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How to Setup Google Assistant Routine Trigger using Sunrise/Sunset, Time and Voice Command on the Google Home App

How to Setup Google Assistant Routine Trigger using Sunrise/Sunset, Time and Voice Command on the Google Home App

Use Voice Command, Time, and Sunrise/Sunset as starters for Google Assistant Routines on the Google Home App.

Google has come out with Routines that can be triggered by Sunrise/Sunset times based on your location, the time of day, or by custom voice commands. Smart Home Device developers like Tuya Smart and TP-Link Kasa Smart Home have Scene or Routine triggers based on Sunrise and Sunset. Google had developed its own beta version rollout of the special triggers as well. You can now bypass the Smart Home developer’s App routines and go straight to the Google Home App. Once you create your routine or action, you can also place the Routine shortcut on your mobile device’s home page. We will show you how to set up and remove your routines so you can manage your smart home straight from the Google Home App.

How to Setup Sunrise/Sunset, Time or Voice Command Triggers for Google Home Routine

  1. Go to your Google Home App.
  2. Press the Routines Button (purple ‘sun’ icon).
  3. You will see the Routines page. You will notice default routine settings for Home, Away, Bedtime, Commuting Home, Commuting to Work, Good Morning, I’m Home, Leaving Home, Workday, and routines you can place on the mobile device are currently using.
  4. New Routine: You will also notice a colorful [plus/add] symbol on the screen’s bottom right. Press the Plus button to add a new routine.
  5. There is an option to choose a voice command, time, or sunrise/sunset. Press ” + Add Starter .”
  6. Start your Routine with Voice Command, Time, or Sunrise/Sunset.

How to Set Up Sunrise/Sunset Trigger for Google Home Routine

  1. Select Sunrise/Sunset.
  2. Then Select either Sunrise or Sunset. In our example, we will select ‘Sunrise.’
  3. On the Sunrise page, you will see
    • Sunrise Location: You will have to select your location. The default is the home location you set up when installing the Google Home App.
    • When the Sun Rises: You can select up to 4 hours before or after sunrise from your selected location.
    • Repeats Every: You can select which day(s) of the week you would like your Sunrise routine trigger to occur.
    • Hear Assistant: You can select a smart speaker or smart display in your home to broadcast when the trigger is activated at the specified Sunrise time.
  4. Get notified on your phone when this Routine starts: You can toggle this option on or off. You will receive drop-down notifications on your phone when the Sunrise trigger is activated.
  5. Add Voice Starter: Google requires you to add a voice starter (voice command to Google Assistant) since you can activate your Sunrise Routine by the unique name you called it. Press Add Voice Starter.
  6. Type in the “Hey Google” command in the text box. The command is what you will say after saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” to activate the Sunrise Command. Press Save
  7. Add Action: Press Add Action. From here, you will have a large number of Action options. Select what you would like to do:
    • Get info and reminders: Latest weather, your commute, reminders.
    • Communicate and announce: Make announcements, send, and read texts.
    • Adjust Assistant volume: Set speaker volume when the Routine is activated.
    • Adjust Home Devices: Adjust lights, plugs, thermostats, and more. You can even adjust your door lock or turn on your Alarm system from here.
    • Adjust phone settings: Mute ringer, turn on Do Not Disturb, and more.
    • Play and control media: Play your favorite music, news, and more.
    • Try adding your own: Experiment with custom actions.
  8. Press ‘Done’. You will be taken back to the New Routine screen. From here, you can add another Action to take place or select Save. You should now see your specialized routine in the list of routines on the main Routine screen.

How to Set Up Voice Command Trigger for Google Home Routine

  1. Follow steps to set up commands: Select Voice Command. Now you will be able to use your voice to make specialized actions and routines.
  2. New Routine Page: 
  3. Select: “When I say to my Assistant” box. In my example, I typed a Command: “Let’s get ready to rumble.” You can add another that is similar in case you want to say the command a different way. Press Done.
    • Under ‘This routine will’, select ” + add action”.
    • I selected Communication and Announce,
    • then asked Google to ‘Say Something.’ I typed, “Let the games begin.” the pressed Done.
  4. I also added another action to turn on the Christmas Tree lights.
    • I selected “+ add action,”
    • then select “Adjust Home Devices.”
    • Select your Christmas Tree light and toggled them to ‘turn on.’
  5. Then press Done.
  6. Routine page: I called my Routine, “Let’s get ready to Rumble,” which turned on my Christmas Tree Light. You can also select the screen’s top right to place a shortcut of this command to your phone’s Homepage.

Set up the Time Trigger for Google Home Routine

  1. Follow the steps above until you get to the ” + ” or Add button on the Routine Page’s bottom right. Once you press the “+” button, It will take you to the New Routine page. Press the Add Button (+).
  2. Select ” + Add Starter”.
  3. You have three options: Voice Command, Time, or Sunrise/Sunset. Select Time.
  4. You will see the ‘Time of the day’ page.
  5. At the top of the page, you will see a field or text box for ‘Select a time.’ Select a time by pressing the text field or text box. Use the wheel or keyboard to select a time. Press Set.
  6. Then you can select which day of the week you would like the Routine or Action to occur. Select the date. You can also press the pencil to edit the selection or press the date again to de-select the day of the week.
  7. Hear Assistant Audio: You can select a Google Assistant smart speaker or smart display in your home to announce the Routine. Press Done after selecting (or no selection – sometimes you don’t need to hear the routine command on audio).
  8. Phone notification: You can have notifications of the routine show up on your phone when the Routine starts. You can toggle this on or off.

Removing Your Google Home Routines

If you would like to remove your Routines, you can go back to the Routine Page:

  • From the Google Home Page, Select Routines (purple sun icon)
  • Find your Routine that you would like to remove. Don’t press the play symbol to the right.
  • Once you select the Routine, press the Pencil icon on the top right. A pop-up bar will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Remove Routine: Select the ‘remove routine” beside the trash can icon.
  • There will be a prompt to confirm that you want to delete the selected Routine. Press “Delete routine.” The Routine will no longer be available on the Google Home Routine screen.

Adding Routines to Phone Home Page

If you would like to add a Routine button to your phone’s home page:

  • From the Google Home Page, Select Routines
  • Scroll down to find the Routine you would like to add to your home page. Select it without pressing the play symbol to the right.
  • At the top right hand of your selected routine page, you will see a phone with an ascending arrow symbol. Press the phone symbol.
  • A pop-up will show up on your phone requesting you to Add the routine device icon to your Home Screen. You can touch and hold the icon and drag it to your selected home screen on your phone. Otherwise, you can request that your Operating System (OS) place the icon automatically.

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