Google Pixel 6 Already?

We mentioned that Google I/O is slated for May 18-20, 2021. It is expected that new hardware is going to be released. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already told the public that significant product updates will happen. Google I/O has already stated their schedule, including keynotes on Google Assistant and all the things developers could do with new features.

Google Pixel 6 at Google I/O?

However, the next thing to think about is the release of the new Pixel 5a, or even the new Pixel 6.

According to What Hi-Fi, the Pixel 6 could be the phone that is announced at Google I/O. What Hi-Fi talks about the speculation of Google’s new phone codename Passport, as the name suggests, a way to open a book, or foldable phone perhaps.

With all the hype surrounding new hardware releases, we could summarize that Google is looking to release something big and exciting. Or at least announce their plans.

Then there is the concept that the roll-put of these hardware devices or features should coincide with future connectivity too? Or is that me. Did we forget that Google is going to be part of CHIP?

According to Tom’s Guide:

So it could be Pixel 6. But let’s get excited that Google is continuing to release new features and hardware at a good clip. Hopefully, we can get the plan ahead and be excited about the timelines. 1-2-3-4-5-6!

Featured Image Source: EG24News