You’ll be able to order your donuts now from Dunkin Donuts on your smart display. This is a fantastic new Google Assistant feature that has been announced at the Google I/O conference. Google Assistant has told us about a new feature called Monetization. It’s coming out soon. Monetization allows you to enter your credit card information and CVC (Card Verification Code) information straight into the smart display.

Google Assistant Monetization

The 2nd Gen Nest Hub (possibly other Assistant-enabled smart home displays) will give you to complete your coffee order from Dunkin Donuts right there on your Smart Display, rather than forwarding the purchase confirmation to your mobile device.

Imagine not having to find your mobile phone or heading to your PC or Mac to complete your online order. You can now use the Nest Hub 2nd-gen or long-awaited Nest Hub Max Smart Display to do your shopping. You’ll be able to see more information about your product details compared to the mobile phone. No need to hunch your neck down into your mobile phone!

You can go straight into your kitchen or office and enter your credit card information on your counter or desk.

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This is pretty exciting, the fact that Google has increased and improved Google Assistant to use Monetization. It gives us a glimpse of where Google’s next big platform is: Shopping.

This means retailers and significant chain companies like Walmart, BestBuy, and Amazon should watch out. Because Google will create a user experience that allows your shopping experience and transactions to be more accessible and intuitive.

Here more about the Google IO Conference here:

Image Credit: Flickr, Google