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Quick Guide: Connect Chromecast to TCL Roku TV in Minutes

Quick Guide: Connect Chromecast to TCL Roku TV in Minutes

Short answer: To connect Chromecast to TCL Roku TV, you’ll need a stable internet connection connecting your TV, Chromecast, and your phone in the same Wi-Fi network. Click on the cast icon in your phone app to enable casting.

TCL is one of the budget-friendly TV brands selling over 23 billion units in the fourth quarter of 2022. It has over 4000 granted patents, most of which were filed in China and the US. Recently, TCL was granted a total of 9 patents.

The TCL Roku TV was first introduced in 2014, featuring a stunning picture, a built-in media player, and a built-in Roku OS designed to enhance the viewing experience.

I’ll teach how to Chromecast from a device to your TCL Roku TV in this article. So, keep reading to find out!

Does Roku allow Chromecast?

Yes, Chromecast is compatible with Roku.

The Chromecast will work as long as the Roku TV has an HDMI port. TCL Roku TV comes with HDMI ports – for example, the TCL Roku Series 6 and 8 have 4 HDMI ports, one of which is HDMI ARC.

All you have to do is plug Chromecast into your Roku TV and start streaming!

TV showing it's Chromecast Built-in on the screen.
Chromecast work on all Roku TV models!

How do I connect Chromecast to my TCL Roku TV?

Here are the steps on how to connect Chromecast to TCL Roku TV:

  1. Plug the Roku device into the TV to confirm connections. Select HDMI as your input. Connect the HDMI cord of Chromecast to the HDMI port on your TV.
  2. Link the device by opening the Google Home app on the TV. Go to Home Control Option and select Google Cast. Select Roku TV and connect to Google Home.
  3. Set up the TV by following the prompt on the screen.

On a side note, I have attached a video below that might help set up your TCL Roku TV. Watch it!

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    How do I cast from Android to Roku?

    Follow these steps to cast from Android to Roku:

    1. Check if your Android device and Roku TV are on the same WiFi network. (They should be!)
    2. Open the casting app that you’ll be using. (Let’s say Google Home Cast!)
    3. Select the cast icon on the screen.
    4. Select Roku TV or Roku device to begin casting!


    If you’re asking if you can cast iPhone to Roku, the answer is YES. It follows a kinda similar process, but make sure that mirroring is enabled on your Roku. Also, both devices should be connected to the same network.

    To activate mirroring on Roku, go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring. Open Control Center and tap Screen Mirroring.

    Read more info here: Beyond the Basics: Alternative Ways to Chromecast from iPhone!

    Watch Chromecast Unboxing + Set Up in this Video.

    Why can’t I cast Chrome to Roku?

    An unsupported casting app could be why you can’t cast Chrome to Roku.

    You must install the right casting app on your device and Roku to avoid connectivity issues.

    On the one hand, if you’re talking about screen mirroring, it might work out differently, as some Roku apps are incompatible.

    For example, Roku devices running on Roku OS 7.7 or later supports screen mirroring. On the contrary, the following versions are not supported:

    • Pre-2016 Roku devices
    • Roku Express model 3700 (2016)
    • Roku Express+ 3710 (2016)
    • Roku Express+ 3910 (2017) supports screen mirroring through the HDMI connection but not the composite or A/V connection.

    What is the Best Casting app for Roku?

    These are the best casting apps for Roku:

    • Screen Mirroring for Roku Smart TV: Screen Share
    • TV Cast for Roku
    • Screen Mirroring for Roku
    • Let’s View – Wireless Screen Cast
    • Google Home
    • EasyCast – Screen Mirroring & Cast Phone to TV
    • Cast for Roku | Screen Mirror
    • Cast TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV
    • Screen Mirroring for Roku Cast
    •  Roku Mirror – Mirror Screen from phone
    A hand holding a TCL Roku TV remote in front of TCL Roku TV
    TCL is a Netflix-ready Smart TV

    Why can’t I connect my phone to Roku TV?

    The common reason why you can’t connect your phone to Roku TV could be the network connection. The phone and Roku TV may not be connected to the same WiFi network.

    To resolve the problem, ensure the phone and Roku TV are connected to the same WiFi network. You can also try exiting the Roku app to help solve other minor issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why won’t TCL TV work with Chromecast?

    The usual mistake is that your phone, Chromecast, and TCL TV aren’t connected to the Same Wi-Fi Network. It just won’t work since when you tap the casting icon on your phone; it searches for a device only available to the network it’s currently connected to. If your TCL TV isn’t connected to the same network, it won’t appear on the result.

    Always check your TCL TV and phone’s connection settings to avoid this problem. Also, choosing the connection near your spot would be better so you won’t experience slow loading issues.

    Does TCL TV support Chromecast?

    Yes! TCL TV’s recent models with HDMI port supports Chromecast. Moreover, TCL supports Android, and technically Chromecast would also work on other Google TV because it’s Android TV’s descendant.

    With Chromecast built-in, not only would you be able to stream your favorite videos, but you can also view photos and audio using casting and mirroring.

    How to check if my TV has Chromecast built-in?

    As mentioned, Google TV and Android TV have Chromecast built-in. However, you might not know this immediately upon using your television, but you can always check on the settings of your TV.

    Check Chromecast built-in in your TV.
    Press Home Button
    Click Settings
    Choose Apps
    Select All Application
    System Apps
    Enable Google Chromecast
    This is how you check if your TV has
    Google Chromecast on your TV using Remote Control.

    Wrap Up

    Connecting Chromecast to TCL Roku TV is pretty easy. You only need an internet connection, an HDMI cord, a Chromecast, and the Google Home app using your phone or iPhone.

    You might encounter a few problems throughout the process but should be fixed with simple troubleshooting. Just ensure you’re gadgets are all connected to the same wifi connection.

    If you need troubleshooting tips regarding Chromecast, read my other article: How to Resolve Google Home’s Chromecast Detection Issue.

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