Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights [H6119] Review

Govee had provided the Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights for me to review. I’m getting excited with all the opportunities to brighten up my living spaces, including the vehicle. Actually, my kids are really excited about the lights too. There are few features that blew their minds when they entered my F-150 truck this morning. I will be reviewing the Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights (H6119) lights. This review is not affected due to receiving the product from Govee.

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The Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights come with a 12V lighter adaptor, a control box, 4 LED strips, and an RF Keychain remote. The idea is that you would power up the lights using your car lighter adapter and then extend the two lines of lights between the driver and passenger, where one pair of lights would site under the driver and passenger seats (rear footrest) and the second pair of lights would then route back around to the front along the driver and passenger side door to front, where the second lights would rest under the dash.

The Dreamcolor Car Lights come with sticky backing so you could find a way to mount under each area. Govee also provides screws to ensure the lights do not move within your vehicle (safety – don’t want your lights to fly around the car if you get into an accident).

Govee states that the lights are designed to sit in your vehicle (Resists high-temperatures, flame retardant and ultra waterproof). It seems about right. They look like they are built well to stay in your vehicle. The wire connections are solid and flexible to install in your vehicle.

The Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior lights can be controlled using the provided controller, an RF Keychain Remote or the Govee Home App. The controller gives you the option to cycle through 10 preset colors or cycle through a number of patterns. When in pattern mode, the lights also respond to sound. So it’s really cool when you’re listening to music in the car, the lights will change color and pattern to follow the beats in the vehicle.

The really neat feature here is the RF Keychain Remote. The remote that comes with the Govee Dreamcolor Interior Lights is really intuitive. Four buttons. The ‘A’ Button is for power. The ‘B’ Button is for adjusting the brightness at 4 to 5 preset intensity settings. The ‘C’ Button is to cycle through the 10 Preset Colors. The ‘D’ Button brings you to different lighting modes:

  • Dating (kinda cool lighting in different colors)
  • Blinking (well, they blink)
  • Breathe (gradual increase then decrease in intensity)
  • Candlelight (just the right yellow-orange and slight flicker)
  • Energetic (Bright and patterned)
  • Romantic (Oh ya, I can dig this – right balance of the purple’s, reds – Just missing some Barry White)
  • Crossing (This is like the lights colliding with each other)
  • Chasing (The lights chase across the LED strip from Back to Front)

The Govee Home App is the summation of the types of control for the lights. You can make your own custom DIY scene as well. You will need to be in the car with your device to make changes, however, since the device operates on Bluetooth.

Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights Likes and Dislikes

What I liked about the Govee [H6119] Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights:

  • The lights output nice colors. They can get really bright and powerful. No need to get a flashlight to look under the seats. These lights bring plenty of power.
  • The RF Keychain Remote is really intuitive. If you’re in the middle of driving, you just need to reach down to your keys and press the buttons to control how you want the lights. This is definitely a strong selling feature.
  • There is enough length in the lights to fit almost any vehicle.
  • The controller box and the lighter adaptor is also designed well. The buttons are easy to use and the lighter adaptor as a power button on it as well.
  • Really good instructions. Diagrams helped.
  • The Govee Home App is quite easy to use to change colors, scenes, sensitivity, and brightness.

Not so much about not liking, but things I would improve about the Govee [H6119] Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights :

  • Every car is different. You have to be pretty sure about where you want these lights mounted. I now most people would be fine to drill holes into your vehicle – I get the safety component. However, I would like to use a strong velcro to fasten the light strips. This way you can remove them for maintenance. That’s why I have added it to the list of products.
  • Something to help keep the cables tucked away (Cable Management)

I really enjoyed installing and playing with the Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights (H6119) from Govee. They were easy to install and very intuitive to control. The installation took less than 20 minutes. The Lights responded really well to sound and music and made driving at night a joy. My kids were especially impressed at the patterns. I was glad I could reduce the brightness on the fly with the RF Remote Keychain. I don’t think most lighting packages come with that unless you’re buying a custom factory-made lighting package to ‘Supe your ride’. The Govee Dreamcolor Interior Lights (H6119) provide a ton of value for your in-car entertainment. They made an awesome addition to my F-150 truck. You’ll have fun with these lights and it might just brighten up your day.

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