Google has updated a ton of new features in its Nest devices in the last couple of weeks. We’re giving you the low-down on Multi-room audio, transferring your streaming audio to different parts of the house. We’ll also talk more about the new Android TV – Sabrina. Did you know you can now use your TV for Google Meet video calls!? Yes, check it out below in our latest Smart Home News about Google updates.

Multi-room Audio for Nest and Assistant Enabled Devices

Google has brought back the house intercom. Remember those speakers built-in to the house? Google has made it possible to play your music or audio to other devices in the home. You can select the different rooms or devices in the home you want to play music by tapping the icon on the bottom left (i.e. #### Display) corner of the screen (after your music is playing). You can then select the rooms, or groups of devices you have in your home to listen to music in different spaces in the home.

Multi-room interface has rolled out to the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and other Assistant-enabled Smart Displays like my Lenovo Smart Display! Yeah!

Stream Transfer

There is another way to use the multi-room audio. You can stream your music, video, podcasts, and such to your Nest and Assistant-enabled devices using the Google Home App or as we mentioned above; tap the icon on the bottom left corner of the smart display while streaming.

Stereo Pair

Stereo pairing is another way to bring full-audio to your living space. So, if you’re playing audio on your Nest or compatible smart display, you can also send music or video audio to your group of speakers in another room. I have paired my google mini’s in my garage to give me better sound while working in it.

Connect to Sonos

Now that Sonos has re-developed its app. Yes, you’re going to need to install a whole new app. It’s not just an upgrade. The old speakers may not work – we explain. You can now channel the new Sonos speakers with Dolby Atmos with the Google Home system.

New Chromecast Android TV: Sabrina

Yes, it’s ‘more’ confirmed. We were talking about the rumors of the next Chromecast Android TV device earlier this year:

So, with all the stars aligning in the FCC filing; it looks like the new Chromecast Sabrina (New Android TV) will probably come out the same time the Pixel 5 5G and Pixel 4 5G phone come out.

Chromecast new feature: Streaming video calls to TV

WHAT!? This is a pretty cool idea to be able to stream your video calls from Google Meet. I gotta try this. Google realized that streaming the video of your Google Meet calls on the TV makes sense. I agree. So, if you’re using Google Meet (Google is pushing to one video calling app, Google Meet), you can now cast that video call to any Chromecast (with latest firmware) enabled device or Nest Display.

Android Dark Theme

Google Home 2.27 is bringing a dark theme to Android according to 9to5Google. The Google Home app will now have a dark background, with a dark shade/grey when using the Google Home app during the night. You don’t have a say in when you want to use the dark theme, however. Google decides for you. Meh – It’s still rather sharp I’d say.

Date, Location to Photos – Nest Hub, Chromecast

You will be able to show the time and location of when your photos are taken when displaying them on your Nest Hub, Chromecast enabled device, and other Assistant-enabled Smart displays like the Lenovo Smart Display. The Date/Location option is only available with photos within the Google Photos library.

  • In the Google Home App, scroll down and tap your Nest display, Chromecast device, or other Smart display.
  • Once in your device splash page, you’ll notice that the device will how the photo frame. Tap the settings (gearwheel) icon on the top right.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Photo frame.’ Tap Photo Frame.
  • Then scroll down to ‘Personal Photo data’ and select to ‘Hide’ or ‘Show’ photo information such as album name, photo date, or photo location.

The photo date and location is on the bottom right-hand side of the photo. Its Google’s way of helping you relive your important memories.

Google Updates August 28, 2020

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Google’s latest updates on their devices. It seems that Google continues to bring more options to make their devices more interactive and convenient to use.

In the meantime, you can also watch our video on more Google Home and Google device updates here: