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How To Fix a Vizio TV That’s Flickering? (Find Out)

How To Fix a Vizio TV That’s Flickering? (Find Out)

With only a few models to pick from, Vizio’s lineup is pretty easy to understand, although there have been some alterations that some customers may find bewildering.  

While the D Series may be acquired for less than 1080p, buyers can purchase a 4K TV with the V Series for entry-level pricing.  

The P Series Quantum and the top-tier P Series Quantum X are offered in addition to the M Series Quantum. 

The model codes are more accurate at identifying the model’s year of manufacture than the model names.  

However, the Vizio TV screen is flickering or flashing colors for some users. But that’s why we’re here, actually. The greatest solutions to the flickering or flashing colors on your Vizio TV have been discussed in this post. 

One of the problems with Vizio TVs is the possibility of the screen flickering. After you turn on the TV or while viewing your favorite program, this may occur.

There are occasions when the flickering screen issue goes away on its own, but more frequently, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing it. 

What causes the Vizio TV screen to flicker or flash colors? 

Vizio tv
Vizio TV

Sometimes an incorrect power supply causes the Vizio TV screen to flicker or strobe colors. Similarly, it can also occur when there’s a brief power outage. When your television has this kind of issue, you typically won’t be able to see any image on the screen. 

It’s likely that occasionally you’ll only get a faint signal from your cable or satellite provider. A faulty mainboard cable or a poor installation could be to blame.

These potential problems are simple to resolve. Let’s look at how these issues can be fixed at a very basic level now without further ado. 

What Causes the Vizio TV to Flicker? 

A broken backlight There are warning signs like as flickering, flashing, a pinkish tinge, and fading that appear before the backlight completely burns out. 
Investigate Your Connections Whether it’s a coaxial wire or a power cord, an incorrectly connected cable can result in a flickering screen. 
Signal Problems The signal your VIZIO gets determines the quality of the images it displays. If you have cable or satellite service, a weak signal could cause a number of audio and video problems, including pixelation, freeze frames, and distorted audio. 
Failed Inverter Inverter failure may potentially cause your VIZIO’s screen to flicker. The VIZIO’s master inverter continually powers the TV, while the slave inverter actually illuminates the light. 
An overview

1. A broken backlight 

The televisions made by Vizio have LCD panels. These LCDs provide the colors and graphics you see on the screen. LCD displays aren’t self-illuminating. Consequently, a third-party Backlight is needed. 

Two different sorts of backlights are employed. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) and cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). 

Before the backlight burns entirely, there are warning indications such as flickering, flashing, a pinkish tint, and fading. 

Liquid crystal will produce colors and a flashlight at a 45-degree angle after your backlight has stopped working. 

2. Investigate Your Connections 

A flickering screen can be caused by an improperly connected cable, whether it’s a coaxial wire or a power cord.

On the bottom back of your VIZIO TV, near the cable outputs, check the connections for your power cord. The wires shouldn’t have any damage, including any crimped or frayed edges, and the connections should be solid. 

3. Signal Problems 

The quality of the images on your VIZIO’s screen depends on the signal it receives. If you have cable or satellite service, a weak signal might result in a variety of audio and video issues, such as distorted audio, pixelation, and freeze frames.

The screen may also flicker or flash. Make sure your satellite dish is correctly positioned to receive the strongest signal possible if you subscribe to a satellite service.

Next, try temporarily unplugging your set-top receiver box from its power supply in order to reset it. By doing this, you’ll make the box automatically check for upgrades to its programming and software from your service provider. 

4. Failed Inverter 

The screen of your VIZIO may also flicker due to inverter failure. The master inverter of the VIZIO powers the TV continuously, whereas the slave inverter really turns on the bulb.

The backlight won’t receive enough electricity if either of these inverters is destroyed. Use a screwdriver to pry off the back panel of your TV, then place it aside gently to test the inverter board.

Connect a multimeter to the backlight connector that is disconnected from the inverter board of your Vizio.

The multimeter’s voltage reading should range from 12 to 20 volts. Any lower than that and the inverter won’t be able to adequately supply the backlight. 

Youtube tutorial on how to fix Vizio TV flickering

How to resolve issues with the Vizio TV screen flickering?

Fix 1: Restart your Vizio TV. 

A software flaw is one aspect that could be the source of the Vizio TV screen flickering problem.

This can be because the TV’s firmware has crashed or its internal memory is overburdened. All you need to do to resolve this is restart your Vizio TV. 


