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How to Stop YouTube from Pausing (Problem Solved!)

How to Stop YouTube from Pausing (Problem Solved!)

Every day, billions of videos are viewed on YouTube. After all, it’s the world’s most popular video streaming site, and it works remarkably well for the most part.

Of course, like with every website, there are occasional issues. One of these issues is the random or undesired pausing of videos on YouTube.

Downloading AutoTube or YouTube Auto Pause Blocker is the best technique to prevent YouTube from stopping.

YouTube includes an Auto-Pause function that detects inactivity and stops your video if you’re inactive for an extended period of time. These browser add-ons stop it from doing so by making you seem to be active on the website.

If your YouTube video has been paused unexpectedly, there are a few possible possibilities. Continue reading to find out what more you can do to prevent YouTube from halting!

Why Does YouTube Auto Pause Videos?

You can watch youtube on smart TVs as well.
You can now watch youtube on smart TVs

YouTube’s primary goal is to make money, which they achieve through selling advertisements. It’s far more difficult to sell advertisements if your site isn’t user-friendly.

That’s why YouTube works hard to provide features that make viewing “enjoyable.”

One of these features is “Auto Pause,” which pauses video playback if you’ve been idle for some time while a video is playing.

This is a useful function if you become sidetracked or need to leave a crucial video. However, it’s quite annoying while listening to music or ambient noises.

There’s no specified time limit for activating auto-pause. Instead, YouTube activates this function when it detects that you haven’t interacted with your screen in a long time, usually after 45 minutes.

It’s quite similar to Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” feature, and it’s just as aggravating when you’re in the midst of a lengthy YouTube-watching session!

What Is Youtube’s “Take a Break Reminder”?

YouTube Logo
Youtube has grown so much in popularity that its logo is easily recognizable by anyone

The YouTube app features a function called “Take a Break Reminder” that does exactly what its name suggests. It reminds you to move away from your screen for a bit to help individuals concentrate on their job and prevent excessive video viewing.

This function is included in newer versions of the YouTube mobile app and is an excellent method to stay focused and prevent hazardous bingeing.

This feature may be enabled by default, someone may have enabled it without your knowledge, or you may have forgotten that you were the one who enabled it.

In any event, this function operates in the same manner as Auto Pause. YouTube will pause playing after a specific length of time.

Other Possible Causes of YouTube Pausing Browser Issues

It’s unusual, but it does happen from time to time. If your web browser has a very full cache, a lot of tabs open, or is malfunctioning, you can have trouble watching YouTube.

If this is the case, you should take the following steps:

  • Clear the cache in your browser.
  • Close and reopen your web browser.
  • Examine your browser for updates.

Problems with the Internet

And how can we forget buffering? A sluggish internet connection might cause the typical “spinning wheel” buffering.

When your YouTube video is buffering, it may just pause so that more and more of the movie may be loaded before it restarts.

If your internet connection is sluggish, your YouTube videos will start and often stop, particularly if you’re viewing in Full HD or 4K!

How to Disable YouTube Auto-Pause

Regrettably, there’s no easy solution to stop YouTube from stopping. There are no options you can change on YouTube’s desktop version to disable Auto Pause.

If you want YouTube to play indefinitely, you’ll need to think beyond the box!

Install a Browser Plug-In

There are several browser extensions that operate in the background and prevent YouTube from halting automatically.

YouTube Auto Pause Blocker and AutoTube are two of the most well-known browser extensions. Both are secure and efficient add-ons that will keep YouTube playing indefinitely.

YouTube pause prevention browser extension

These browser extensions function in a straightforward manner. They prevent YouTube from stopping your movies by making you seem to be engaged on the website.

The add-on essentially imitates mouse movement so that YouTube never believes you’re idle.

If you’re bored of YouTube pauses on your computer, use one of these extensions and stream away!

Examine Your Internet Connection

If your WiFi goes down, so does your ability to stream video. YouTube will be extremely inconsistent if you have a poor signal.

Here are some basic things you may do to boost your internet speed:

  • Reset your wireless router.
  • To connect to the internet without a wireless signal, use an ethernet cord.
  • Bring your router nearer to your PC.
  • If you’re using your phone, turn off WiFi and switch to LTE/5G. (or vice versa)
  • Reduce the quality of YouTube playback

If you can’t get your films to play or load fast, you may have to forego watching at full HD or 4K quality.

Reduced playing quality to 720P will be hardly apparent on most devices, and it will significantly shorten loading times.

Accepting that your connection just cannot handle a speedy download of high-quality YouTube material is sometimes your only choice.

A pile of 3D Play Button Logos
A pile of 3D Play Button Logos

How to Get YouTube to Stop Pausing on Mobile?

The “Take a Break Reminder” function in the YouTube App is turned off by default.

However, if your YouTube account indicates that you are under the age of 18, this function will be activated automatically.

So, if you’re using YouTube with an account for someone under the age of 18, you’ll need to go to your settings and turn it off.

Alternatively, even if you’re using an account for a person above the age of 18, your Take a Break function may be triggered without your knowledge or recall.

Disabling the Take a Break Reminder is simple in any instance.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  3. Choose “General.”
  4. Turn the switch next to “Remind me to take a break” to “Off.” Turn off “Remind me to take a break” on YouTube.

Is It Possible to Disable YouTube Auto Pause?

Unfortunately, there’s no method to stop YouTube Auto Pause directly.

If you’re using a desktop computer, you may deactivate the functionality by installing a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox extension.

However, whether you’re using a mobile device, a game console, or your television, you’ll be at the mercy of the pause option.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

How to watch YouTube Non-Stop

How To Fix YouTube Video If It’s Not Playing?

SolutionBrief Explanation
Wait 30 minutes before attempting again. Due to excessive traffic, YouTube videos may not always load properly. After 30 minutes, the problem may have resolved itself.
Update your web browser. Make sure you’re using the most recent version to improve your browser’s speed.
Update Adobe Flash Player. YouTube videos require the latest Adobe Flash Player.
Solutions to the problem


Why is my YouTube automatically pausing?

Answer: YouTube auto-pauses often on Android, and you can repair it by doing the following: increasing your network bandwidth, clearing cache and cookies, cleaning the headphone port or replacing the headphones, updating the YouTube app, and turning off the feature that reminds you to take a break.

Why is my video always buffering?

Answer: There are several reasons why you may experience significant buffering when viewing a video. However, the most common reason for buffering is a lack of internet connection. The content can’t download quickly enough to keep up with playing, so it experiences buffering.

Why does my YouTube video pause after a few seconds?

Answer: Perhaps you need to remove Cache Files. The YouTube app stores previously watched videos as cache files. When the program collects too much cache, it might slow it down or cause difficulties like this one. As a result, you might attempt clearing the cache data to resolve the problem.

Why does YouTube stop and ask whether you want to keep watching?

Answer: If a movie in the background is stopped, you’re probably doing something else and won’t be able to restart it right immediately. It’s clear that YouTube would adopt this function, given unwatched videos result in increased visitors and little ad money.


  • It’s true that getting YouTube to prevent stopping videos may be challenging due to the wide variety of factors that might be to blame, but it’s certainly not an impossible task. A simple adjustment to the settings is often all that’s required.
  • The Auto Pause function detects inactivity on your screen and attempts to prevent you from missing anything.
  • Your mobile app’s “Remind me to take a break” function is enabled, causing a YouTube video to pause automatically.
  • Another reason for YouTube videos pausing automatically would be when you’re experiencing WiFi problems or another kind of technical trouble.
  • You may configure the “Take a pause” function in the YouTube App to trigger after 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes of streaming.

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