How Amazon Sidewalk will help you find your cat and dog a mile away

Amazon is working on Amazon Sidewalk – a way you can find your dog or cat a mile away. Almost literally. Amazon Sidewalk is a neighborhood network that uses low-bandwidth frequencies in the 900 MHz spectrum, such as LoRA and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect your devices at long ranges. This means that you can use a tag device on your cat or dog, and determine whether your pet is just hanging out at your neighbor’s yard, or just going for a friendly stroll. Either way, this technology will help you connect to devices where your local Wi-Fi connection cannot – further outside the home, into the neighborhood. Hence, Amazon Sidewalk.

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Amazon Sidewalk – Bridging the Gap to find your pets

Amazon is proposing that devices such as the Ring Cameras will be used as Sidewalk bridges or hubs to connect to devices outside your home, such as your dog or cat collar or tag. Imagine the connection going from your phone over WiFi to your Echo Show, to your Ring Camera, to find the dog or cat. You will be able to contribute some of your WiFi bandwidth to contribute to the whole neighborhood connection of devices.

Echo and Tile devices to be first to use Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon states that some Echo devices can be used to support Amazon Sidewalk. The Echo devices will be used as a Bluetooth Sidewalk Bridge. You will be able to track your dog or cat with Amazon Sidewalk-enabled Tile tags later this year. I think this is one of the things that will be announced on September 24th, 2020.

Amazon Sidewalk Security and Privacy

Amazon Sidewalk uses three layers of encryption to ensure that the data shared over the neighborhood Sidewalk network is safe. Customers that choose to contribute or pool their bandwidth will not be able to view data sent from your devices. This means that no one will be able to determine what you’re connecting to and where your dog or cat is. It’s all in your hands and no one else’s sight.

Amazon Sidewalk Pet Tracker

Amazon hopes to show off the Amazon Sidewalk project later this year. You will be able to track your pets for quite a ways outside your home. Amazon plans to show off this pet tracking ability later this year. However, I think announcing the Amazon Sidewalk project could happen in a matter of days, at the Amazon event on September 24, 2020. Let’s wait and see.

Image Source: Amazon