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Google Updates: Stadia coming soon to Google TV, Google Duplex coming soon to Smart Displays (Latest Info)

Google Updates: Stadia coming soon to Google TV, Google Duplex coming soon to Smart Displays (Latest Info)

Update: Stadia servers are shutting down on January 18, 2023.

Stadia is a cloud gaming service that can be purchased and played but doesn’t have to be downloaded to a console or PC.

You can play games in real time through phones, laptops, and TVs with Stadia. You’ll be able to reduce latency when streaming games because of its servers which are designed to shorten the distance between players and a server to stream from.

Google Stadia go through updates from time to time to enhance the gaming experience. One example is the expected update that’ll integrate Stadia into Google TV. Also, with Google Duplex coming to Smart Displays.

Let me discuss further below – keep reading!

Google Stadia Update

Upon checking their website, it stated that Stadia will be shutting down on January 18, 2023.

On September 23, 2022, Google announced shutting down the Stadia servers which will happen on January 18, 2023.

Stadia will issue a refund for all purchases of games, add-on content, and fees other than Stadia Pro made through the Stadia Store.

If you haven’t gotten the refund after January 18, 2023, you are advised to contact Customer Support.

According to the general manager of Stadia, the reason for shutting down their server is that it didn’t gain enough traction with users despite its strong technology.

No worries though. There are other options for you to try such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Find out more about Stadia by watching the video below!

All About Stadia Gaming by Google!

Is Stadia compatible with Google TV?

Yes, Stadia may work on compatible Google TV.

I suggest using a Stadia-compatible gamepad and screen for the best experience. Also, keep in mind Stadia may not be available in all countries. Check the availability of Stadia in your country here.

To get started, you need to signup for a Stadia account and install the Stadia app on your Google TV.

You can use the Stadia controller to navigate through the app on your Google TV. You can then use the Bluetooth controller or remote to navigate to the other section of your TV.

Is Google Duplex coming soon to smart displays?

Yes, Google Duplex is already on smart display!

CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Duplex during the Google I/O developers conference in May 2018. It is a service that uses an AI-driven voice to make appointments without interaction from the user.

With Duplex, you can set up restaurant reservations and haircuts, hold a phone queue, or check store stocks.

Soon smart Nest smart display also is able to book a table at a restaurant using Google Duplex. There is still no available date for Duplex on smart display yet but it should be expected in the coming years.

If you’re new to Nest, I have written this article on how to create a Nest login account without Google. Check it out!

Google Stadia coming to Android TV

Google Stadia is coming to Android TV soon, according to the code found in the latest Stadia app.

This goes to show that it could also be available on TVs with android built-in such as Philips and Sony.

Strings were found during an APK teardown referring to 4K, HDR and 5.1 sound including toggles for adjusting display and screen and resolution. This has led to an educated guess that they refer to Android TV devices and sets rather than mobile.

Pros & Cons of Stadia

dependable cloud gaming servicelimited services
strong technical specificationsdependent on the internet connection
multiple platform accessibilityhigh data consumption
large game libraryoutdated library
flexible service plans

Final Words

Although Stadia is shutting down, there are still other options for gaming cloud services. You can still get to enjoy your favorite game on Google TV or Android TV. Always watch out for Google updates to ensure you’re on the latest automation trends.

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