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How Long Will It Take to Charge a Ring Battery? (Found!)

How Long Will It Take to Charge a Ring Battery? (Found!)

A Ring battery takes five to ten hours to charge completely.

The charging time of a ring battery is affected by several factors, including the amount of battery life remaining, the weather, and the amperage of the USB port or wall adapter used to charge the battery.

We have included insights regarding how each of the following aspects impacts the charging time to offer you a better understanding of the Ring battery charging time.

We’ve also provided some pointers on how to charge your Ring battery effectively.

How Much Time Is Required to Charge the Battery Fully?

ring product
How long does the ring camera battery take to charge

A rechargeable lithium battery is used in the following Ring devices:

  • Doorbell with Video
  • Doorbell No. 2
  • Doorbell No. 3
  • Doorbell No. 3 Plus
  • Camera with a Peephole
  • Blitz for a Spotlight Cam
  • Battery for Stick-Up Cam
  • Battery for Floodlight Cam

Except for the original Ring Video Doorbell, all these devices use the same quick-charge battery pack. It takes five to 10 hours to charge the Ring’s quick-charge battery fully.

The battery is charged by immediately inserting the charging cord into the gadget.

The non-removable lithium battery in the Ring takes 4-12 hours to charge.

Time to Charge a Ring Battery

Charging process of the ring camera

The time it takes to recharge a Ring battery varies based on fully:

  • The battery’s remaining capacity
  • The battery’s temperature and the temperature in your home
  • The amperage of the adapter or USB port into which you put the charging cable

It’ll take longer to charge the Ring battery if it is entirely dead than if it has 20% life remaining. You may check the current battery life on the Ring app at any time:

  • Click on the device whose battery life you wish to check on the app’s homepage.
  • To view the battery life %, click the settings button above the battery icon.
  • Charging your Ring battery before it falls below 30% might save setting time.

Charging Rate of a Ring Battery

Because lithium batteries do not retain power well in cold climates, so a Ring battery may charge more slowly in cold weather.

When bringing outdoor devices indoors, the battery may continue to charge slowly until it reaches room temperature. Try setting the battery on a warmer day to speed up the charging process.

Your Ring battery may also charge quicker when plugged into a power outlet converter than a computer’s USB connection. Use a 2.1-amp wall adapter for the quickest charging time.

Charge a Ring Battery Properly

You may make an educated guess as to how long it’ll take to charge the Ring Doorbell is whole when the circle is blue.

Remove the quick-release Ring battery pack from the gadget and insert the charging cord straight into the battery to charge it.

The little red and green LEDs on the battery’s front will shine during charging. You’ll be able to tell when the battery is ultimately charged.

How Frequently Should I Charge My Ring Battery?

Ring batteries should be refreshed every six months on average. The actual duration of the storm depends on the following factors:

  • How frequently is the equipment utilized
  • The temperature of the air
  • The wifi connection’s strength and stability

Do you need to charge your Ring battery more frequently than once every six months? You’ll be notified via the Ring app and email when your Ring battery runs low. The optimum time to charge your Ring battery is immediately following the notice.

If you wait until the battery discharges, you may have to replace the doorbell.

Charger AmpereTime
1 amp10 Hours
2.1 amp5 Hour
charging time of the ring camera

Why is My Ring Doorbell Dying so Quickly?

door bell
Ring doorbell

The following are the most typical causes of a Ring doorbell battery dying quickly:

  • When the temperature drops below freezing, the battery must be recharged more regularly. Even if the Ring is hardwired, the battery may fail to charge when the temperature falls below freezing.
  • High temperatures and intense sunshine are more likely to cause the Ring to shut down due to overheating than to fail due to the battery expiring too soon.
  • A plethora of events: If there is a lot of car or foot activity in front of your residence, the Ring gadget will be more active and utilized more frequently.
  • Adjusting the parameters: If you’re getting too many daily occurrences, altering the motion detection settings may help.
  • Live View is activated: This function is entertaining and valuable but drains the battery quickly. Consider purchasing a second battery or hardwiring your Ring if you wish to use Live View.
  • Your wifi signal is poor: If your Ring battery is continually struggling to identify and connect to your wifi network, it’ll expire sooner. It may assist with battery life if you can increase the wifi signal in the region where your Ring is mounted.
complete guide on ring doorbell charging

How to Extend Ring Battery Life

If your Ring battery is fading too quickly, consider the following fixes:

  • Switch off Live View. While this is one of the most delicate features of Ring doorbells, it’s also quite draining on the battery. Even if you don’t use it all the time, leaving it on will deplete the battery faster than leaving it off.
  • Check the strength of your wifi. Examine the received signal strength indicator on the Ring app (RSSI). If it’s low, attempt to boost the wifi signal in your Ring’s area.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of your movements. Reduce the number of irrelevant events picked up by your Ring by increasing the sensitivity.
  • Consider using motion zones so that the Ring avoids areas of the image where there is likely to be traffic or other extraneous motion.
  • Configure motion scheduling. You may enable motion scheduling to prevent notifications during times of day when you know motion will occur, such as when your garbage is picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What batteries does Ring use?

Ring doorbells use two pieces of CR2032 batteries, which are already included when you buy the product.

These batteries are Li-ion and are designed specifically for Ring doorbells, so it’s not advisable for you to buy replacement batteries anywhere. Additionally, Ring batteries are expected to last up to 2 years, but the temperatures in your area may affect this.

Are Ring batteries rechargeable?

All Ring batteries that come with the doorbells are rechargeable.

You can use any USB power cable to charge the Li-ion batteries. However, do take note that the more footage that your Ring records, the more battery power is used.

How long Do Ring Batteries Last?

With regular usage, the rechargeable battery included with your Ring Video Doorbell 2 will last around 1,000 activations before recharging.

Visit the charging guide for more information on battery life and recharging your Ring Doorbell 2.

How long Does it Take to Recharge Ring Batteries?

All battery-operated Ring doorbells are charged using a standard micro-USB cable. Any USB power source may be utilized with the micro-USB cable.

This might take 6–8 hours. If you use a 2.1 amp charger, then it might charge faster.

Why Is My Ring Camera’s Battery Draining so Quickly?

A bad wifi connection might be why your Ring video doorbell or security camera battery depletes too quickly.

A bad connection might cause your doorbell or camera to repeatedly detach and reconnect to your wifi network, wasting energy and contributing to battery loss.

Is Ring Doorbell Water Resistant?

Doorbells from Ring and outdoor security cameras are water-resistant and made to survive snow and typical rains.

Ring items should not be immersed in water or sprayed with high-pressure water since they are not waterproof.

Does Ring Doorbell Function Offline?

Ring doorbells and cameras lack an integrated cellular backup, so if your internet or wifi goes down, they will be unable to function.

It would be nice if you had an active internet connection to use the ring doorbell.

Can I Use My Phone Charger to Charge My Ring Doorbell?

Unfortunately, the micro USB input used by a Ring doorbell is incompatible with a regular phone charger.

However, you may charge your Ring doorbell using the USB wall adapter for your phone by inserting the Micro USB cord into the converter.


  • The charging time varies based on its remaining capacity.
  • The amperage of the USB port or wall adapter is used to charge the battery.
  • To speed you the charging process, try to charge on a warmer day
  • Use a 2.1-amp wall adapter for best results.
  • The Ring app and email notification immediately follow the optimum time to charge your Ring battery.
  • If your Ring doorbell battery is running low, consider the following fixes.
  • Increase the wifi signal in the area where your Ring is mounted to extend battery life.

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