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How Shared Users Access the Ring? (Let’s Explore)

How Shared Users Access the Ring? (Let’s Explore)

Are you worried about your home’s security? Obviously, you’ll worry about your home’s safety when you aren’t home. You can use Ring doorbells as they utilize exterior detection cameras. 

You can give access to shared users of your account.

Shared users must log in to the ring account like the primary user. Open the ring app and tap on “Menu.” Then select “Shared users” and send an invitation.

In this article, we’ll learn how shared users access the ring.

What is a Ring Doorbell?

A Wi-Fi connection at home primarily powers the smart doorbell from Ring. It instantly notifies homeowners via their phone if someone is at the door. You can quickly identify who is on-site by utilizing the Ring door app to send a notification.

Amazon owns the smart home security business. The Ring doorbell utilizes exterior motion detection cameras. Additionally, you can speak with folks at the door using this app.

A man ringing a bell
Ring doorbell instantly notifies you when someone’s at the door.

What Does the Ring Doorbell Used For?

The owner can keep an eye on the door by connecting Wi-Fi to the Ring device, stream live footage, and take advantage of the two-way communication features. The Ring doorbell is distinctive and practical for home security because of its primary characteristics. 

Homeowners can track and record the movements in front of their doors by installing it and downloading the software on Android or iOS phones. 

They can also log visitors and retain a record of them for security reasons. In times of unpredictability and mistrust, it’s the simplest way to arm your home.

How Can Shared Users Login into a Ring Account?

If the primary holder of a Ring account gives access to a shared user, he can log in to the account just like a primary owner. You’ll have to create your Ring account once you are invited to become a shared user. 

You can create your account with the help of your email and password. Remember that you should use the email on which you received the invite.

After this, the shared user must open the Ring app and enter their credentials to log in to the Ring app.

What Can the Shared Users See?

Once the shared user logs into the Ring app, they can only see what the primary owner will let them. They can only view what the primary owner has set up for them.

For example, if there are six devices and the primary owner grants shared user access to four, they can only view those four. They can’t access all your devices unless you grant them access individually. 

Another thing is that if shared users open the dashboard by clicking the three horizontal lines on the left top corner, they will not have access to every tab. Such as they can’t open the account settings. 

Primary Account Holder

Settings are limited for shared users as Accounts, a new device, and a control center are missing. Although the fundamental account rights are present, shared users do not have all of the same account privileges as the account’s primary owner. 

The primary account holder is mainly responsible for the automation features and access to virtual support. Live events and recorded videos are primarily under the direct control of shared users. 

They have access to the live view stream, two-way audio of every Ring camera in the network, and the ability to share, save, download, watch stored videos, and turn alarms on and off.

Watch and Learn how Shared Users Access the Ring.

What Can Shared Users not Do?

As you can see, shared users have access to most of Ring Cameras’ direct capabilities. Shared users cannot use features that operate Ring cameras or alter their operation. 

This covers IFTTT, Alexa Routines, and other automated procedures. They can’t do the following tasks;

  • Receive alerts from the doorbell.
  • Receive motion alerts from Alexa.
  • Change motion settings or device names.
  • Delete videos.
  • Add other users.
  • Delete a device.

Shared users essentially participate as “view-only” spectators, with the primary user possessing all the power. Of course, that could sound unfair, but the owner of the Ring devices must have control.

How to Invite a Shared User?

A shared user can only be invited by the primary account owner, which is determined by the mobile device on which the initial setup was done. To invite a shared user, open the ring app and follow these simple steps;

  1. Open the “menu.”
  2. Tap on the “devices.”
  3. Now select the device you want to share with a shared user.
  4. After this, select “shared user.”
  5. Enter the email of the person you want to invite as a shared user.
  6. Click “add a user.”
  7. Tap “send an invite.”

The shared user will receive an invite email on their email account.

Serial No.Device NamePriceAvailable At
1Ring Doorbell$119Amazon
Ring Doorbell Features

What are the Ring Doorbell Features?

Ring doorbells have many extraordinary features. Here are some of the features it possesses.

Two-way Audio

The Ring doorbell’s audio features can give you a sense of security. The Ring doorbell includes a high-definition camera and enables homeowners to interact with guests at any time of day. 

Thanks to the excellent built-in speakers, you can easily talk and find out why a stranger is accessing the property.

Motion Detection

The fundamental design and operation of the Ring doorbell are based on motion detector chain adapters. It uses motion and rapid movements to detect visitors and has built-in sensors to alert you to their presence.

HD Camera

The Ring doorbell has a camera that can quickly identify and record the face of visitors.

Additionally, it features night vision so you can see when there are a lot of break-ins at night and allows you to view faces using the downloaded app.

Access Through Phones

Through cell phones, owners can quickly keep track of all the audio and visual messages. Safeguarding homes has become quite simple with the use of Ring doorbells and the app.

Role and Abilities of Owner

The owner is the one who has access to all devices. Let’s talk about his role and abilities:

  • Having access to a list of Shared Users.
  • You can invite as many Shared Users as you choose.
  • Possibility of deleting Shared Users.
  • Edit, see, and remove locations (addresses).
  • The capacity to configure and control devices.
  • He can modify the account, payment, or address details.
  • Can access the live view feature.
  • Watch and distribute videos.
  • Obtain and manage notifications.
  • Watch the event history.

What is the Difference Between Guest Users And Shared Users?

The lowest level of system access is known as a Guest User, and it’s only accessible for the Ring Alarm system. 

By entering a PIN given by the owner, Guest Users can utilize various alarm system features but can’t customize the ring alarm or change account/payment information.

Guests may:

  • Use a PIN, lock, and unlock connected locks.
  • Arm and disarm the Ring Alarm system using a PIN code.

Why Can’t my Shared User See the Ring Doorbell?

You should uninstall and reinstall the program if the shared user can’t view the device. Reset the Ring Device — in some cases, to register a new user, the Ring Device also needs to be reset. 

Holding the connect or setup buttons until the device shuts off will reset most Ring devices.

Can You Connect a Ring Doorbell to More than One Device?

Yes! You can connect the Ring Doorbell to more than two phones or devices, and shared access to one account can be granted to each user of a phone or device. 

Although it’s not advised, you might also give the other user your Ring username and password to use on a different device.

image of a phone
Download the Ring App and access your account.


  • You can quickly identify who is on-site by utilizing the Ring door app to send a notification.
  • Homeowners can track and record the movements in front of their doors by installing it and downloading the software on Android or iOS phones. 
  • By entering a PIN given by the owner, Guest Users can utilize various alarm system features.
  • Shared Users have access to a primary user’s ring account. 
  • No matter how simple or sophisticated your system is, it’s simple for them to log in and access the crucial components of the ring security system.
  • Shared User can only be someone who also has a ring account.
  • There is no simple way to share off-and-on access with a shared user, like with guest accounts.
  • Ring doorbell is a very effective and unique way to increase your home security.

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