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How to buy Starbucks with Fitbit Sense

How to buy Starbucks with Fitbit Sense

I’ve been playing around with my Fitbit Sense. Primarily looking at some of the features that make it easier to purchase or order things. For example Your Starbucks Coffee. Did you know that you can complete the purchase of Starbucks Coffee with your Starbucks Rewards Card and Fitbit Sense smartwatch? Well, I’ll show you how right here.

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Buy your Starbucks Coffee from your Fitbit Sense

How to Add Starbucks Card to Fitbit Sense

In order to add your Starbucks Card to your Fitbit Sense, you’ll need three things:

  • Starbucks Rewards Card Number or Starbucks Gift Card Number. You can get this from the Starbucks App in your account info.
  • Starbucks Mobile App
  • Fitbit Mobile App that can sync with your Fitbit Sense. You may have a few Fitbit’s but, we’re going to talk about the Fitbit Sense in this article.

Now we’ll talk about how we get the Starbucks Rewards Card or Gift Card onto your Fitbit Sense

  1. Open your Fitbit App
  2. At the top left of your home page, you’ll notice your account profile icon. Click the account button.
  3. In the account settings, you’ll see your profile, with a list of added Fitbit Smartwatches in your account. You should see Fitbit Sense in the list. Press the Fitbit Sense.
  4. Once inside the Fitbit Sense, You will see when the Fitbit Sense last synced with your Fitbit mobile app. You will also see settings for Voice Assistant, Clock Faces, Apps, Media, Wallet, How To Use, and Accessories. Press Apps.
  5. In the Apps settings, you will then see your compatible apps in the ‘My Apps’ section. Look for the Starbucks Card in the list. Press the Gearwheel in the Starbucks Card Section.
  6. You will now see the Starbucks Card Settings. You can enter in your 16-digit Starbucks Reward Card Number or Starbucks Gift Card Number.
  7. Once you enter in the number, you can back out of the settings until you’re in your Fitbit Sense settings. You can then Sync your Fitbit mobile app to your Fitbit Sense.
  8. On your Fitbit Sense, activate your Fitbit clock face by pressing the left side of the Fitbit Sense (or double-tap the watch face) and scroll your finger to the left until you see Starbucks.
  9. Press Starbucks. You should see the Starbucks-generated barcode for scanning at any Starbucks location to pay for your fresh Starbucks Coffee or Starbucks product.