  • Disconnect the Vizio TV. 
  • Take out all the things that are connected to your Vizio TV, including the HDMI cables. 
  • Remove the Vizio TV’s power cord from the outlet. 
  • For around 30 seconds, press the physical power button on your Vizio TV to turn off any remaining power. 
  • Then, wait for 10 minutes.
  • The HDMI ports on your Vizio TV should now be filled with the previously unplugged equipment. 
  • Connect the Vizio TV’s power cord to the outlet. 
  • Utilizing the Vizio remote, start your TV. Inspect the power light to make sure it’s on. 
  • Try checking if the Vizio TV flickering screen problem has been resolved after a power cycle. 
Vizio Smart TV
Vizio Smart TV

Fix 2: Reset the picture settings on your Vizio TV 

It’s possible that any visual setting adjustments you made are to blame for the flickering screen on your Vizio TV.

You can just reset the picture settings if you don’t know which picture settings you changed caused the problem. 


  • On the remote, press the MENU button. 
  • Select Picture, then click OK. 
  • Select More, then tap the Right Arrow button. 
  • Press the OK button on the remote after selecting Reset Picture Mode. 
  • You’ll see a notice on the TV asking whether you want to confirm or cancel the reset. 
  • To highlight the confirmation button (often called Reset), use the Right and Left Arrow buttons on the remote and click OK. 

Fix 3: Verify that the HDMI wires and cables are connected properly. 

Verify the functionality of all connections, whether they are made with coaxial cable, power cable, DVD player cable, television wire, or any other connection wire.  

You can see which wires are attached to which ports by looking at the TV’s back. 

Any unconnected or partially connected cables or connectors that you find must be reconnected to the port.  

Check all wiring and circuits again in case the Vizio TV screen is still flickering or flashing colors.

When inspecting the cable connections, damaged cables should be repaired as soon as feasible. 

Fix 5: Update the Vizio TV’s software 

You ought to see whether any fresh Vizio TV OS updates are accessible for download.

Your TV may be experiencing TV flicker troubles because of a firmware bug in the outdated software it is utilizing. 


  • Use the Vizio TV remote to select the Menu option. 
  • Choose check for updates under the System tab. 
  • Download any updates that are available. 
  • Try to determine if the Vizio TV flickering problem persists after the latest firmware has been installed. 

Fix 6: Reset your Vizio TV to factory settings 

A damaged TV setting or a flaw in the TV software can occasionally be the root of a Vizio TV flickering issue.

You’ll have to conduct a factory reset in order to fix this. Your TV can return to factory defaults using this. 

These procedures should be followed if you want to do a factory reset on your device: 

  • Your TV often has a lot of buttons on the back or sides. These include buttons and controls for power, volume, etc. 
  • While the TV is on, hold down the input and volume buttons at the same time for 20 to 30 seconds. 
  • You must press and hold the input button for 10 to 15 seconds if your Vizio TV displays a warning indicating that it needs to be reset. 
  • The procedure of factory reset will now start. 

Fix 7: Speak with Vizio support 

If the screen is still flickering after following the above troubleshooting instructions, you should seek assistance from the closest Vizio TV service center.

It’s because this may already be the result of a defective hardware part, such as a broken ambient light sensor, a broken backlight, or even a defective liquid crystal display. 

A Vizio TV
A Vizio TV


What are the other buttons of a Vizio TV? 

You will find an input, a channel, and volume buttons in addition to the power button. Vizio conceals these buttons for two reasons. The first is cosmetic; buttons don’t match the new screens’ clean, minimalist designs. 

On my VIZIO TV, how can I activate 4K? 

The resolution that’s delivered to your VIZIO TV will typically be displayed automatically. Therefore, your TV will display content in 4K without the need to make any image settings adjustments if it’s receiving a 4K picture from your app, cable box, or gaming device. 

How can I improve the clarity of the image on my VIZIO TV? 

Press the “Menu” button on your VIZIO remote and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Picture” option to access the Picture modes. A customizable option for “Picture Mode” should now be shown. Decide on the preferred mode. Additionally, you can change specific parameters to further customize the picture settings on your TV. 


  • The potential for screen flickering with Vizio TVs is one of its issues. This could happen right after you turn on the TV or while you’re watching your favorite show. Sometimes the flickering screen problem resolves itself, but more often than not, you’ll need to identify the root cause. 
  • A bad power source can occasionally cause the Vizio TV screen to flicker or flash colors. It can happen similarly when there is a momentary power outage. You normally won’t be able to see any images on the screen when your television has a problem of this nature. 
  • Before the backlight entirely burns out, there are warning indications including flickering, flashing, a pinkish hue, and fading. 
  • A flickering screen can be caused by a cable that’s improperly attached, whether it’s a coaxial wire or a power cord. 
  • The quality of the visuals your VIZIO shows depends on the signal it receives. A weak signal could result in a variety of audio and video issues, such as pixelation, freeze frames, and distorted audio if you have cable or satellite service. 
  • The screen of your VIZIO could potentially flicker due to inverter failure. While the slave inverter actually shines the light, the VIZIO’s master inverter continuously powers the TV. 

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