Google continues to be busy releasing products, filing FCC for new devices, and fulfilling its commitment to displaying the fruits of its investment in hardware. Google is moving the management of Google WiFi into the Google Home App. So, no more Google WiFi app. There is news about the new Pixel 5a and Pixel 6. Google has filed for a device that looks earily similar to the Nest Hello Doorbell. You can get Kid’s profiles now on your Chromecast with Google TV and a few more things. Let’s get into it.

WiFiNanScan – Neighbour Awareness Networking (NAN) networks; Broadcast without using WiFi

Google has made a way to connect devices further than where Bluetooth can connect. Google will use this technology to send information (data) between devices without using the internet or Bluetooth. Tom’s Guide reports. The WiFiNanScan App checks the distance between devices and figures out and lets you decide whether you want to be the data’s sender or receiver. This is very similar to services like Apple’s airdrop. However, the methodology is different. You can use the WiFiNanScan to send out information from one person’s device (like the teacher in a classroom) to one or more persons in the vicinity (like the students) simultaneously. You’ll be able to create your own network between personal devices.

Tom’s Guide mentions how Google could use this technology to communicate information between autonomous vehicles in the future. It could allow vehicles to let another vehicle know what’s happening on the road ahead of them and better traffic management.

New Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The New Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is out. If you’re thinking about what’s so special about a 7-inch smart display, well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new features. The main new feature is Google’s Sleep Sensing technology, where the new Nest Hug monitors your sleep habits and provides recommendations based on your Sleep Quality and Duration. The Sleep data is also integrated into your Google Fit app, so you can get a holistic view of your wellness in one place. If that was not enough, Google improved the bass by 50% and added Quick Gestures so you can gesture your hand in front of the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) to stop and start media playback, as well as swipe your hand in front of the Nest Hub to dismiss Alarms. And all this for $99. Oh, and the new Nest Hub will have Thread capability! Get ready for a new level of the smart home.

Google WiFi will live in Google Home soon

Google WiFi will no longer be its own standalone app for managing your Google or Nest WiFi. The Google WiFi app will be rolled into the Google Home App. Google is beginning the migration of so many features into a centralized Google Home management system. Kind makes sense, I think. According to The Verge, Google will stop Google WiFi on May 25, 2021. Google hopes that this evolution will provide some better management of the whole Google/Nest WiFi mesh system. We’ll see. I hope the Google Home App can handle the added functionality and still provide adequate Smart Home control at the same time.

Google’s New Nest Cam?

Google has filed with the FCC for a device called G3AL9, according to a report from 9to5Google. The ‘Wireless Streaming Device’ will have both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi connectivity. However, I don’t see anything on using Thread… sad. Again, this is all speculation so far, but it seems like the information points to a new Nest Cam by Google. 9to5Google says that the device will have a rechargeable battery and use a 5V AC/DC adapter. Based on the FCC filing, the confidentiality ends on September 24, 2021. So we won’t be saying Hello to the new Nest Hello Doorbell cam yet.

New Pixel Buds coming. Add the Pixel 5A and New Nest Camera?

9to5Google has also reported that the new ‘Pixel Buds A’ is on the way. 9to5Google has learned that the new buds will come in White and Green. However, the main difference between the Pixel Buds and the Pixel Buds A will be the lack of wire between the two buds. It’s possible that the new Pixel Buds A will be released at the same time when the rumored Pixel 5A and speculated new Nest Camera will be released – Mid 2021.

Kids Profiles on Chromecast with Google TV

I noticed a new notification at the top right of the home screen while starting up the Chromecast with Google TV: Kids Profiles.

Well, alright then. Now I don’t have to worry about my kids seeing previews of ‘bad’ movies turn on automatically. The new Kids Profile will allow users to select their own profile and modify their own background. However, parents will be able to set the filter for downloadable apps and kid-friendly media. Parents can also set time limits for scren time, movie ratings, and add apps like YouTube Kids. You can also ensure the kids cannot move back into the parent’s profile either. Pretty smart.

Pixel 6 – What is Whitechapel?

9to5Google had an exclusive look inside the hood of the new Pixel 6. The Pixel 6 will be built with the GS101 Whitechapel chip. Google mentioned its investment in hardware. Google also mentioned that they are looking into building their own processors as well. The ‘Whitechapel’ is Googles parlay into their own system on a chip (SoC) module to be put on future Pixel and Chromebooks.

However, 9to5Google wanted to emphasize the collaboration with Samsung’s Semiconductor unit. It means that Google is getting serious about making their own devices, their own way. You can read from Macworld, what they think about Google’s new silicon drive. It’s going to drive the competition for sure.

Image Credit: Google

Credit: 9to5Google, Macworld, The Verge, Tom’s Guide