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How to Sync Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button (3 Working Methods!)

How to Sync Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button (3 Working Methods!)

Roku is a well-known brand in the world of streaming devices. You must have seen it on eBay, Best Buy, or Amazon. The idea behind Roku was to create a device to allow people to stream Netflix on their TVs. However, it was later decided to drop the project and Netflix spun off Roku as its own company.

According to SEC S-1, As of June 30, 2017, Roku had 15.1 million active accounts. Roku users streamed more than 6.7 billion hours on the Roku platform in six months, a 62% growth in six months.

After seeing these stats, you decided to buy a Roku device and can’t wait to use it. The problem, however, is that your Roku remote either lacks a pairing button or may not even have one. Now that there isn’t a pairing button, you’re wondering how to sync a Roku remote.

In addition to the pairing button, there are other ways to pair a Roku remote with your TV. You can link your Roku remote to your smartphone or manually connect to your Roku device by pressing the remote’s buttons on your TV.

Before we get into further detail, let’s look at a brief overview of Roku.

Established InOctober 2002
FounderAnthony Wood
Headquarters San Jose, California, United States
Product lineRoku, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Streambar 9102R, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku SoundBridge
Current Economic Situation As of June 2022, Roku made 764.41M in revenue, which leads to an increase of 18.49% from last year.
An Overview Of Roku

Now that we have given a brief look into Roku, let’s look at what the pairing button on a Roku remote does.

Smart TV Remote
Smart TV Remote

How can you link your device to a Roku Remote?

Use the pairing button on your Roku remote to pair your device with the remote. This enables you to remotely control it.

One little circle with two intersecting lines makes up the pairing button icon. You’ll be asked to pair a Roku device and TV if you press this button while they are not already linked.

The pairing button must be pressed until the remote’s top light appears if you wish to sync your devices.

Syncing Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

Sync Roku Remote With “Pair Remote” Option

Your TV must include physical buttons to help you navigate the Settings menu for this method to work. To pair your Roku remote using this method, follow the following procedures:

  1. On your Roku, access the Home screen.
  2. Select the Remotes option located on the left panel by going to Settings.
  3. Select Pair Remote from the menu.
  4. When you select the Pair Remote option, your device will immediately sync.

There might be a problem if your remote doesn’t automatically pair. If so, you should attempt to reset your Roku or troubleshoot the remote.

Sync the Remote Using a Smartphone

Don’t be upset if the pairing button isn’t visible anywhere else in your Roku app. To control your Roku from any device, use the official Roku app. The app functions brilliantly and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Use your smartphone to sync your Roku remote by following these instructions.

  1. Download the free Roku app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Now open the Roku app and log in using the same credentials you used to access your Roku device.
  3. The Remote option will appear on your screen after you check-in. Touch it.
  4. Use the on-screen arrows to get to Settings on your Roku now.
  5. Now, you simply have to navigate the Remotes and Devices option on your TV.
  6. Choose the option to Pair New Device.
  7. The Roku device will start looking for new remote controls in the area.
  8. Keep your unpaired Roku remote close by so that it may be quickly found and matched.
  9. You no longer need to press the pairing button to use the Roku remote with your device once it has been paired.

Your Roku device’s compatible remotes will be detected automatically. If your remote is operating correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Use A Standard IR Remote Control

If the controller for your Roku device lacks a pairing toggle, it just indicates that it is an IR remote. It will function without one.

Only some Roku products, such as Roku TVs that use an infrared sensor as control, will accept the Simple IR remote.

  1. Turn on your Roku device by connecting it to a TV.
  2. Choose the appropriate TV input source for your Roku player.
  3. Insert batteries into the IR remote control
  4. Point the remote at your Roku device. Press any button.
  5. Wait a short while for the synchronization procedure to be finished.
  6. Your new remote is now operational.

Your new remote is now working. The steps are almost the same when using an enhanced remote, except you will hit the pairing button in the battery compartment.

Close Up Shot of a TV remote
Close Up Shot of a TV remote.

Are Pairing Buttons Available on All Roku Remotes?

No, not every Roku remote control features a pairing button. There are two different styles of remotes for Roku players.

  • The enhanced remote
  • The infrared (IR)

The Roku enhanced remote is a Smart Roku remote control that connects with your device over a wireless network. It needs to be connected to a particular device to function. The battery compartment’s pairing button is used for this.

On the contrary, Roku’s IR remote uses infrared rays to control your device. It can be used if a gadget has an IR sensor. The IR remote has no pairing button.

