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How much does IFTTT Cost?

How much does IFTTT Cost?

Do you want to know how much IFTTT costs? Is IFTTT Free to use?

IFTTT has rolled out a subscription plan to use their service: IFTTT Standard and IFTTT Pro. The IFTTT Pro subscription model has been updated to pay as low as $1.99 per month. However, if you lock into the subscription by October 7, 2020, IFTTT says they will honor this agreement forever, or unless they go belly up. Which, I hope the latter is not the case. IFTTT Pro wants to give people the ability to make as many queries and Applets as possible to manage their smart home. They have even provided an economical plan for developers to subscribe to the model to make their own specialized IFTTT Applet.

IFTTT has been integral in many home automation routines. If the smart home device doesn’t require a hub, you usually go to IFTTT to make your routines and turn on your smart lights when you get home.

IFTTT has created a subscription model for those who would like to build more than 3 Applets called IFTTT Pro.

IFTTT Subscription Plans

IFTTT For Individuals there are two plans: 

IFTTT Standard

  • IFTTT Standard: FREE. One for those who want to create 3 or fewer Applets. You can then use as many Applets as you want. You can use as many as you want as long as they are published IFTTT Applets. This means all the Applets that have been created are available for you to use.


  • IFTTT Pro: The Sky is the Limit. You set your price. Pay as low as USD 1.99 per month (I’ll show you how below) up to USD 9.99 per month.
    • Unlimited Applet Creation
    • Create Multi-step Applets with QueriesConditional Logic, and multiple actions. This is new to IFTTT and expands the power of IFTTT across many smart home apps. Essentially, you can turn on a light or thermostat, based on any number of conditions.
    • Faster Execution: This means that there is low latency between the device and IFTTT, so your triggers and routine execute fast. Like, blink of an eye fast.
    • Customer Support – Exclusive access to IFTTT’s team for support.

Pay $1.99 per month for IFTTT Pro

I am going to show you how to get USD 1.99 per month access to IFTTT Pro forever. You need to do this before October 7, 2020. IFTTT will only honor this subscription price until that time.

  1. Go to IFTTTIFTTT sign-in page
  2. Go to Plans. You will see two options at the top of the screen; IFTTT Standard (Free) or IFTTT Pro. Select IFTTT Pro by clicking ‘Get Started’IFTTT subscription plan
  3. You will need to sign-up or sign-in with your user account (email, Apple, Google, Facebook). Once you sign-in, the page should refresh and take you back to the IFTTT Pro Page. Go back to Step One after signing in.
  4. Payment Options: You will be given the option to pay for your IFTTT Pro subscription in 4 different pricing models. Set your price (USD):
    1. $3.99 per month
    2. $5.99 per month
    3. $9.99 per month
    4. Set your price. Minimum USD 1.99 per month. Bingo!IFTTT Pro Subscription Payment OptionsIFTTT Pro Subscription Payment Page
  5. Select your pricing model. I selected the ‘set your price’ window and entered in ‘1.99’IFTTT Pro Payment Box - Enter in your own monthly cost as low as $1.99
  6. Payment Details: Enter your credit card information.
  7. Complete Purchase: Click Complete Purchase. That’s it. As long as you enter in this price before October 7, 2020. You’ll be locked into that price until you decide to cancel. IFTTT has committed to that monthly subscription price forever.IFTTT Compete Purchase Button

IFTTT Pro vs IFTTT Standard Plans

If you’re really into your IFTTT Applets to manage your home and you have specific needs that are generally not met by the public, you might want to use the IFTTT Pro subscription. However, you can continue to use IFTTT Standard and all the Applets that have been published by using the IFTTT.

There have been several questions regarding the IFTTT subscription model. Questions about why IFTTT has gone this way, what the IFTTT Pro plan gets you vs. the IFTTT Standard Plan. We hope to answer some of them in the FAQ below:

IFTTT Subscription Plan FAQ

Images Source: IFTTT