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How to Disable Voice Recognition on Samsung Smart TVs? (Explore)

How to Disable Voice Recognition on Samsung Smart TVs? (Explore)

Disabling voice recognition on your Samsung TV is actually pretty straightforward, but the settings menus can be a bit tricky to navigate for the uninitiated.

No worries, I’ve got you covered. In just a few quick steps, we’ll have your Samsung smart TV’s microphone muted and give you your privacy back.

Think of this as a self-help guide to reclaiming your living room from the prying digital ears of your once-helpful smart TV assistant. Ready to take back control of your Samsung viewing experience?

Let’s do this.

Why You May Want to Turn Off Voice Recognition on Your Samsung TV?

First, voice commands don’t always work properly and can be frustrating. The TV may mishear what you’re saying or not understand certain commands, especially with ambient noise in the room. Turning off voice recognition avoids the annoyance of repeating yourself or troubleshooting issues.

Second, voice commands can seem intrusive or creepy to some. If you’re not a fan of talking to your TV or concerned about privacy, disabling the voice option gives you more control and peace of mind.

Finally, voice commands aren’t ideal for every situation. When watching TV at night, voice commands could wake sleeping, family members or neighbors. They also don’t work well in large or open-concept rooms where the TV may have trouble isolating your voice.

How to Disable Voice Recognition on Samsung Smart TVs Running Tizen OS?

To disable the voice recognition feature on your Samsung smart TV running Tizen, here are the steps:

First, grab your TV remote and press the Menu button. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight ‘Settings’ and select ‘OK’ or ‘Enter’ to open the settings menu.

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    Next, look for an option like ‘Voice Recognition’ or ‘Voice Control’ and select it. This may be under a ‘Smart Features’ or ‘Voice Assistant‘ submenu. Once you find the voice settings, select ‘Voice Recognition’ or ‘Voice Control.’

    Illustration of a Samsung Smart TV with the voice recognition feature turned off,
    Learn how to disable voice recognition on Samsung Smart TVs running Tizen OS for enhanced privacy and control.

    Then, look for a toggle button or slider that says something like ‘Enable Voice Recognition’ or ‘Voice Control On/Off’ and move it to the ‘Off’ position. This will disable the voice recognition feature on your Samsung TV.

    If you have a hard time locating the voice settings, try doing a search for ‘voice’ within the settings menu. Most Samsung TVs also allow you to disable voice recognition through the Bixby option in settings, so explore that menu as well.

    Disabling voice recognition means your Samsung TV will no longer respond to voice commands or automatically activate when it detects speech. Your remote control and other input devices like keyboards will still work as normal to control and navigate your TV.

    Disabling voice features is a personal choice and can be done at any time. If you ever want to re-enable voice recognition on your Samsung smart TV, just go back into the settings and toggle it back on.

    Disabling Voice Recognition on Samsung TVs With Bixby

    A tutorial video on YouTube demonstrates how to turn off voice recognition.

    Disabling the voice recognition feature on your Samsung smart TV will prevent Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, from listening to voice commands and recording what is said around the TV. If you value your privacy or simply don’t use voice features, disabling voice recognition is easy to do.

    Find the Settings Menu

    Grab your Samsung TV remote and press the ‘Menu’ or ‘Settings’ button to access your TV’s main settings menu. This is where you’ll find the options to disable voice recognition and Bixby.

    Locate Voice Recognition Settings

    Once in the Settings menu, look for an option like ‘Voice Recognition,’ ‘Voice Control,’ or ‘Bixby’ and select it.

    This may be under a ‘Smart Features’ or ‘Advanced Options’ submenu. The exact menu path can vary between Samsung TV models, so you may need to hunt around a bit.

    Turn Off Voice Recognition and Bixby

    With the Voice Recognition menu open, look for a toggle to disable ‘Voice Recognition’ or ‘Bixby Voice.’

    On some Samsung TVs, you may need to disable ‘Bixby’ and ‘Voice Wake-Up’ separately. Flip all of these toggles to the ‘off’ position to completely deactivate the voice recognition capabilities.

    Confirm Settings Change

    To ensure the settings have taken effect, try speaking a voice command like “Hi Bixby” or pressing and holding the Bixby button on your remote. Nothing should happen.

    If Bixby still responds, double-check that you’ve disabled all options relating to Voice Recognition, Voice Wake-Up, and Bixby in the settings menu.

    Disabling voice recognition and Bixby on your Samsung smart TV will prevent the built-in microphones from listening to voice commands.

    Your TV will function normally otherwise, but you won’t be able to use voice commands for controlling the TV or accessing Bixby. If you change your mind, simply go back to the Voice Recognition settings and re-enable the options.

