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Revive Your AirPods: Quick Fix for Not Charging Issues

Revive Your AirPods: Quick Fix for Not Charging Issues

Some of the most well-liked earphones on the market right now are Apple AirPods. It’s not surprising to see so many individuals utilizing them because they’re so easy to wear and utilize. The drawback? Any wireless earphones would inevitably require charging, so this is a drawback. 

It can be frustrating to discover that occasionally one of your AirPods isn’t charging. You don’t need to call Apple customer service just yet, so don’t worry! It’s likely not to be a serious problem. 

Your Airpod has not lost a channel and is not constantly in need of replacement, unlike a wired headset. You are dealing with a horrible problem that can probably be resolved or, at the very least, identified. 

Everyone is aware that Apple products are expensive, whether they are die-hard fans who only allow iOS devices in their homes or just curious bystanders who want to check out these trendy earphones.

You, therefore, deserve a product that will meet your needs when you need them the most for the money you have worked so hard to obtain. 

Try to reinstall the Airpod into the case after removing it. If your Airpod is unable to make physical touch with this little part of the container, you won’t have a charged Airpod when you pull it out the following time. 
Your charging case ought to be fully charged. If your charging case has a low charge, you won’t be able to charge your Airpods. If your charging case is attached properly, this procedure shouldn’t take more than an hour. 
Clean the tails of the Airpods. Important components that transfer electricity from the charging plate at the bottom of your case may have much less charging capability if they are not maintained and clean. 
Purchase an Apple charging cord. Check your Airpod case’s charging cable. It couldn’t be an Apple product if your case is having problems charging your Airpods or if it fails to recognize the charger at all. 
your AirPods, reset Use this technique solely if all other methods have failed because re-pairing your AirPods will delete all previously stored settings. 
Update the Airpod’s firmware The constant need to upgrade software, hardware, and accessories is one disadvantage of contemporary technology. However, failing to update the AirPod’s firmware might result in a faulty charge. 
An overview of this article.

Charging problems with various models

Apple's AirPod Right Ear Piece
Apple’s AirPod Right Ear Piece

All of these models, including the original AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Pro 2, can occasionally experience a problem where one AirPod won’t charge in the Charging Case. 

It’s a frequent problem that not only annoys you but also effectively puts a stop to your day’s plans.

Fortunately, the issue can frequently be resolved at home without calling Apple or sending the AirPods back. Before you do anything else, give the following advice a try. 

Why Isn’t One of My AirPods Charging? 

The charging case is most likely to blame for one of your Airpods or Airpods Pro not charging. Always ensure that your AirPods are properly inserted inside your case.

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    Your AirPods or AirPods Pro’s chrome tips may not be connected to contact points at the bottom of the case via a charging plate, which transmits electricity and charges them. 

    Your AirPods or AirPods Pro can only be charged with a charging case. As a result, the case is most likely to blame if an AirPod isn’t charging. 

    If the AirPods or AirPods Pro interfere with the device’s contact points, the power supply could be cut off and the battery run out. 

    Airpods That Aren’t Charging: How to Fix? 

    A Youtube tutorial to fix 1 AirPod not charging

    1. Remove the Airpod and try to reload it into the case. 

    Every Airpod case features a charging area that is visible at the bottom. You won’t have a charged Airpod the next time you take it out if your Airpod is unable to physically contact this unimportant component of the container. 

    It sometimes helps to just try again to tackle this problem from the most fundamental, simplest perspective. 

    You can be sure that how to put your AirPods back into the charging case. Take them out, put them back in your case, and check whether the issue has been resolved. 

    2. A full charge should be present in your charging case. 

    Unfortunately, the second thing you need to do takes a little time, but it’ll likely be the solution for many people who have this problem. 

    It won’t be possible to charge your Airpods if your charging case has a poor charge. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete this process if your charging case is connected correctly. 

    Whether you are checking your Airpods or the case itself, checking the charge on your Airpods is simple and quite universal.

    While your phone is charging, just place the charging case with the AirPods inside near it and open the top. On the front of your iPhone, you can easily see how much battery life your case and AirPods still have. 

    Apple's AirPod Charging Case
    Apple’s AirPod Charging Case

    3. Clean the Airpods’ Tails 

    Using unclean AirPods is a big no-no in terms of both appearance and user experience. Furthermore, if they’re not treated right once, they could develop into ear infections.

