Google has been updating a ton of applications and releasing a few new smart devices in the past few weeks, namely, the Pixel Buds. We’re going to talk about Google’s recent Google Home update to link media streaming space, talk about the update to the new Google Chromecast Ultra news that we talked about recently.

Google Pixel Buds

I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about the Pixel Buds that were released recently. It seems that they have met the hype that was talked about last year at the madebyGoogle event. I have my basic Pixel USB-C Wired headphones, but I would love to have a full-functioning earbud that I can use for making phone calls, playing music, and voice controlling automation in my home. I’ve been waiting for the Pixel Buds to interact within my home and using them to exercise… Earbuds tend to fall out of my ear. Looks like Pixel Buds have a solution for that. I’m excited to have a really well-made earbud that will function well and where I can wear them everywhere I go.

Here is one of the Pixel Buds main competitors: The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

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Android TV and Chromecast Ultra gives you Google TV

Ok, we’ve talked about the rumors of both the new Chromecast Ultra with remote dongle and Android TV into a solid media streaming device. Well, here we are. Codename Sabrina might actually be Google TV, not just a Chromecast Ultra Device. Can you imagine a whole line of Google TV dongles, boxes to compete with Amazon FireTV? Oh, watch out… literally. By the way, you can now connect your Android TV into your speaker groups through the Google Home App. Something we would like to see in Sonos speakers like the Ikea Symfonisk.

Google Home links to your Streaming Apps

Ok, we know that Google Home will let you link to your Smart Home Devices, and yes, in a way they link to your media streaming subscription services. But, the streaming service application runs in the background; Google Assistant will play your choice of streaming service on the default setting. However, if you have a media streaming app on your phone, Google Home will now allow you to link to that media streaming (like Spotify, Netflix) straight from the Google Home App. No need to go through a number of steps to connect. It saves you time!

Take Care! – Alan