Govee DreamColor RGBIC LED Strip Lights [H61631A1] Review: No Hub Required

We have been using Govee H61631A1 DreamColor LED Strip Light (5M/16.4ft) for a couple of months now. For a LED Strip light, it has some interesting features for it being an RGBIC light. We’ll learn more about what the ‘IC’ stands for in the review.

The Govee Dreamcolor H616131A1 RGBIC LED WiFi light is 16.4 ft long (or 5 meters). It is an R-G-B-I-C strip. What does that mean? It means that for every 3 LED lights on the strip, it has an independent controller (IC) chip. This means that you can program each LED section a different color or different pattern.

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Compared to the Govee 61881 Strip light, you cannot connect more lights to the Govee Dreamcolor 61631A1. However, with the DIY mode on the Govee Home App, you can make the Govee Dreamcolor do whatever you want with it. You’re going to have some fun with the Govee Home App!

You’ll need the Govee Home App to operate the Govee DreamColor LED Strip Lights. Once you create your own Govee account, you can then integrate the Govee system with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The lights operate via Bluetooth and WiFi (for Alexa and Google Assistant Integration.

The Govee Dreamcolor Strip Lights includes a connected controller with three buttons and a microphone:

  • You toggle the buttons to make the lights operate with white and different colors in the spectrum
  • Or you can choose one of 16 Million colors. The color temperature range is 2500K to 9000K. But it’s so much brighter than the H61881.
  • The Govee Dreamcolor H61631A1 responds to sound! The microphone responds well, so if you’re playing music, you can have the H61631A1 (Dreamcolor) lights do almost anything (rainbow or changing) while responding to the music or your voice. I gave it a try here with the H61881. You can see my TikTok video:

Automatealan on TikTok using Govee LED Lightstrip H61881

The Govee Dreamcolor H61631A1 operates on a 12V circuit, but uses 2A. I think this because it uses IC chips on each grouping of LED lights. You get 16 Million colors, and you can program each section to follow a pattern with the Govee Home App DIY feature. Create a rainbow. Create a lighting pattern, get the lights to respond your movie or game. Create Ambiance. Easy. I think Govee just gave you a million different ways to enhance your home.

Did I mention that the Govee Dreamcolor H61631A1 can be used outdoors (waterproof) too? I think these lights could be the replacment to the bulb string lights we usually use outside on the house. I’m excited to try these out to enhance the home or garden!

What I liked about the Govee Dreamcolor RGBIC H61631A1 Led Light Strip:

  • I didn’t think the Govee LED Strip lights could get brighter. Compared to the Govee H61881 – they are so much brighter. Powerful.
  • The RGBIC vs. RGBWW feature is hands down the way to go if you want to make the most of each LED light in the Strip. The Independent Controller (IC) is ingenious for your DIY setup.
  • It comes with a number of strips and clips to mount anywhere (strong stickers, so be sure of placement.
  • I really enjoy the way the Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights responds to sound. The patterns and response are intuitive to the sound amplification.
  • Simple to use Govee Home App. Very Intuitive ways to manage the lights to each scene or color scheme.
  • The Button controller is also intuitive and easy to use.
  • Integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

What I did not like about the Govee Dreamcolor RGBIC H61631A1 Led Light Strip:

  • The Length: The Dreamcolor Strip Lights come in either 2M (UK), 5 M, or 10M LED strips. You cannot get extensions. I guess 32 ft (10M) is long, but if you want to use the lights for lengths greater than 10M,like me, you’re going to find ways to create extensions to connect your power supply. Govee, let’s get in touch to see how we can make an outdoor Home lighting project! I want to see how I can use these lights outdoors!
  • The fact that these (H61631A1) lights can be managed over Bluetooth or WiFi is a plus actually. I would also like to manage these lights with Zigbee or Z-Wave one day, please.

The Govee H61631A1 Dreamcolor RGBIC Smart LED Strip Light

The Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Light is brilliant. Pun intended. Don’t look directly into them at full brightness. You’ll be amazed and then dazed. These lights can be placed anywhere. I thought this was an understatement with the Govee H61881C1 lights, but with the Govee Dreamcolor, you can really place them anywhere, and they are ready to be placed outdoors. I want to use them more. These lights gave me more ideas on how to use them in the Smart Home. I’d recommend that you pick up a Govee Dreamcolor RGBIC LED Strip light. The Independent Control (IC) chips give you so much versatility to make a dynamic lighting scheme. These lights are fun and really easy to install and use.

You can compare the Govee Dreamcolor H61631A1 lighting review to our Govee H61881A1 Review here.

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