I Love How Much Information I get from My Echo Show 5

I plugged in an Echo Show 5 in my office. The Echo Show 5 is sitting between my monitors, and its been updating me on news and events as they happen around the world. You see, I’m an information guy. I like getting as much information as possible to learn and make decisions. So when, there is something I can look at or read, or have something being read to me, I absorb. Maybe this is the way it is for you. It’s nice having a smart display that can be easily accessed and can provide the information you’re looking for.

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My Kids have Welcomed the Echo Show 5 into the Home

It’s been interesting to have Alexa in the home with the Echo Show 5. My kids have now fixated on the Echo Show 5. I started using the Echo Show 5 to read Disney Stories in the last few weeks. It’s been a good way to keep them engaged.

I have also asked Alexa to tell some jokes. You know, in order to tell a joke, it helps to have a display that shows the text of the joke as its being spoken. It just helps engage and encourage comprehension of what is being said.

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Getting Good News and Information from Echo Show 5

So, as I said, I focus on what information Alexa can give me. Right now, the Echo Show Display is rolling through news highlights and weather, reminding me about watering the plants. The Echo Show 5 is providing a ton of value in the short time that it’s been here. It’s not just about asking a question to the Echo Show 5. It’s about how the information is displayed on the screen that complements Alexa’s response. You will be able to see what Alexa is talking about on the screen. It is very intuitive. For example, you ask: Alexa, what time is it in Malaysia? You will get a display of the timezone on the world map, and Alexa will explain the different timezones at the same time.

I think you might find that the Echo Show 5 could really provide a ton of relevant information. It would be worth your while to find a place in your home for the Echo Show 5. The regular price for the Echo Show 5 is $89.99 USD, $99.99 CDN, £79.99. Might be on sale!?

Echo Show 5 reading me the news