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What You Should Know About the Samsung TV Remote App (Detailed)

What You Should Know About the Samsung TV Remote App (Detailed)

Download SmartThings and use it to control your Samsung TV and other smart home devices. That said, there is no need to worry if you somehow lost your Samsung TV remote or it broke.

I must say the evolution of Samsung televisions is quite impressive – from the bulky TV sitting in your living room up to the thin TV hung up nicely on your wall.

And now, you can even control your Samsung TV on your phone using the SmartThings app. Indeed, an evolution!

In this article, let’s look at the SmartThings app and find out how to use it to control your Samsung TV. I’m pretty sure you’ll come to like smart things even more by the end of this article.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Can I use my phone as a remote for my Samsung TV?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote for your Samsung TV.

First off, you must download SmartThings and make sure to add your TV as a device.

Here’s how to use your phone as a Samsung TV remote…

On your phone, open the SmartThings app and select Menu. Select your TV by tapping All Devices. The app will display an on-screen remote. Depending on the TV, the remote will have a different set of options.

You can control the volume and channels as you would with a normal TV remote control. Navigate through the Settings menu or apps using the arrows or gray box at the bottom. To make a selection, tap anywhere in the box.

Is there a free Samsung TV remote app?

Yes, there is a free Samsung TV remote app.

With SmartThings by Samsung, you can use your phone to control your Samsung TV. The app can be downloaded for free on Playstore.

Find out more about SmartThings in the video below!

All About SmartThings by Samsung!

Other Solutions for Lost Samsung TV Remote

Aside from using SmartThings to control your Samsung TV when you lost your remote, there are other solutions for you such as purchasing a universal remote.

You can use most universal remotes with your Samsung TV, such as those found on Amazon or even the one that came with your cable or satellite box. Before you purchase a universal remote, make sure it is compatible with Samsung.

You can purchase an inexpensive alternative to the remote that came with your Samsung TV.

You should know that remote controls are not available on; instead, they can be found on

Several remote models are available (all with slight variations), but you can find the exact remote that came with your TV by searching for your model number and scrolling through the list.

The price of remotes varies for different models. However, IR remotes work with Samsung TVs. Basically, you can use any IR remote you want, even if it’s not listed as compatible with your model.

I recommend BN59-01301A as a replacement remote. sells this model for around $15 and it offers basic functionality if that is all you need.

What is the best free Samsung TV remote app?

These are some of the best free remote apps that are compatible with Samsung TV:

  • Roku
  • Android TV Remote Control
  • Amazon FIRE TV Remote
  • Universal Remote for RCA
  • Universal Remote TV Smart
  • TV Remote Control for Samsung

Does Samsung have a universal remote app?

If you’re looking for another option for a universal remote app that is compatible with your Samsung TV, ControlMeister is worth checking.

Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with ControlMeister universal remote. Navigation, volume, menus, apps, and channels can be easily controlled with this universal remote app. Best of all, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store!

The app was developed by MeisterApps, a company with a successful portfolio of iOS devices and TV apps.

This Samsung TV remote is a perfect replacement for Samsung TV remotes. 

In Summary

In conclusion, use SmartThings as your Samsung TV remote. It functions like a normal TV remote and is more convenient to use as you can have the app installed on your phone.

Read this article if you want to know how to reset your Samsung remote.

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