    To prevent the accumulation of dust and grime on the stem and tail of the earbuds, as well as on the bottom of the charging case, clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro regularly. 

    If not kept clean, crucial parts that transport power from the charging plate at the bottom of your case may significantly reduce charging capacity. 

    Not to be overlooked is the mesh screen of the AirPods, where dirt and dust may muddy the sound and worsen the situation if left for an extended period. If your AirPods aren’t charging, your top priority should be cleaning the charging case and the tail. 

    4. Invest in an Apple charging cable 

    Who among us hasn’t purchased a dubious third-party charger at the dubious Valero two miles from their home while rushing to get to work? Although they aren’t perfect, they are inexpensive and can save your life if you are short on time. 

    Unfortunately, there are occasions when simply having a cable with a matching end doesn’t guarantee a reliable connection. As a result, charging your device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or earbud can become challenging. 

    Check the charging cable for your Airpod case. If your case is having trouble charging your Airpods, or if it doesn’t even identify the charger at all, it may not be an Apple product.

    Avoid wasting money by purchasing a second Apple cable and charger if you already have one. Unfortunately, if you don’t already own every piece of Apple technology, you might need to do so for your Airpods to function. 

    5. Reset your AirPods 

    You might need to perform a factory reset on your AirPods if you’ve tried everything else, and they still won’t charge.

    Re-pairing your AirPods will erase all previously saved settings, so only use this method if all other attempts have failed. Here’s a guide for clearing the Airpods:

    • Make sure the case contains your AirPods. 
    • Select Bluetooth after launching the Settings application. 
    • Locate your AirPods in the list of associated devices, then click the I button to their right. 
    • Simply open the case next to your iPhone when you’re ready to use your AirPods once more. 
    • On your iPhone, a pop-up will appear asking you to connect your Airpods. 

    6. Update the firmware of your Airpod 

    One drawback of modern technology is the ongoing need to upgrade software, equipment, and accessories. A defective charge, however, can be caused by not updating the AirPod’s software. 

    Simple steps to check for a firmware upgrade are as follows: 

    • Go to the settings section of your device 
    • Toggle Bluetooth. 
    • The ‘Info’ icon should appear next to your AirPods. 
    • Check ‘Version’ in the menu below to determine if your AirPods require an update. 

    If these solutions don’t work… 

    Apple's AirPods
    Apple’s AirPods

    We sincerely hope you won’t need to do this, but if you’ve tried everything and nothing is working, it may be time for a new set of AirPods. 

    If you only have one defective AirPod, check to see if your warranty is still in effect. If not, then it could be time to take them to an Apple repair facility. 

    However, it’s worth speaking with an Apple expert before spending any money because they might be able to fix it for you in-store. 


    Can AirPods be left On overnight? 

    Answer: AirPods can be safe to wear while sleeping if they’re utilized properly. No matter what you’re listening to, music, white noise, rain, or even a very dull podcast, they can aid in your ability to fall asleep. 

    Can AirPods be overcharged? 

    Answer: Yes. However, doing so can result in a reduction in AirPods’ battery life and the orange-ing of the Apple logo on the cover. 

    Do AirPods get damaged by ear wax? 

    Answer: Yes, they do. In addition to impairing the functionality and lifespan of your AirPods, the accumulation of earwax, sweat, dirt, and other filthy materials can irritate or infect your ear canal. 

    Which AirPods stay in ear better?

    AirPods Pro have multi-size options for the tips that provide a more comfortable fit in your ear.

    In comparison, AirPods 2 and 3 have both drawn flak for not fitting in users’ ears easily. However, AirPods 3’s tips are a significant improvement over AirPods 2.


    • Apple AirPods is one of the most well-liked earphones on the market right now.  
    • Apple products are expensive, and you deserve a product that meets your needs when you need them the most. 
    • Try to put the Airpod back in the case after using it. 
    • Your charging case should have a full charge. 
    • Tidy up the tails of the AirPods. 
    • Spend money on an Apple charging cable. 
    • Reset your AirPods. 
    • Your Airpod’s firmware should be updated. 
    • It might be time for new AirPods if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. 

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