How to improve the Nest Hub 2nd Gen

As soon as I got the Nest Hub 2nd-gen, I started playing around with it. I know there are a ton of people that have the Nest Hub 1st Gen and are happy with it. There are also people with the Echo Show 8 (best competitor) as well. I’ve been wondering how I could improve the Nest hub 2nd Gen or any Smart Display in general. Don’t get me wrong, all the things that are new with the 2nd Gen Nest Hub are awesome: Sleep Sensing and better sound are enough to make the Nest Hub 2nd Gen something you need in the home.

Google sent over an email to request my thoughts about the Nest Hub. You can read the review below:

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review

The Future of the Nest Hub

The Smart Display is generally called a Hub for good reason. It’s supposed to be the bridge to connect your smart home, and your main device to get your daily information and media. It’s awesome that Google has made the Nest Hub 2nd Gen with non-touch controls. I think this is a step in the right direction. But, I think there are a few things that would make the Nest Hub 2nd Gen or any future smart display make more sense. These comments are my own. It’s clear that MadebyGoogle, and their awesome team are dreaming up new ways to improve their devices already!

Ways to improve the Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

USB or Quick Charging port: If you have something like a smart display plugged in, would it hurt to add a charging port for your phone or tablet? I’m guessing that MadeByGoogle already has this on the list for the following Smart Display Hub.

Thread compatibility: I know it’s already in the device, but I wish that there was a Nest thread device that could connect to the second-generation Nest Hub as part of Google’s marketing. They could have been one of the first tech companies out of the gate to show their power in the smart-home world.

Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE or WiFI?: Even though Thread is already built-in. It would have been great if the Nest Hub 2nd Gen also included some of the other communication protocols in the meantime before CHIP goes into service. I mean, wouldn’t be amazing if the Nest Hub was a WiFi bridge or extender? Aren’t we there already in tech capability?

Machine learning chip performance: It’s hard to measure how fast the Nest Hub is processing information. One of the most superficial tests is to see how fast the Nest Hub responds to your interactions. I did notice that the smart display screen had a bit of lag when pressing a few controls on the smart display. I hope it speeds up. If there is a chip, don’t you think we should know how it’s actually performing – maybe in the settings? I think we’re getting to the point where we should know how the devices we buy, actually perform.

Nest Hub Carrying Case: I would like to take my Nest Hub on my trips to monitor my sleep. Maybe one day the Nest Hub becomes a mobile Hub that you can take with you on your travels. I case that can keep the cord and smart display secure while traveling. Maybe one day the Nest Hub also becomes your mini-gaming device (Stadia)

Nest Hub Guard: If I’m taking it with me, I would also like to make sure that there is a guard there so it does not get stolen in my hotel room. Or notify me if there is movement in the hotel room.

Modular?: What if you could just attach your Pixel phone magnetically and get the device to respond differently. Yup, like Thunderbirds 2086 1 and 2 connected together. It could do something amazing. Like adding your pixel phone could help you do a video call if you really needed it. Or add your phone to the Nest Hub to make it a 5G Hub. Are where there?

This is the cartoon (Thunderbirds 2086) video for reference (ok, just for fun):

My Nest Hub Ideas

These ideas may not work for a Nest Hub (2nd Gen). But it might work for other future made by google devices. Let’s hope. I’m just having some fun dreaming about what the future of Smart Displays could look like and the needs they could meet in the future. What would you improve?

Credit: Google, ITV, ITC Entertainment, Showtime