and Create Advanced Applets with IFTTT Pro

IFTTT Pro subscription-based service has been added to IFTTT. If This Then That has been used to create Applets to help improve your daily routine. However, the IFTTT Pro subscription will allow its users to create multi-step Applets for more conditions or queries before triggering devices or creating multiple actions.

IFTTT Pro price will be $9.99 per month. IFTTT Pro subscribers will be able to create unlimited Applets, whereas the regular free-plan will allow only 3 Applets. For the time being, IFTTT Pro will allow you to set your monthly payment price for the first year of IFTTT Pro.

Upgrade to IFTTT Pro Here: https://ifttt.com/subscriptions/pro

IFTTT Pro Features

Multi-Step Applets

IFTTT Pro subscribers will be able to create Multi-Step Applets. With IFTTT Pro, you will be able to create a number of steps. So, instead of IF THIS, THEN THAT, it will be IF THIS, THEN THAT, and THEN THAT, and then THAT. Or then, query another service to get more information and create another step in your Applet.

Queries and Conditional Logic

For example, you can now query your Google Calendar, or a weather app or check your Social Media before turning on the lights, changing the temperature in the house and turning on your music. With IFTTT Regular you could only use one query or condition per Applet.

Multiple Actions

IFTTT Pro will allow multiple actions with the combination of adding multi-step Applets. Think of all the things you want to happen when you get home. You can now create an IFTTT Applet that will turn on devices, check to see if devices are on, and activate other IFTTT Applets if those conditions exist.

Faster Applet Execution

IFTTT Pro has solved the latency issue when attempting to create immediate triggers. The IFTTT Pro plan will have low latency, compared to the regular service – so now, you can turn on your lights faster!

Unlimited Applet Creation

IFTTT Pro subscribers will be able to automate to their hearts content. IFTTT Pro will allow you to create as many Applets as you want. Create your own AI if you want :).


IFTTT Pro will get exclusive support to help create their Applets.

IFTTT Pro Subscription

If you are paying for subscriptions on other services that have integrated themselves with IFTTT, then you might as well continue to use IFTTT to make those routines or shortcuts occur instead of paying for that service. However, if you’re also in the market to create significant routines that can pretty much do everything you need without you having to give input, you might look at IFTTT Pro as an essential part of your smart home automation. The IFTTT Pro subscription service will give you an unlimited number of Applets at low latency (faster execution times). Sounds like IFTTT has just found their new business model.

Upgrade to IFTTT Pro Here: https://ifttt.com/subscriptions/pro

Image Source: IFTTT