    Turning Off Voice Control on Samsung TVs Without Bixby

    Image depicting a Samsung TV with voice control disabled, showing the voice control icon
    Quick and easy steps to turn off voice control on Samsung TVs without Bixby for a seamless entertainment experience.

    So you’ve decided voice control on your Samsung smart TV is more annoying than useful. No problem, it’s easy to turn off. Here are the steps to disable voice recognition and voice control on your Samsung TV.

    Turn Off Voice Recognition

    First, you’ll want to turn off voice recognition, which allows your TV to recognize voice commands.

    1. Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV and select “Voice Recognition”. This may be under “General” or “Accessibility” in the settings.
    2. Select “Voice Recognition” and turn the feature off.
    3. If prompted, confirm that you want to turn off voice recognition.

    Disable Voice Control and Bixby

    Next, you’ll disable voice control and Bixby voice assistant if your TV has that feature.

    1Go back to the main Settings menu and select “Voice Control” or “Bixby Voice.” This option may be under “General,” “Smart Features,” or “Voice Assistant.”
    2Turn off “Voice Control” or “Bixby Voice” by selecting “Disable” or turning the toggle off.
    3Confirm that you want to disable the voice control feature.
    4Some models may have an additional “Bixby Wake-up” option – turn this off as well. This prevents Bixby from listening for its wake word.
    Navigate to the ‘Voice Control’ or ‘Bixby Voice’ option in the Settings menu.

    With voice recognition, voice control, and Bixby disabled, your Samsung smart TV will no longer respond to voice commands or have the ability to understand what you’re saying.

    Your TV remote and on-screen menu options will still function as normal. If at any time you want to re-enable voice features on your Samsung TV, just go back to Settings and turn them back on.

    Will Disabling Voice Recognition Affect Other Samsung TV Functions?

    Image depicting a Samsung TV with the voice recognition feature turned off, showing the voice control icon disabled while all other TV functions remain unaffected
    Learn how disabling voice recognition impacts Samsung TV functions.

    Disabling the voice recognition feature on your Samsung smart TV will not affect most of the other functions on the TV. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the great smart features Samsung offers.

    Accessing Apps

    You’ll still be able to access all your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more.

    You can open the apps using your Samsung TV remote by navigating to the app icons on your TV’s home screen.

    Streaming Content

    Whether you like to binge the latest shows or watch live sports, you’ll still be able to stream all types of content on your Samsung TV.

    Voice commands are not required to start streaming from various platforms.

    Using the Remote

    Your Samsung TV remote will work the same with or without voice recognition.

    You can still easily change the channel, adjust the volume, navigate menus, and more using the directional pad and selection buttons on your remote.

    Connecting Devices

    Voice recognition does not affect your ability to connect other devices to your Samsung TV, like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming sticks, and sound systems.

    You can still connect everything, as usual, using the available HDMI ports and other inputs on your TV.

    Smart Hub Features

    The Smart Hub menu and all its features will still be available to browse without using voice commands. You have full access to the menu options like Ambient Mode, Universal Guide, Live TV, Movies and TV Shows, and Samsung TV Plus.


    Will turning off voice control affect other features on my Samsung Smart TV?

    No, disabling voice control will only impact the voice recognition feature. Your Samsung Smart TV will continue to function normally for other features and functions.

    It simply prevents the TV from listening and responding to voice commands.

    Can I still use my remote control after disabling the voice control?

    Absolutely! Disabling voice recognition does not affect the functionality of your remote control.

    You can continue using it to navigate and control your Samsung Smart TV just as before.

    Why should I also turn off the “Bixby Wake-up” option?

    Some Samsung Smart TV models have an additional setting called “Bixby Wake-up,” which listens for the wake word “Bixby” to activate voice control.

    Turning off this option ensures that the TV doesn’t inadvertently respond to voice commands when you don’t intend to use voice control, providing an extra layer of privacy and control.


    • Disabling voice recognition on your Samsung TV is a simple process that can enhance your viewing experience.
    • Whether you find voice commands frustrating, value privacy, or prefer traditional remote control, turning off voice control gives you more control over your TV.
    • By following the step-by-step guides for Samsung TVs with Bixby and without Bixby, you can easily mute the TV’s microphone and regain privacy from your once-helpful smart TV assistant.
    • The conclusion emphasizes that disabling voice recognition won’t negatively impact other TV functions.
    • You can continue to access apps, stream content, use the remote, connect devices, and enjoy all the Smart Hub features as usual.
    • If you ever want to re-enable voice recognition, the settings can easily be adjusted.
    • With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently manage your Samsung TV’s voice control settings and tailor your TV experience to your preferences.

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