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Easy Ways to Stop ADT Alarm from Beeping

Easy Ways to Stop ADT Alarm from Beeping

A beeping noise can be quite annoying if it is frequent, loud, or disruptive. Beeping noises can be particularly frustrating if they occur during the night, as they can interfere with sleep and rest. Additionally, if the source of the beeping noise is unknown or difficult to locate, it can cause additional stress and frustration.

Some common sources of beeping noises in a house include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, appliances with low battery alerts, and in some cases, your ADT system.

If you are experiencing a beeping noise in your ADT and it is causing annoyance or discomfort, it is important to try to locate the source of the noise and address it as soon as possible to reduce the annoyance and prevent any potential safety issues.

The first thing to do is to check the alarm panel for any error messages or alerts. The panel will display a message indicating the source of the beeping noise. For instance, if the beeping is due to low battery, it will be indicated on the panel. In this case, you can replace the battery to stop the beeping.

Tools you’ll need to replace the battery are:

  • Gloves for safety
  • Small container to store the screws so nothing gets misplaced
  • A flathead screwdriver depends on your system but flatheads should work fine
  • SLA battery specification spending on your system

Here’s how you replace batteries in your ADT alarm system

  • Disalarm your system by entering your security code
  • Depending on where the control panel of the alarm system is located, find it and unscrew the control panel cover.
  • While wearing the gloves locate the batteries.
  • Once done, carefully disconnect wires/terminals from the batteries while keeping note of which was attached where.
  • Now lift the old batteries out gently.
  • Insert the new batteries reconnecting the wires/terminals like how they were attached with the old batteries.
  • Now screw the control panel cover back and rearm the system to test that the system is working correctly.

But if the battery isn’t the issue and the beeping still doesn’t stop, luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! Read more to find out all the necessary steps!

Combinations to mute your alarmAn explanation
Disarm. Enter your security code. Disarm again and enter the code.ADT Command All-In-One – From the menu, select Disarm. Please enter your security code now. Then, choose Disarm again and enter the code.
Enter the security code and press OFFEnter the security code and press OFF on the ADT Command Hybrid/216 control panel.
ADT Ademco Lynx door lock security code. Then press OFF. The beeping should stop.Enter the security code for your ADT Ademco Lynx door lock. Press then the OFF button. This should eliminate the beeping sound.
Different combinations that can mute the continuous beeping sound of your security alarm

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What’s the Reason Your ADT Alarm Is Beeping?

A complete ADT alarm security system
A complete ADT alarm security system to prevent burglars from intruding into your house.

There are several reasons why your ADT alarm may be beeping, including:

  1. Low battery: If the battery in one of the components of your ADT alarm system is low, it will beep to alert you to the issue. This could include the control panel, sensors, or other devices.
  2. Communication failure: If there is a communication failure between the alarm system and ADT’s monitoring center, the alarm may beep to notify you of the problem. This could be due to issues with the phone line, internet connection, or other factors.
  3. Malfunctioning sensor: If a sensor in your alarm system is malfunctioning, it could trigger the alarm and cause it to beep. This could include a door or window sensor, motion sensor, or other device.
  4. False alarm: If there is a false alarm triggered by the alarm system, it may beep to alert you to the situation.
  5. Tampering: If someone attempts to tamper with your ADT alarm system, it may beep to alert you to the tampering.

It is important to address the cause of the beeping as soon as possible, as it may be an indication of a potential security issue or malfunctioning component. Contact ADT customer service for assistance in diagnosing and fixing the issue.

How to Stop Your ADT Alarm From Beeping?

If you have an ADT alarm system in your house, and it is beeping, there are several things you can try to stop the beeping:

  1. Enter the code: If the beeping is due to a false alarm or an accidental trigger, you can try entering the security code on the alarm panel to stop the beeping. The code should be the one you use to arm and disarm the alarm system.
  2. Press the * button: If the beeping is due to a trouble condition, such as a low battery or a communication failure, you can press the * button on the alarm panel to silence the beeping. This will temporarily stop the beeping, but it will not solve the underlying issue.
  3. Call ADT: If none of the above methods work, or if the beeping persists, you should contact ADT customer service for assistance. A technician can help diagnose and fix the issue and stop the beeping.

It is important to address the beeping noise from your ADT alarm system as soon as possible, as it can be a sign of a potential security issue or a malfunctioning component.

After You Stop The ADT Alarm From Beeping

Noting that the beeping has ceased doesn’t indicate that your problem has been handled is crucial. By turning off the beeping, the low-battery alert is simply muted. Depending on the source of your low battery, it may be necessary to make additional modifications to address the issue.

Depending on what is causing your ADT Alarm System to sound, there will be a variety of approaches to the low battery issue.

Why Is Your ADT Alarm’s Battery So Low?

A cell
A cell used to provide electricity to everyday appliances

The battery in your ADT alarm system may be low for several reasons, including:

  1. Age: Like all batteries, the battery in your ADT alarm system has a limited lifespan. Over time, it will lose its ability to hold a charge, which will cause the battery level to drop.
  2. Environmental factors: Extreme temperatures or high humidity can cause the battery in your alarm system to drain more quickly.
  3. Malfunctioning component: If a component in your ADT alarm system is malfunctioning, it may be causing the battery to drain more quickly than normal.
  4. High usage: If your alarm system is used frequently, it may cause the battery to drain more quickly than normal.