And to know about how you can pair a Roku remote to your TV, I suggest watching this video:

A guide explaining how to pair your Roku remote to your TV

Where is the Pairing Button on My Roku Remote?

If your Roku voice remote has standard batteries and a microphone pinhole located below the power button, you can find the pairing button below the battery cover beside the status light. If you have an older model, you may find the status light at the front.

If you still can’t find the pairing button, chances are you may be having trouble pairing. Don’t worry, read on for the guide to pairing without a button.

How to Fix a Non-Pairing Roku Remote?

Have you recently had trouble getting your Roku remote to pair?  If your Roku remote isn’t pairing, attempt the troubleshooting steps below before giving up:

  • Incorrect battery placement or faulty batteries
  • Roku player and remote control obstruction (for IR remotes)
  • Minor issues with the remote control or Roku player

Replace The Batteries

It’s relatively easy to fix a Roku remote that won’t pair. Installing new batteries is the first step in making sure your batteries are functional. It would be beneficial if you also ensured the batteries were inserted correctly into the battery compartment.

Check For Obstructions

If the batteries are good but still not pairing, the next step is to look for obstructions. Retry pairing, if nothing tangible is in the way of the remote and the player.

Restart Roku Device

To reset your remote control and Roku device, unplug them from their power sources and the TV. Re-plug your Roku device after 30 seconds, then watch the Home Screen appear. Put the batteries in your remote once the Home Screen has appeared.

White TV Remote
White TV Remote

How Do I Hard Reset My Roku?

If after following the instructions for resetting your device, your Roku is still not pairing, you can do a hard reset — otherwise known as a factory reset.

To do this, press the ‘home’ button. Browse the scroll down menu and select ‘settings’ then ‘advanced system settings’. Click ‘factory reset’. A screen will pop-up with instructions and then the reset should start in a few moments.

Should You Buy A New Roku Remote?

It’s likely that your Roku remote frequently fails to sync with the TV or can no longer do so. Therefore, it’s time for you to replace your Roku remote if it keeps disconnecting, performs inconsistently, or the pairing button is broken.

Due to rough usage, the Roku control becomes damaged. The cost of a new, improved Roku remote won’t exceed $25. You should purchase a new remote if you don’t mind spending $25 on it.

Roku remotes can be accessed using smartphones. Connecting your Roku device and downloading the app on your phone takes a few seconds! Using this technique, you won’t ever have to look for your “remote” again because you’ll always have it with you!

HULU streaming service
HULU streaming service

Are Streaming Devices Worth Buying?

Yes, in my opinion, streaming devices manufactured by well-known companies like Roku, Apple, Amazon, and Google are definitely worth buying. They’re generally, sticks or small boxes, when connected to your TV through an HDMI cable, turn your TV into a streaming hub.

In fact, smart TVs are capable of downloading streaming apps, but the external streaming devices have simpler remotes and are more updated than your usual in-built operating system.

But don’t just take my word for it. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction carried out a study that evaluates usability aspects for four Video Streaming Devices including Apple TV, Vizio Co-Star Google TV, Hisense Pulse Google TV, and Roku

Frequently Asked Questions

If My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have a Pairing Button, How Can I Reset It?

You can reset your Roku remote without a pairing button by turning it off and removing it from the power supply. Remove the batteries from your remote control and give it a 30-second wait. After restarting your device, use the remote once the Home Screen appears.

Can I Connect to a Roku Device Without a Remote or WIFI?

With the Roku Remote app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can connect to any Roku device and control it.

What Should I Do if My Roku Remote Is Lost?

You don’t need to be worried if you have misplaced your Roku remote. Simply pull out your smartphone, go to the specific app store, and download the mobile-only Roku app.

Thanks to this feature, you may quickly pair a remote with a pairing button and use your smartphone as a Roku remote.

What Features and Capabilities do the Roku Streaming Devices Have?

Roku has several products that have been in the market for a while now. From Remote sticks to TVs Roku has been in the tech game for a while now. The Roku streaming services pack a bunch of features that are just too good to miss out on.


  • I hope that this tutorial has made it clear to you how to pair a Roku remote without using a pairing button. Linking your remote without the button is different, so keep that in mind.
  • In addition, an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection could be the root of the connection and performance problems if you don’t think your remote has a hardware problem. This is because upgraded Roku remotes communicate with the device via Wi-Fi.
  • Your process gets considerably simpler if your Roku remote has a “Pairing Button,” as you won’t need to exert much effort to sync your remote. 
  • Instead of utilizing the pairing button, we’ve made it easier for you to sync the remote, and we hope you were able to connect the Roku remote with your device using one of the suggestions so far.

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