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How to Automatically Move your Curtains with Alexa Voice Assistant

How to Automatically Move your Curtains with Alexa Voice Assistant

The Switchbot Curtain Setup: We show you how to set it up and automate it with your voice using the Alexa Voice Assistant.

Alexa can be used everywhere nowadays. Especially for automating your smart robotic devices like the Switchbot Curtains. I had the opportunity to try out a pair of the Switchbot Curtains for my family room curtains. We get tons of sunlight during the day and want to automatically close them at night for privacy. What better way to manage your curtains, then by using Alexa routines on the Switchbot Curtains. I’m going to show you how to open your curtains automatically using the Alexa Voice Assistant.


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If you’re looking at how to set up your curtains, using Google’s Voice Assistant, you can go here:

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Switchbot Curtain (

Switchbot Curtain Setup

Things to have before setting up the Switchbot Curtain

Some things that you will need prior to setup:

  • Ladder, or step ladder
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connection
  • Switchbot App loaded on your mobile device. Sign up for a Switchbot account if you have not done so.
  • Amazon Alexa App loaded on your mobile device. Sign up for an account as well, if you have not done so.
  • Switchbot Hub Plus or Switchbot Hub Mini:
    • You’ll need either one to connect your Switchbot Curtains.
  • Curtain rod diameter between 15mm to 40mm.
  • Check the curtain rod transition: If the transition for the curtain rod is too large, then you’ll need something to gradually fill the gap. I used Clear hockey tape or Closet Rod Covers
  • If you have too many curtain rings or grommets for your curtains, you can order more plastic clips (4 provided in the box) and a rubber strip to help keep your curtains evenly spaced. They are sold separately from Switchbot.

What’s in the Switchbot Curtain Box

Once you have these things ready and lined up, you can begin by opening your Switchbot Curtain Box and making sure you have your Switchbot Curtain Device, with a USB charging cord, and 4 plastic multi-purpose mounting clips. You can watch the Switchbot Unbox here:

Switchbot Curtain Installation

  1. Connect Switchbot Curtain
    • Open Switchbot App: Sign-in with your credentials. Ensure your Switchbot Hub Plus or Switchbot Hub Mini is installed and connected and that you’re connected to your WiFI.
    • Add Switchbot Curtain: So once you downloaded the Switchbot app go to add a device. You can press the ‘+’ on the top right of the home page, or go into the menu and select ‘add a device’. Then select the curtain device if it does not show up automatically.
    • Pair Device: Next that you’re going to need to do is to pair the device. To pair the device, you’re going to have to press the button on the back of the Switchbot Curtain device and hold it down for at least two seconds. You should see a LED light blinking. You can now press the next button to pair the device.
    • Name your device: If you have a pair, consider naming the device something like “Family Room Curtain(s)” and “Family Room Curtain 2. Creating a naming convention will explain where the device is located and will help Alexa to associate your Switchbot Curtain device and its location.
  2. Switchbot Curtain Pairing.
    • Next, you’ll have to tell Switchbot what type of Curtain style you have. You will have a choice between U-Rail and Rod.
    • Select Rod: In our case, we have the Switchbot Curtain Rod.
    • Select Opening Mode: You will have to select what type of ‘Open Mode’ you have;
      • Open From Left,
      • Open From Right,
      • Open From Middle – Since I have a pair of Switchbot Curtains, I’m going to select Open from Middle. Then the Switchbot App will request to pair the second Switchbot Curtain. Press the button on the back of the second device and click next to pair the 2nd device.
  3. Install Switchbot Curtain on Curtain Rod.
    • Prepare Switchbot Curtain device for Curtain Rod: Get both hands on your Switchbot Device or place it on the table with the Switchbot symbol away from you. Place your thumbs below the hook arms, open the hook arm switches and push up. The hook arm switches should move up into their respective slots.
    • Press the button on the top lid to slide the top lid up or off the hook arms to ensure you can fit it around the curtain rod. Please be aware of the space between the wall and the curtain rod, and how much space you have to reach behind the curtain.
    • Next, you’re going to need to get up on your ladder to reach the curtain rod and you’re going to fit the Switchbot Curtain in between the first and the second curtain ring or grommet. The Switchbot Curtain should be behind the curtain so you can’t see it from the front of the curtain. Please make sure you have a proper balance on the ladder. You might need two hands to fit the Switchbot Curtain on your curtain rod.
    • Press the top lid button and fit the top lid onto the hook arms and press down to compress the Switchbot Curtain vice around the curtain rod. The hook arm switches should detach from their respective slots. Replace the hook arm switches back into their resting slots.
  4. Calibration of Switchbot Curtain
    • The next step is to calibrate your curtain to adapt to the track of your curtain track: The Switchbot App will now guide you to position your curtain to the closed position. Depending on the open mode you selected above (Open from Left, Right, or Middle) you’ll have to press the left, right, or pause button on your Switchbot App to correctly position your Switchbot curtain from the closed position to the open position. You will do this a number of times and press ‘Next’.
    • Final Calibration Test: Switchbot will then request that you open and close the pair of Switchbot Curtains at the same time, or give you the option to recalibrate. If you have one curtain, then you’ll just be asked to test the open and close (with the option to recalibrate). You’re Switchbot Curtain is now setup! Congratulations!
  5. Connect to Alexa
    • You should now see the Switchbot Curtain added to your list of Switchbot devices. Click the gearwheel associated with your Switchbot Curtain or pair. This will take you to your Switchbot Curtains Settings.
    • Cloud Service: You will see an option in the settings to turn on your ‘Cloud Settings’. Switch the tab from ‘off’ to ‘on.’ Then select the Cloud Service tab again from left to right. It should now be highlighted blue.
    • Select Amazon Alexa, and press ‘Connect
    • You will be taken to your country location of Amazon’s login credentials, asking to enable the Switchbot Smart Skill. You should see the Amazon webpage with the Switchbot app icon. Press ‘Enable’. Once you press Enable, you will be asked to log in to verify the command and may have to press Enable to activate the skill again.
    • You will be taken to the Switchbot login credentials. Login with the same credentials you had when you activated the Switchbot App.
    • Account Linking: Switchbot Smart account should be successfully connected. Press Close.
    • Alexa Skill; Switchbot Smart Skill will show up on your Amazon Alexa App. Now you can use Alexa for your applicable Switchbot devices including the Switchbot Curtain.
    • Amazon Alexa App: Go to Devices. You should see your Switchbot Curtain device (I named mine Family Room Curtain 1). Click the Family Room Curtain.
    • You should see the Family Room Curtain 1 Skill with either an open or close command button.

You’re all done. You should now be able to say “Alexa, Open the [Family] Room Curtains” and you’ll have your curtains open automatically!

Switchbot Curtain (

Switchbot Curtains Setup Tutorial

I hope that you have enjoyed learning how to automatically move your curtains using the Alexa Voice Assistant. My kids are now enjoying opening and closing the curtains with Alexa. I hope that you can enjoy the benefit of having your curtains move automatically too!

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