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How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red (Quick Fix)

How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red (Quick Fix)

The truth is that a flashing red light on the AT&T router is a typical issue. It implies that there is entirely no internet connection.

Don’t panic, though, thinking that the hardware is broken or already defective. In this article, we will be covering what this red light means.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with a thorough explanation of how to resolve this annoying problem.

AT&T is an American telecommunication company with over 200 million wireless subscribers in the US. It is also widely known in the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

What to Do?Explanation
Move Your RouterPlace your router in a different location where it can get better signals.
Check for Loose Connections Ensure that all of the cables are connected properly.
Change the ConnectorIf the plastic connector at the end of the broadband cable is damaged, replace it immediately.
Power Cycle Your ModemShut down your modem for a few seconds. Disconnect the device and reconnect to the power source after 60 seconds.
Update SoftwareUpdate your software to the latest available version.
Call Customer SupportIf nothing works then talk to the people at AT&T and tell them about your issue.
How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red.

What Router Does AT&T Use?

AT&T requires BGW210, 5268AC, or NVG599 Wi-Fi Gateway routers.

These are standard router models that come with AT&T’s broadband plans. Other routers like Google Nest wifi also come with their plans.

TP-Link Archer A8 is also a compatible modem. However, there are also options like the Netgear RAX50 that allow parental controls.

Does AT&T Give You a Free Router?

Yes, routers come with AT&T internet plans.

However, they are technically not free. You pay a one-time price for the routers when you purchase an internet plant from AT&T.

You can also rent modems and routers for around $10 a month. Alternatively, you can also buy other compatible models if you wish.

Why Is My AT&T Router Blinking Red?

A video explaining the reason behind the red flashing light.

Among the frequent causes why your AT&T router is blinking red could be:

How to Fix the AT&T Broadband Red Light Flashing

A rectangular grey corded device full of different types of wires and cables.
Grey Corded Device

Move Your Router

The router may not be receiving a good signal if it’s placed in a dead spot location.

When this occurs, your network will detect the weak signal and alert you by blinking the red light.

Hence, moving the router to a location with less interference might help with this issue. Usually, it’s a good idea to put it somewhere high.

Check for Loose Connections

Grey ethernet cable that connects the router to your laptop or computer.
Ethernet Cable

A loose connection may affect how the router receives the signal.

That said, check the cable for connection and ensure that they’re firmly attached to the router. If cables are damaged, you’ll have to replace them with a new ones.

A red light blinking may also indicate that a cable is bent or pressed firmly up against a sharp object. 

Power Cycle Your Gateway or Modem

Power cycling your gateway or modem to refresh the connection.

You’d be surprised at how often a quick power cycle will solve most issues with electronic equipment, even your AT&T broadband.

Follow these steps to power cycle your AT&T router:

  1. Shut down your modem or gateway.
  2. Disconnect the device’s power source.
  3. Shut down the device for 60 seconds (at least)
  4. Reconnect to the power supply.
  5. Turn the device on.

Update Software

If your gateway hasn’t had an update in a while, buggy software may be a cause of this issue. In such cases, the gateway suddenly stops being able to connect to the internet.

If you decided to do this, you must first check your firmware version by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Smart Home Manager on your phone or computer.
  2. Choose home network hardware.
  3. Choose Device Details, then your Wi-Fi Gateway.
  4. The firmware version can be seen at the bottom of the page that opens.

After finding out the firmware version, you’ll also see some available updates. If there are, here’s how to update the AT&tT firmware:

  1. Open your device’s web browser.
  2. Open Smart Home Manager and log in.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Scroll down to locate Home Network Hardware.
  5. Choose Restart after selecting your Wi-Fi Gateway.
  6. Restart!

After the upgrade, the red light on the broadband should turn off.

Call AT&T

If nothing seems to work, you can call AT&T for help.

Additionally, AT&T should be able to inform you if there is an outage in your area (even if it doesn’t appear on the map) or if there might be a problem with your router or modem resulting in that red blinking light on the modem.


The red light blinking on your AT&T router usually means that there is no internet connection. It can be a problem with the AC power cord, connector or your gateway may require an upgrade.

The quickest solution is to restart the modem and check for firmware updates. You can also call AT&T to help you resolve the issue after attempting some basic troubleshooting.

If you see the green light blinking on your AT&T router, this article explains it! Check it out.

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