It is important to address the low battery issue as soon as possible to ensure that your alarm system is functioning properly and to prevent any potential security issues. You can replace the battery yourself if you are comfortable doing so, or you can contact ADT customer service for assistance.

Combinations You Can Use to Stop Various ADT Alarms

The # or OFF button should suffice to deactivate your ADT alarm system.

Depending on the model, however, various key combinations may be necessary for some instances.

Here’s a list of all key combinations that can be used to silence the beeping:

  • ADT Command All-In-One – From the menu, select Disarm. Please enter your security code now. Then, choose Disarm again and enter the code.
  • Enter the security code and push the OFF button on the ADT Command Hybrid/ 216 control panel.
  • To stop the beeping on your ADT Simon XT, select the STATUS option.
  • After pressing 1 on the keypad, enter the security code for ADT ITI Concord Express.
  • ADT BHS 3000/4000 – Double-click the CANCEL button.
  • Click * for ADT Concord 4, ADT DSC PC, and ADT DSC PC.
  • Enter the security code for your ADT Ademco Lynx door lock. Press then the OFF button. This should eliminate the beeping sound.

Charging The ADT Alarm Battery

If the battery in your ADT Alarm system has died, you may rapidly recharge it and replace it in the control panel.

Here are the charging instructions for your alarm battery:

  • To turn off the chirping alarm, press # or OFF on the keypad.
  • Remove the control panel from the back of the keypad using a screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the battery from the circuit board of the alarm.
  • Now, charge the battery. Return it to its original position in the panel once completed.
  • If the low battery alert persists, you should wait several hours because the alarm requires time to detect battery changes.

Check For Power Failures

Power outages may cause your ADT alarm to ring, which is very common.

If there is a power failure, the device will switch to the backup battery and emit a beep to alert the user.

There are numerous causes for power outages, including voltage fluctuations, AC power disconnection, and power outages.

Some of them can have a significant impact on your ADT system and, on rare occasions, cause damage to electrical components.

Examine Your Phone Line

Typically, the ADT security alarm is linked to your phone line, allowing it to transmit emergency information to the central monitoring station.

This is a crucial safety feature, as the alarm may fail in some situations due to a telephone line failure.

If your ADT alarm is blinking and the battery is not the issue, check your phone line. It’s possible that your phone line has been disconnected or damaged.

Until the telephone line is fixed, your alarm system will not operate normally if this occurs.

ADT Security System
ADT Security System

What Is the Expected Battery Life of An ADT Alarm?

The expected battery life of an ADT alarm system can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of system you have, how frequently it is used, and the environmental conditions where it is installed. However, in general, the battery life of an ADT alarm system is expected to last between 3 and 5 years.

It is important to note that the battery life of individual components of the ADT alarm system, such as sensors and control panels, may vary. Some components may have shorter or longer battery life than others. Additionally, frequent use or exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can also impact the battery life of your alarm system.

To ensure that your ADT alarm system is functioning properly, it is recommended that you periodically check the battery levels and replace the batteries as needed. Most ADT alarm systems will alert you when the battery is low, but it is still a good idea to check the batteries periodically to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Replacement of the ADT Alarm’s

If all other options have been explored and the alarm continues to beep, you should replace the battery on your ADT alarm.

Here’s how you can proceed:

  • To prevent false alerts, set your ADT security system to Test mode.
  • Now, using a screwdriver, gain access to the back panel of the keypad.
  • Then, attempt to remove the batteries.
  • Replace the batteries with care and close the control panel.
  • Typically, it takes up to 48 hours for the ADT system to notice a battery change.
  • Contact Client Services

If you’re unable to find a solution to your problem here, please contact ADT’s Customer Support team.

The educated professionals on their staff will be able to help you cope with the situation more successfully.


What is the Procedure For Resetting an ADT sensor?

Answer: You may be able to reset the security system by inputting your code and clicking the off button twice. Remember to exit Test Mode from the system.

Go to and select My Alarm from the System Management menu to exit test mode and restart normal operation.

How Can I Reset a Sensor For an Alarm?

Answer: You can reset your alarm system by turning the power off and back on. This is referred to as a hard reset.

Before the system may be turned off, the backup battery and the transformer must be detached. Reconnect the battery and transformer to restore system power.

How Can I Switch Off the Red Light on My ADT Sensor?

Answer: If the detector does not connect properly to the ADT Security Hub, reset it as follows: Maintain the Tamper Switch pushed down.

The red LED will begin rapidly flickering and then turn off after a short time. Release the Tamper Switch after 5 seconds, and the red LED will begin to flicker softly.


  • A low battery will cause your ADT Alarm to beep.
  • Other unavoidable occurrences, for example, power interruptions, are beyond your control. 
  • However, you can make an effort to avoid low battery alarms produced by a battery’s remaining life.
  • Every three to five years, you should replace the battery in your system. As a precaution, this timeline is proposed. 
  • You’ll not only minimize the likelihood that your alarm will activate, but you’ll also be able to defend your property more effectively.

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