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Track Down Your Missing AirPod: A Step-by-Step Guide

Track Down Your Missing AirPod: A Step-by-Step Guide

This article discusses how to find one AirPod and answers some frequently asked questions you might have in mind when you lost one AirPod.

AirPods was first introduced in 2016 and since then newer models came including the latest – 3rd gen AirPods. Over 19 million units of AirPods were sold in the first quarter of 2022.

It;s so travel friendly, but it’s prone to being misplaced as well. The question is… what are you going to do if lost one AirPod? Can you get a new replacement?

The answer is you can use the Find My app to locate your missing AirPod for as long as its signed in on the same Apple ID you’re connecting your AirPod with. But, you’re always welcome to get a new pair of it.

Let’s find out the details.

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What do I do if I lost one AirPod?

You can use the Find My app to find your lost AirPod using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Make sure the other pair is on the case before trying to locate the lost AirPod.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Tap on your AirPods to view the location. If no location is found keep refreshing the map.

Note: If you own AirPods Pro (2nd gen), you can locate the charging using the Find My app when it got separated from the AirPods.

Can I wear just one AirPod?

Yes you can, especially if you’re left without a choice. It’s actually bothering at first especially when you’re unsure if the one on the other line can hear you clearly when you’re additional microphone.

Don’t worry, you set the Microphone to be either on the Left AirPod or Right AirPod depending on which side is lost. You can bear with it for the mean time you’re looking for the other pair.

How to Find One AirPod That’s Out of Case

Here’s how to find one AirPod that is out of the case:

  1. Put the other AirPod back in the case.
  2. Launch the Find My on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
  3. Tap the Devices option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap on your AirPods from the list of devices. (You’ll see here if the AirPod is outside or inside the case)
  5. When you click on your AirPods, you’ll see an option – Left Bud or Right Bud. Tap on the missing AirPod.
  6. Tap “Play Sound” to locate the missing AirPod.

How to Find Lost AirPods that are Offline and Dead

Apple claims you can still find your lost AirPods even when it’s offline or dead using your iCloud account.

Apple can provide you with the location of your lost AirPods as long as it sends a signal to nearby Apple devices. That said, it is important to register your AirPods to an iCloud account as it’s useful in case you lost them.

Follow these steps to locate your missing AirPods using an iCloud account:

  1. Launch your browser and go to
  2. Log in to your iCloud account.
  3. Tap on your AirPods to view the latest location.
  4. Tap “Play Sound.” If you think you lost your AirPods around the house, turn down all the proximity sounds so you can hear your AirPods.

What to make the most of it? Read more here: How Do I Get The Best Out Of My AirPods?

How do I pair a replacement AirPod?

When you get your replacement AirPod, follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Open settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the information (i) button next to your AirPods.
  4. Click Forget Device.
  5. Put both AirPods in the charging case.
  6. Open the lid, Make sure the status light is flashing amber.
  7. Press and hold the setup button on the AirPods until it flashes white.
  8. Go back to the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad.
  9. Open the AirPod case next to your phone. A setup prompt should appear.
  10. Tap Connect and then Done.
A pair of AirPod with their case at the background
Here’s a pair of AirPod with their case.

Can you pair mismatched AirPods?

No, you can’t pair mismatched AirPods.

AirPods come with a unique chipset inside each generation. This means that you can’t pair one with another. For instance, you can’t pair a W1-powered AirPod with an H1-powered AirPod 2 or AirPod 3.

For that reason, you must provide the serial number when getting a replacement AirPod. Also, you should bring the other AirPod with you to test its compatibility.

Why is my AirPods case Blinking Orange?

If your AirPods’ case is blinking orange, it means that it needs charging. Put the AirPods back in the case to let it charge.

Leave it to charge for 15 minutes. You can check the charge on AirPods by placing it next to your iPhone or iPad with the lid of the charging case open. You’ll see both the battery status of the AirPods and the charging case.

For reference on what the status lights on your AirPods case mean, check the table.

Status LightIndication
Flashing white light Pairing mode
Amber light (with AirPods case)Charging
Amber light (without AirPods case)Not fully charged
Green light (with AirPods case)Fully charged
Flashing amber light Something wrong
No light Dead battery
AirPods Status Lights and What They Mean
A hand holding an AirPod with its case
Fully Charged Airpods

AirPods No Location Found

You’ll see the No Location Found when try to look for your AirPods on the Find My app if the device is out of range or offline.

At this point, you won’t be able to play a sound but you might be able to get the last location before it went offline.

When AirPods come back online, you’ll get a notification and by then you can try locating the device again.

How much is one single AirPod?

You can buy a single AirPod for $69 to $89.

You’ll be able to get it at the Apple Store and other Apple-authorized parts dealers. Apple warranty does not cover lost AirPods which means that you’re left with no choice but to get a replacement.

However, if you’re not ready to buy a new AirPod just yet, you can try a few other routes such as using the Find My app to find your lost AirPod.

How do I play sound on one missing AirPod?

To play sound on one missing AirPods, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Tap on your AirPods.
  4. Tap Play Sound.


How far to track my lost AirPods?

You have to be in the range of 30 feet of your AirPod to track them. This is due to the Blueetooth’s working range. On the other hand, y can also find your AirPods at

What happens if you lose one AirPod?

It’s better to purchase a replacement for your left of right AirPod, much better if you can place the whole set. While you can buy a single pair on some stores, AppleCare+ doesn’t actually cover or replace a single pair of lost AirPod.

Can AirPods be tracked without the case?

Yes! using the “Find My”. If you’re still connected to the AirPod even though it’s not on their case, its location will show up at the Find My Map of the iphone or ipad you’re using it with.

As soon as you notice that you’ve lost it , check the app right away. Because if it’s in a moving object, and it’s gone over 30 feet range, you’ll have difficulty tracking it.

Final Words

Using the Find My app is the best way to find a missing AirPod. As long as the device is within range, you’ll be able to locate it quickly.

If you think you have really lost your AirPod for real, no worries, as you can buy the other pair from the Apple Store or Apple-authorized dealers.

Learn more about AirPods in this article.

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