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Resolving Hisense TV’s Black Screen Issue

Resolving Hisense TV’s Black Screen Issue

In this post, I will explain why your Hisense TV screen suddenly went pitch black while you’re in the middle of streaming something. Most importantly, I’ll show you how to fix it before deciding its game over for your Hisense TV.

Here’s a quick solution for you…

To fix the black screen on your Hisense TV, check the cable connection and power cycle the television. If the issue is still unsolved, it might be a problem with the hardware. If that is the case, you might have to consider replacing your Hisense TV with a new one.

Hisense is one of the biggest TV manufacturers in China and with a total revenue of $27.2 billion according to its latest financial report. Additionally, it has over 35000 granted patents globally with 63% of them active.

Hisense TV Black Screen – why it happens?

There are certain reasons why your Hisense TV screen went black. It is important to identify these causes so you’ll know where to start in terms of troubleshooting.

Here are possible;e reasons why the Hisense TV screen went black:

  • corrupted software
  • wrong Input
  • loose cable
  • bad power
  • defective TV
  • hardware problems

How to Fix Black Screen of Death on Hisense TV

Here are ways to fix the black screen of death on your Hisense TV based on the stated reasons above:

corrupted softwareNavigate to Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Update.

The TV will automatically search for available updates. If there is, select Update Now to install it.
wrong INPUTCheck the cables at the back of the TV. Make sure they’re on the correct port. It would help if you check the manual to ensure every cable is plugged into the right Input.
loose cableCheck for loose or damaged cables. Make sure the cables are firmly attached to the port. If there is damage, replace the cable with a new one.
bad powerPlug in the TV to a different power outlet. If it doesn’t work, the problem could be on your power supply.
defective TVCall Hisense TV support. If it’s a factory defect that’s causing the black screen, you might get a replacement depending on the warranty.
hardware problemsCheck the backlight, motherboard, and T-Con board. If you’re not sure about opening up your TV, take it to the technician.
How to Fix the Black Screen on Hisense TVs

Does Hisense TV have a reset button?

Yes, the Hisense TV has a reset button.

The reset button on the Hisense TV can be found on the back of the TV. It is a small hole that is close to the HDMI port labeled as Reset. You might need a small pin to push the button.

If you can’t find the reset button, you can try a soft reset by unplugging the TV for 60 seconds and plugging it in after.

How to factory reset your Hisense TV?

Here’s how to factory reset your Hisense TV:

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    1. Press and hold the EXIT key on your remote for 15 seconds.
    2. The Hisense factory reset should appear on your screen.
    3. Select Ok and turn off the TV.
    4. Turn on the TV after 20 seconds.

    Note: The instructions provided may not be applicable to other models. However, you can always find the TV factory reset on the Menu and navigate your way.

    How to Factory Reset Hisense TV

    How to test backlight damage with Hisense TV?

    To test for backlight damage with the Hisense TV, do these:

    1. Turn on the TV. Play anything.
    2. Turn on the light in the room.
    3. Point a flashlight on the TV screen.
    4. Check if you can see the image on the screen.

    Note: If you can see the images on the screen, the backlight is damaged and need to be replaced.

    How to know if the problem with Hisense TV’s black screen is due to software or hardware?

    If it’s a software problem, the TV screen will come back after power cycling or updating the firmware. On the other hand, if it’s a hardware-related issue, the TV screen will remain pitch black despite every possible solution that you can think of.

    For hardware-related issues, you can call Hisense support for help. If it costs too much to fix the TV, buying a new replacement is a wise idea.

    Can I repair my Hisense TV?

    Yes, you can repair your Hisense TV.

    There are some DIY methods that you can try such as fixing the backlight, motherboard, or T-Con board. However, if you ask me, I don’t really feel comfortable opening up my television. But that’s just me…

    Still, if you’re confident about what you’re doing, by all means, fix ’em up!

    Is it worth taking my Hisense TV to the technician?

    Yes, it’s worth taking your Hisense TV to the technician.

    In most cases, I’d only take my “broken” TV to the technician when I’m done with every possible troubleshooting. It’s always worth getting an expert to take a look at your TV and get a quote on how much it’s going to cost to fix it.

    As for cost, it’ll depend on the severity of the damage. Generally, fixing a TV would cost up to $200 depending on your location.

    Final Words

    The black screen problem on your Hisense TV can be fixed in various ways.

    If it’s a software problem, the screen should come on after power cycling, resetting, or updating the TV’s software. On the other hand, you might need to try harder if the cause of the problem is hardware-related. However, you can always call Hisense support for backup.

    For more tips on how to troubleshoot the Hisense TV that won’t turn on, read this article!

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